About: The ‘Me’ Bits.

Sam Liddicott

Hello.  My name is…well you know what it is.

Just to let you know I exist.

If I could be buried anywhere in the world, it would be Covent Garden:  I want to have its children.  I love the oddities and strange splendor of the tube network- lots of pretty faces and exotic accents.

My real purpose in life  is  singing and songwriting (or dream).  I am obsessed with the voice and the beauty it holds- I have an odd ‘malady’ whereby I can adapt my voice in all weird directions:  A sort of mimicry-savant thang- which is kind of useless when you want to be original- but it gives me a kick.

I love to feature and focus on some great new acts and discover the best music from around the world- anyone interested in a review, let me know- as I put together my own dreams…


Favourite genres: Indie, Grunge, Desert-Rock, Soul, Folk, Jazz-Rock and Classic-Pop

Favourite song: Deacon Blues– Steely Dan

Favourite album: The Bends– Radiohead

Favourite singers: Freddie Mercury, Jeff Buckley; Kate Bush, Michael Jackson; Chris Cornell, Thom Yorke and Bjork.






63 thoughts on “About: The ‘Me’ Bits.

  1. Hi
    Is it possible to put forward the artist I represent for a possible album review/interview please?

      1. That’s great Sam – thank you so much.
        I will e-mail it to you. Excellent site by the way.

  2. Kate Bush and Steely Dan in your favourites list is all right by me. ‘Deacon Blues’ is one of The Dan’s best and a great Karaoke number if you can believe it 🙂 I love Donald Fagen’s music.

  3. Hi there Sam.
    We’ve discovered your journals via social media. We are Prototype Musique, a boutique production label from Australia. Could we possibly arrange to forward some of our work for your thoughts & possible review at some stage?
    Best regards,

  4. Hi man! I’m new here. How is it? Well, I hope everything is fine with you. So! Sam, would do you mind to listen some tracks of my new album to see about give me a review? I want to ask you first before whatever! Thanks in advance for your time man! My artist name is Amery Rey Tuesta.
    Nice to meet you cybernetically and have a nice day dude!

    sincerely/Luis A. Amery

    1. Hi Luis.
      Nice to meet you.
      I am not taking new reviews for a couple of months due to high workload but if you give me a link to your social media pages/work I will take a listen anyway.
      Cheers 🙂

  5. Hi Sam,

    Just heard your Biorhythms on 6 Music — so delighted to meet someone who loves Live at Sin-e as much as I do! Thanks for sharing it with everyone:) Cheers!

    1. Hi Carmen,


      Yeah, am a die-hard Buckley fan and love the intimacy and playfulness of that album.

      To be a member of that audience – or a fly on the wall – must have been life-changing.

      You feel he was more comfortable there than anywhere else – was only ten when he performed those gigs so only discovered them further down the line.

      1. We’re the same age, Sam!

        I actually discovered Jeff when I read that he had died:( And then some time passed, and I happened to see the music video for Everybody Here Wants You…and then I ran out and started buying everything I could. Discovering his music definitely helped me feel much more profound than my other teen friends at the time:D

        And I have to admit that I’d rather take Live at Sin-e to a desert island than Grace. It really is so warm and intimate — and fearless, as you pointed out — and his self-effacing jokes always make me smile.

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