2015: A new year; a new cause; a new beginning…



A new year; a new cause; a new beginning

THIS particular blog- aside from being my 299th– has some slightly more positive energy…

compared to the outpourings (of a couple of weeks back).  Christmas (and the end of the year) always tends to bring about some reflectiveness and ‘honesty’- this year has not been quite as productive and successful as hoped.  With that in mind, 2015 is going to be a lot more positive: you can only live a particular way of life for so long- before you need to make changes.  In terms of health and diet, I am switching to vegetarianism: a lifestyle choice that is as ethics-driven as health-conscious.  In terms of personal life: looking to find ‘love’; learn new languages; record music- with a view to setting up a band.  I hope to get some music-related business ventures started.  Two of my main aims (for the coming year) is to find independence; to do more for charity…

I shall touch on the second point (further in the post), but have been thinking about home: the goods and the bads.  I am not going to bore/annoy the readership with the issues of my own home- I have burdened too many, too often (this year).  Suffice it to say, my own home life is pretty unhappy- incredibly stressful and somewhere I do not feel relaxed or calm.  It is always hard living with someone you dislike intensely; have to share the same space- it can make life extremely uncomfortable and negative.  I guess I only have myself to blame: I have been spending so much time and money on others, I have neglected to put myself first.  January and February will see an unadulterated hunt for ‘my own space’- somewhere that I can go to- and get away from the unhappiness of home.  As much as I hate (living at home), I understand that I am lucky: there are many out there that do not have a home.  Shelter is a charity that helps to look after the homeless: raise awareness and funds to help reduce a massive illness.  Around Christmas-time (the issue of homelessness) comes into sharp focus: the gap between the homeless and the ‘fortunate’ increases hugely.  When walking around town; when going to London, I always become saddened- there are so many ‘living rough’ and struggling.  Few of us can comprehend the realities of street life: having to bunk in a doorway (or a cardboard box), exposed to the elements- suffering the vicissitudes of public ignorance and scalding tongues.  Whatever leads (to a person) becoming homeless, it seems unnecessary- something must be done.  Each year this country becomes fuller with ‘new life’- quite needlessly, in fact.  In a country that is too crowded and suffocating, I always become angry (when seeing babies and children)- everyone is entitled to procreate, but this nation is not getting any larger and more accommodating.  Considering the number of poor unfortunates (languishing in gutters and alleyways); it seems staggering that we cannot control our population- ensure that those who already have life have somewhere to live.  It is one of those infuriating problems (that seems to be so simple to solve)- so why do not have the remedy?  Charities like Shelter are doing marvelous work: there is still too much to be done.  This brings me to my second point…

One of my biggest regrets (from this year) is not having done enough for others- in fact, it seems, I have done nothing but (give to others).  Aside from supporting new musicians (which is one of my favourite activities) I have been too concerned giving money, time and material gifts to people- or just spending too much money on too many people.  I have realised I can do more good by doing more for charity- doing things for people I do not know (that have less than me).  Earlier this year, I launched a campaign for Mind- an idea that I hoped to get people engaged and talking.  It was a concept that was taken up but a few lovely people- by-and-large it fell a bit flat.  Infuriatingly, Mind themselves failed to promote the idea- God knows why.  For the sake of ‘retweeting’ or sharing (on Facebook), it could have been a big success: they shared so many ‘minor’ charity posts; and completely ignored mine.  It is annoying when a charity does not perform due diligence: take a few seconds to actually help promote their own cause.  There is no guarantee that Shelter (will take to my idea any more vigorously); but I am hopeful- I am hoping more people get involved this time around.  In the coming year I am going to run four half-marathons (the first one is in March); get together my concert (in Chelsea; probably later next year- when finances dictate) and do as much for charity as possible.  There are a lot of people I know that feel the same as I do: the scourge and hemophilia of the homelessness epidemic (is in no danger of being curtailed and slowed any time soon).  With that in mind, here is my idea…

