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THERE are bands that are quite ordinary and traditional and there are…

DESIGN BY: Kyle McClenahan

those that are, well, quite unique. Norway’s Moviestar definitely fall into the latter camp. Some might call them ‘quirky’ whilst others might grope for different synonyms. You cannot deny they stand out from the crowd and bring character, colour and oddity into music. Fireball is their latest single and one that was released to coincide with International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women. The guys talk about that release – and why marking that day was so important – and why eradicating domestic violence is so vital – raising awareness and stemming the torrent of abuse levied against (predominantly) women. The band also discusses their new music and future plans; an insight into their weird and wonderful world – and how they come up with song ideas.


Hi, guys. How are you? How has your week been?

For us, it’s been a busy, hectic (fun and tiring) week. We have been preparing, promoting; rocking and rolling; organising the first screening and release party of our two music videos, Monroe and Fireball.

Now Infinity Vik has gone off to Los Angeles to do further research for our holy documents – which present earthlings call ‘music’.

For those unfamiliar with your music: can you introduce yourself, please?

We are future peace fighters from the planet Fenriz: sent back in time to retrieve the stone, and in doing so, we hope to avoid the devastating civil war on our planet – which destroyed all cultural heritage of our long passed home planet, Terra (Earth).

I am interested in the band member names/nicknames and how they came about. Where did those (unusual and vivid) names come from?

As we are from the future, and therefore have no need for names, everything is communicated by telepathy on unique emotional addresses – we needed to find fitting names to represent our powers and abilities. Infinity Vik is the noble guardian of time; The Octopus Goddess is the keeper of the  cosmic interval calculator and Anaconda is a man of extreme love (revered by all female earthlings).

We had to borrow bodies as we do not have physical bodies ourselves. We found a few extraordinary musicians from the band Evolution and Vik.

They were more than happy to go into this exchange program with us.

I believe the band is based in Norway at the moment. Are you all based there or do you sort of travel all around?

Yeah. We sort of came from the future through wormhole technology of The Octopus Goddess. Unfortunately, she only works for travelling back and forth in time. So, when we have to go on tour here in the present age we have to use your airplane machines.

Fireball is your latest song/video and was released to coincide with International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women. How did the band become involved with that and why is that particular cause/day so important?

We see there is much suffering and primitive behaviour amongst humans today: war, racism; sexism, pollution etc. – all important causes. But this one is basic: the integration of Yin and Yan. An especially important cause as the balancing of your male and female enigma is the key to solving your other problems – therefore, crucial to the evolution of your race. This cause  is challenging to talk about since so many of you are affected by it on some level: either yourselves or by witnessing or through a friend. It is difficult to know what to do or how to help because most often violence against women happens close to home with loved ones.

This creates an extreme paradox swamped in shame where the ‘villain’ is not an easy target. You cannot blame the government, the terrorists – or some other external authority called ‘THEM’. The ‘villain’ may very well be the one you love therefore you become powerless and shameful.

Today, more women are killed by their partner or ex-partner than by anyone else. We must vocalise, we must talk; we must spread consciousness.

That is the only way to overcome the shame because there is help out there for both victims and offenders. And, if ever we are to eliminate violence against women, we must also help men who execute violence in terminating such behaviour.

Do you think enough musicians become involved in days/projects like this? Should artists be more socially involved to similar causes?

Yes, for the sake of mankind’s future. The goodness is potentially stored in the holy code of your D.N.A. This is the time. The new paradigm where the course of mankind have come to a fork in the road: it could end in terrible decay or become accelerated in heightened levels of evolution at the Interstellar Academy (a fun place to hang out by the way – you would all like it!). Moviestar have come with Rock ‘n’ Roll to help you achieve the latter scenario.

Dear dudes and dudettes, the first rule is: all men and women must finally stand together. Only then can we bring an end to suffering, hatred and all kinds of evil.

By being involved and socially aware we can bring all wrongdoings to an end. We say to the other Rockers ‘n’ Rollers, our friends: do not hide your poetry but Speak Up! Loud! Turn it up to 11!

Can you tell us about the song and what it is about? Who came in with the song idea originally?