One thing I realised about Time Out of Mind (my Mind charity idea) was it had one stumbling block: the need for (the participant) to be creative.  It sounds cruel, but the average human is lazy and pretty simple-minded- if something is not easy to do; most of the time, they will not do it.  The reason that (the dreaded) Ice Bucket Challenge resonated, was its simple-minded appeal; its lack of any innovation or complexity- it was something even the most facile and bone-idle human could do.  I have reservations about that concept: it was an idea that seemed flawed and weird.  My reservations aside, it did what it was intended to do: raise money for a noble cause.  Although that ice-drenched fad has succumbed, its legacy remains: people seem to be more charity-minded (than they were this time last year).  This new idea (for Shelter) involves no iota of creativity- it is music-based and, well… fun.  I will be ‘getting the ball rolling’ later- showing people how it is done.  Effectively, this is what happens:

The user will compile a mini-playlist on YouTube (consisting five songs).  You would create a new playlist- and call it ‘2015’.  Within that playlist, there is an option (at the top of the page to ‘Add a description’, where the person would type the following:

  1. Your favourite song
  2. A song that makes you reflect/put you in a better mood
  3. A song from your favourite album
  4. A song you wish you had written
  5. Your favourite track from 2014/A track perfect to kick-start 2015.

Underneath, you paste the link to this blog (copy and paste the U.R.L. from the top of the screen).  Underneath that link, copy this (link to the Just Giving page): https://www.justgiving.com/Sam-Liddicott5/

After that is done, it is down to you: go select your music.  Ensuring that the songs are in numerical order- as listed above- everyone would compile their own playlist.  When a song is added to the playlist, there is an option to ‘Add/edit note’ (hover over the track; there is a drop-down that says ‘More’…).  From there, you would type 20 words (for each track) – either explaining why you have chosen it, or what it means to you.  When it is all completed, there will be five songs chosen; each with twenty words (ascribed alongside).  We are all doing this for one cause, that is why it is called 2015: 20(words)1(cause/goal)5(songs).  Not only does this idea get people to get engage and think about their favourite music- it is a great way to share new music.  Whether it is a song (that nobody has head) or a new band/act, it is a good way to highlight a terrific act- song choice number 5 gives the user a chance to bring a sapling act to the public attention.  We will all get a chance to share some great music an above all, donate.  The most important thing is (is that) the individual donates (by going to the Just Giving page).  I know we are all strapped and clean-picked after Christmas- and its financial woes- but you needn’t donate much- even a pound is a great start.

Once the playlist is completed (and all the pertinent info collated/displayed; money donated), it can be shared to Twitter and Facebook.  First of all, you need to copy and paste the U.R.L. into (Facebook or Twitter).  Then, you nominate three people- to help keep the momentum going.  It may look something like this

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHuzJLVjHOwlJ285KRIIt45ETnn1Pip95: I nominate (1), (2), and (3).

Once you have posted online (and nominated your three people) those people have 48 hours to do likewise (and in turn nominate three other people).  It works exactly the same way as the Ice Bucket Challenge- it is the most expeditious and smart way to get a lot of people engaged quickly.    You do not need to be nominated to take part- anyone can take part; any person can get involved.  The two most important things are, 1) DONATE and 2) the people (nominated to do the challenge) comply.  One of the most galling parts of Time Out of Mind was the lack of momentum- the people I initially nominated were brilliant; the people they nominated less-so.  For that reason, it sort of lay there like a dead horse: I guess it is an idea that will take a while to ignite.  I hope that more get involved this way: this concept relies less on creative input; more on simple music selecting/sharing.

You may ask: what does this have to do with Shelter?  It is a fair question, seeing as the challenge does not involve homelessness or trying to touch upon the experiences (of the homeless).  It would seem insensitive or hollow trying to do that; hard to unite a mass audience around something involving homelessness.  Mass appeal and success relies upon the twin pillars of accessibility and ease: making it simple and basic.  That is about it I guess.  I hope that this concept goes global: I see no reason why not.  Of course, it may be asking a lot: so long as it gets a few of us here (on social media) consciously connected and engaged- that is something!  I will start things off later today; I will nominate three people (to take the next step)- I hope that we can get something working.  Share some great music; share some terrific new sounds; but above all, put your pennies the direction of Shelter.

Whilst I long to find my own space- away from the head-aching stresses and upsets- many others do not have the choice: the streets and doorways are all they have to aim for.  Let’s raise some money; help a great cause out- and reduce a widespread (and avoidable) problem.  Take a few minutes to write 20 words; for 5 songs; for 1 common goal…

TO get 2015 off to a great (and charitable) start!


Goodbye, 2014: Hoping for a better new year

Goodbye, 2014:



Hoping for a better new year.



THIS past year has been a pretty dreadful one- even by my standards.  After suffering a car crash six weeks, I find myself in pretty bad financial state.  It looks as though I will not see any money come by way (from the other party)- having had to pay over a grand of my own money, the punishment keeps coming.  After having to schedule a medical appointment (in relation to the accident), I will be charged a ‘cancellation fees’- which will put me into debt.   One single and stupid event has cost my so much- not just financially, but emotionally (and physiologically).  This year has also seen my lose a very dear (online friend)- over something very stupid and baffling.  I have had one of my worst years of depression- helped in so small part because of recent events.  Being in a job (that is causing a lot of stress and dissatisfaction), I find myself looking to 2015 with a sense of… skepticism.

Aside from getting a lot of support (from my family), music- and my music-producing peeps- have given me the most fulfillment- and satisfaction.  I am not sad to see the back of 2014, as it has been a pretty disappointing year.  On the plus side, I am determined to change everything in 2015- and I mean, EVERYTHING.  I have not put any of my music to tape; not collaborated with any musicians- that will change.  I have a ‘wish list’ (of people I want to work with); a song (a very big one) I want to get produced- and of course, get a band together.  It is time to stop thinking so much about other people- if recent unfortunate occurrences have shown me anything, you get screwed over.  It doesn’t matter how much you give and give- someone will take that spirit clean out of you.  Sitting with a pile of stress and (a severe lack of money), it is time to burn the remnants of this year- start fresh and learn from it.  I am going to focus more on myself- whilst continuing to give to others.

When all the debts, costs and sacrifices are tabulated- it is time to start doing things differently.  I am determined to stop working just for the hell of earning a wage- do things I actually WANT to do with life.  Get music made; get ambitions realised- start focusing on better things.  I hope to move to London (or closer to it); see some of my online friends- head to Yorkshire for a start.  I am not one for making ‘resolutions’ (when we approach a new year) as they are cliché and insincere.   It would be nice (if 2015) gave me the following (and helped me achieve…)

Record at least one song

Form a band

Visit as many online friends as possible

Move to my own place

Stop being single- it gets annoying after a while

Stop putting everyone else before myself

Complete four new half-marathons (for charity)- in addition to fundraise

Get my charity endeavours and projects launched to a wider audience

Manage my depression and try to keep it under control

Be braver and less reserved- being bold can lead to some good things

Punish those who punish me- not letting people and things screw me over

Promote new music and help my music friends- as much as I can

Try and get my Psychoacoustics business ideas started


Well, you get the idea.  I am more than fed up with losing out; getting knocked down and kicked.  It sounds like I am on a total downer- this year has seen a lot of good.  I am so glad that many of my music friends have managed to achieve success- so many of them have made some big strides.  Seeing other people succeed (and do so well) has given me a lot of pleasure- I hope that 2015 is huge for them!  If I can achieve a few of my ‘goals’ it will be a massive achievement- I feel this year has consisted of setbacks and day-to-day grind.  Whether- realising my goals- involves poverty and illness, I will make it happen.  Positivity and (focusing on me) is the way forward- it does not mean abandoning others.  I think getting the balance right; taking risks and being bold- THAT is the smartest thing to do.  Karma and equality do not exist- they are mythical concepts expounded by people that want the universe to ‘level the score’.  Life doesn’t work like that- reality exists; the universe plays no physical hand in anything.  I have accepted I will experience misfortune and sadness- although hopefully less than this year.  The only way to obtain satisfaction and self-fulfillment is to take gambles; go out and get it- not expect others (who should give back and appreciate their lot) to do the right things.  It may not go exactly ‘according to plan’; there may be some roadblocks and delays- but the ambition is there.  Being stuck in a rut is sucky; losing so much is horrendous- why would you not want to change that (whatever it takes)?  I hope that others (and those reading) have their eyes trained to the next year (and aiming for bigger things).  If you have had a bad year- make a list and set yourself targets; look ahead and make 2015 so much better (than this year).  If you have had a good year, then keep the momentum going- and get stronger and more assured.  I am looking forward to focusing more on music; following dreams- and stop living a boring, buttoned-down and frustratingly (pointless office life).  To hell with 2014- let’s start to plan for an exciting new year.  This time next year, I will post another blog- I hope to post lots of great news.  It is ambitious stuff, but I have always been that way- it is so much better than being boring and ‘realistic’.  As I make plans; try not to let financial woes dictate things- it is a good time for others to reflect.  I know that next year will be a much better one; a more productive one…

A more musical one.