The song was not an idea or a concept. It was a direct transmission from Infinity to Viktoria. It was written in the blink of an eye as the song already existed. Viktoria Winge was the one who received it. She is now the physical vehicle of Infinity Vik.

The song came the night after Natalia Strelchenko’s death. The song is based on her story and dedicated to all that experience domestic violence. Not only was Natalia a friend of Viktoria: she was also an artist, exceptional as such, up-and-coming; living in the U.K. and playing on main stages worldwide – leaving her mark in the Classical music community. Potentially, she could have become one of the most amazing female concert pianists of our time. This was not only a crime against women but also a crime against art.

It is hard pinning down your sound and the genres you play in. How would you define the Moviestar sound or is it too varied and wild to tame?

These are the best names to describe our music and our charisma: Sci-Fi-Rock, Space-Blues; Punk-Poetry, and Twin Peaks Ballads. But, if you think that all sounds too weird and inaccessible: Electro-Pop-Rock.

Can we see any more music from you in the coming months? Any albums or E.P.s planned?

We have recorded a new holy document (full album recording) which is being processed through tape machines and echo chambers right as we speak. It will be extremely helpful to mankind; plus also extremely commercial as a bonus.

We promise that you will be able to sing along to all the songs, and in doing so, grow closer to the being you aspire to be.

Take us back to the start and the moment you all came together? How did the band form? Were you all friends from way back?

As we said: we are not from way back but from way ahead. We did not come together. We were chosen; based on our credentials, powers and strengths (and sent back as a team). In arriving on Terra (Earth) we found the best way to reach out to people was to form a music team – what you present people call ‘a band’.

In terms of the musicians and artists turning you on at the moment: which would you recommend to us to seek out?

Evolution and Vik, Gallowhill; Steve Reich, Van der Graaf Generator; Bob Hund, PJ Harvey; Prefab Sprout, Sergei Rachmaninov; LCD Soundsystem, King Krule; Hollywood Hillbilly Music, Maesa; Rosa Pullman, St. Vincent; Cocorosie, Joanna Newsom; Bjørk, The Stranglers; The Animals, Foals; Mum, Kaliber; Jimmy Driftwood, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins…and the list goes on (and on and on and on)…

Apologies if you have been asked the question (thousands of times) before. Given the band name I have to ask: if you could each be a movie star, which would they be and why? 

Apology accepted. The question is wrong. We do not claim to be gods but we are very good archaeologists and we  speak the Sanskrit-Amerika of the old gods – which is one of the  reasons we were sent back.  Our band name is a gesture of honour and to fit it in but we do not claim to be movie stars.

If we had to choose one then Infinity Vik would be Nikola Tesla – without whom mankind would not have accelerated into free energy and telepathy.

Octopus would have Elvis Presley: because he is the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll – and her secret dream about being a man.

Finally, Anaconda would be Dolph Lundgren because of his high I.Q. and action acting skills. Anaconda could do with some I.Q.!

Is the band planning on coming to the U.K. at all? Have you ever played in the country before?

Yes! The U.K. is our kind of ‘K.’ We played before for the U.K. people with great success! U.K. people understand the gravity of our mission – therefore they clap their hands together A LOT! So we will come back for the release of our first Holy Document no.1 in the month of May. We will begin our U.K. tour at the Hope Festival – a very important location (there will be a sign in the sky sometime between your years of 2017 and 2030 ). Then, we will continue to other important locations in the U.K. We have also visited the Parisians – the City of Angels – and all the Norsks of course.  We also hope to meet the Spaniards.

Christmas is coming up. Are you spending it at home and what is top of your Christmas wish-list?

Of course. We are  kind of homeless now; refugees from the future. But we will be O.K. No border policies anywhere on future folk.  SO, The Octopus Goddess and Anaconda are having a Norwegian Christmas whilst Infinity Vik will travel to L.A. to do some kind of classified political research.

We are all very excited to experience this Christmas for the first time.

Our Christmas wish-list is to find The Stone

Finally, and for being a good sport, you can select any song and Ill play it here (not one of your own as Ill include that).

Yes! As we come so far (far far) from the future we are on some level very (very very) old. We think Losing My Edge by LCD Soundsystem is appropriate!


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