Psychoacoustics: A One-Stop Music Venture



A One-Stop Music Venture



With social media stagnating; the music industry showcasing fewer surprises- perhaps a time for change (is required).  Short of looking for a big money opportunity; Psychoacoustics is a way to bring musicians together- and ensure a community for all


OVER the past few months, I have been neglecting music reviewing: seeing it as a bit of a dead-end junction.  It was great to begin with- I felt I helped a lot of artists- but after a while, the whole thing became unsatisfying and stagnated.  My own music ambitions have come to the forefront, and I find myself becoming more forward-thinking and far-reaching- aiming high and (formulating some) rather big ideas.  Music-making and writing is my biggest passion; singing my all-consuming obsession.  I am looking to recruit a band that is less all-male- more Fleetwood Mac (with a couple of girls; a few boys to create a more diverse and richer sound).  I have my ideal band in mind; the songs practically written- the seduction will be forthcoming.  One of the things I find- when looking for band members; writing songs; trying to make things happen- is how hard it can be (to achieve rather simplistic goals).  In the last few weeks, I have been engaging more in charitable endeavours; donating time and energy to some worthy causes- something that will augment and multiply in the lead-in to Christmas.  One thing that is frustrating is how hard it is to coalesce (music, charity and recruiting) together; make life a lot easier- get people involved.

When trying to get people involved in charitable avenues; getting funds and awareness raised- it seemed like an uphill struggle.  I know there are some good and loyal people out there- those that are always keen to help out and do their bit.  The trouble is; it is near-impossible to engage and motivate large sectors of the online community.  Music is something that compels and seduces nearly everyone: that force of nature that is universal and free for all.  In addition to formulating my own music; I have been thinking of a way to get everyone together- tying various threads into one idea.  As Virgin do; the idea is to have an organization with several strands- but not doing everything for profit and money alone.  I have no interest in being a millionaire and wealthy- it is not something that interests me in the slightest.  The aim of Psychoacoustics is to have a name that promotes music alone- yet has a business mind; an ambitious and multipart logic.  Whereas music-making takes a bit of money; a bit of input- a business venture (like this) takes a tonne of each.  It may be an uphill struggle, yet I am passionate about making it a reality.  Below are the various ‘sides’ to the business- what Psychoacoustics will consist.  Most of you are probably aware of a few of these (in other blog posts), but here they all are in one place- how considerate, huh?


The final tentacle of my five limbed squid is a charity: a benevolence that helps to prosper musicians, and non-musicians alike.  Let me elaborate.  There are a few charities around which aim to provide funds to the new musician- not many mind.  The idea is to filter and tribute the profits and finances gained from the other arms of the business, and funnel it into the charity.  Of course it will not receive ALL of the profits: there is staff, expenses and other costs that need to be dealt with, yet will (hopefully) benefit from a sizeable chunk of revenue.  The charity will aim to provide funding to new musicians: those struggling, as well as those finding it hard to fund their projects.  In addition, finance will be assigned to worth music-related projects: invigorating struggling venues; providing support to record labels as well as independent record shops and larger chains alike.  Aside from music digressions, it will have an intention to provide support to a multitude of other charities.  The idea is that an assigned percentage of donations will go to charities, such as cancer charities, those whom support the elderly etc.; yet will also aim to benefit many others.  I would hope that the charity could entice established as well as new musicians to act as ambassadors and supporters: who would help to raise funds for the charity- as well as raise awareness for worthy causes.

All of us have experiences tragedy of life: either first hand or indirectly.  Whether a relative has died of cancer, or a local business has faced ruination; there are many things and events that can shape a human being for the worst.  Of course we have established charities and great causes, yet few that are music-based.  It is hoped that not only Psychoacoustics’ profit-share benefit a multitude of charities and ventures; but it would inspire multinational companies, organisations and huge bands to kick in some funds; help raise revenue and assist in rejuvenating people, causes and lives.  There is a lot of focus based around self-involvement and self-enrichment; yet small mind is paid towards those less fortunate.  This would be a way of helping to raise money, yet also be involved with music and musicians.  The idea is that the charity would have a website and you could pledge an amount.  Like the Psychoacoustics website, one could download and access music- at a cost; the idea being that as well as purchasing a track or album a small amount would go to the charity- thus benefiting the associated musician as well as others.  Gigs would be organised and events (runs, bake sales etc.) would be hosted; with the intention of encouraging as many different people- from all around the world- to donate their time and effort to symphonise a more stable future.  Who could object?


Named Psychoacoustic Records, I am determined to create a small record label that will give a warm home to some great talent.  In my previous role as music reviewer, Scottish band Universal Thee was one of my favourite ‘subjects’ (see them at https://www.facebook.com/universalthee).  I have been communicating with their lovely members James and Lisa Russell for a while now; having been bowled over by their brilliant and original sounds.  Between the three of us (as well as the band as a whole) we summated that there is a lot of great talent that emanated further north- Scotland especially.  Most of the musical money; including the big labels etc. are based in and around London.  I have been blown away by the sheer quality from bands such as Universal Thee- a stunning band that is starting to get the attention they deserve!  In addition wonderful bands like Issimo (fronted by the phenomenal lead Abi Uttley, and multi-talented wonder Marc Otway), as well as talent such as Nightwolf, Katsuo, Lisa Marini, Steve Heron and Jade Barnett have been featured amongst the pages of my blog.  I have mentioned these illustrious musicians as they are the epitome of the modern-day idols: those nauseated by the cheap X Factor fakery and noxious fame; talents whom let their voices do the speaking and are deserving of a huge audience.  They are all going to be huge one day very soon, and it is artists such as these I am trying to recruit.

Of course there are hundreds of small record labels- some fail; some succeed- that are trying to do the same as me.  I want to set up a label not restricted to the U.K.  As much as I want to entice the likes of Issimo, Universal Thee, Steve Heron etc. to the books of P.R.; I want to look farther afield: to the U.S., Australia, Europe and Africa- aiming to help those who have a stunning talent, and need a record label to help them out.  I have been speaking with, and reviewing for, Phil Cass’ brainchild, Cuckoo Records: http://www.cuckoorecords.com/.  With the help of a couple of his friends and music colleagues, he has raised and built up a brilliant Yorkshire-based music label.  They have some stunning talent on their books- including Cisse Regwick, Annie Drury and Raglans- giving a voice to some superb northern (and Irish) talent.  There are precious few southern/London-based labels that share the ethos of Cuckoo’: encourage a wide range of genres and talents; with the intention of sharing their brilliant sounds to a wide audience.

In conjunction with the studio (below), the label would initially attempt to attract a dozen or so local artists.  The long-term aim is to tie and bind international and local acts under one roof: to provide assistance (both financial and creative) to the patrons and participants.  Not only that, but provide opportunities for the acts to work with each other and generate publicity and gigs for each other too.  It is hoped that I can find premises either in Surrey or London- but I will mention that more later.  There are a lot of merits one can assign to and ascribe, with regards to the big labels.  They provide a home for some superb artists, yet I feel that too many have limited quality control.  I don’t want an X Factor/The Voice parasite in the team; no generic and faceless U.S. act: just concise and staggering bands and artists.  Bigger labels such as Rough Trade are the exception that proves the rule; as it seems that there are few smaller labels that have their voices heard.  I hope those labels can kick the dust aside and break through.  I want to assist them, and work alongside them.  I have an idea for a band of course, and it seems logical to parabond the twin desires of music-writing and talent-hunting.  I have an idea for a logo; I have some names I want to approach; and have a location in mind- who wants in?


Idea of the site:

There are quite a few music websites at the moment, between the iPhone, Facebook and the Internet. Most of them offer roughly the same things- music sharing, free downloads, and Internet radio access. There are a lot offering the same things, and quite a lot of things are not being considered. The idea of Psychoacoustics, is to pull all the existing qualities of these sites, together, as well as offering new features, and great networking opportunities- for free. The plan is to top Spotify, iTunes and the biggest sites, by offering what they do, plus much more besides. Specific areas and pages on the site will be named after musical figure, albums and events. For instance, a lyrics section will feature Bob Dylan’s name and be themed around here. It is sort of like a music Disneyworld- different zones and characters. This makes it more interactive and interesting than most music sites and is engaging.


By accessing www.psychoacoustics.info, (website currently under planning/construction), you will be able to access the site. From there, there will be a home page. On the home page is a main design. It is an animation of a studio, called Psychoacoustics. It is designed like Abbey Road, and there is constant movement on the page. There will be a bank of about 200 different musicians, who will walk into the page and interact with each other; leave and enter the studio, and keep the user amused. The icons as well as the animation will be colourful and interesting and better designed than most of the music websites out there. The icons and options displayed on the homepage are as follows:


There is a chat/Skype option where you can interact with any of your contacts or friends. This can be done via a Facebook-style message service, or Skype. When you add contacts- like Facebook or Twitter- you can chat with any of them at any given time.


Your personal inbox; you can mail your contacts, as well as any musician or venue.

Search Engine:

This is a bespoke, specialist search engine. It is similar to Google but responds to questions and searches effectively, returning only relevant websites. It also can record via and audio, so if you were searching for a song title or name of song, it would be able to locate it. The search engine is able to answer specific music questions and ties together information and resources from Yahoo, Google and Bing.


This is a diary of important music events and updates specific to the user.

Music Player:

You will be able to create a playlist or jukebox of up to 2,000 songs.

Personal Profile:

You can create your own avatar, and enter all of your information. It is similar to Facebook, but more detailed, and upload photos, videos, and designs. I will go into more detail later, but on your personal profile, is all of your information, favourites, and links. The profile works like Twitter and Facebook but more in depth with fewer faults. I have described the social side of things in a previous mail.

  1. Studio and Rehearsals:

This is an animated studio and rehearsal rooms (about 3 studios with control rooms and one rehearsal space). Unlike sites where there are a list of features, you access the features via icons; so for instance you would click on a T.V. or a guitar to access the relevant feature. The tab on the interface is red, and will consist of different shades of red. The specific names and designs for each feature are to be decided, but are as follows:

Music video:

Here you can pitch ideas for music videos to bands, acts and labels. You can protect your idea and sell it for money or use it to gain points and exchange for a reward in the future. There is also a music video store, where you can access any video from any song, and search by genre, artist or time period. Also, there is a software where you can put ideas into and create videos through animation, film or various other techniques and apply them to your own songs.

Album cover:

Here you can view any album cover, and search for it like the music videos. The features here allow you to design covers using animation, photography or a photography edit where you can mix and edit images and merge together to create incredible designs. From here you can publish them or share, or pitch ideas to bands looking for ideas.


This is like Instagram where you can upload photos or designs and edit them, using hundreds of options. Here too you can search for photographers and view images, websites and famous images from music history.

Music video player:

This utilises YouTube where you can view music videos for free and have a favourites list, or share the video to social media.

Song dissect/mix:

On this page, you can take any song- from rock to classical and dissect it. You can see what notes are played, and what instruments are played. This helps when writing songs and can learn easily about music. Also you can take sections of various songs and mix them together, and edit the sounds to create new songs.


Here there are guides, links and ways to set up your own record label, festival, or music magazine. You can interact with others online, and get funding in order to set up your own business, and then network on site to attract users and business. Also you can invent new music ideas and instruments; design them on this page and pitch them.


There is a software where you can design and broadcast your own podcast and radio station. Broadcast over the site or YouTube, play your own songs and broadcasts and get fans and followers as well.


On here you can sell songs to T.V. and film companies and productions.

Band sites:

I will explain more on the registration but when bands and artists sign up they can create their own website and include a wealth of information, and make it easy to promote and get fans.


This is a sound library with thousands of sounds, effects and mixing options.


If you are a D.J., here you can mix tracks, scratch and broadcast your own set, via the site and promote your gigs.

Home Studio:

This is a software where you can record vocals, instruments and effects and then send your songs to fans or broadcast the tracks online. There is also software for tuning instruments as well.

Recording and Production:

This allows you to record songs professionally and easily, and provides every technology a modern studio would. You can record vocals and instruments, mix and layer them, and create a professional sounding track. From there you produce the tracks, and broadcast them, and burn them onto C.D. It also allows for album covers to be printed and gives links to sites where you can buy C..D. case and additional software.

Rehearsal and Live Room:

These are simulations of studio spaces where you can play live or rehearse. Via Skype you can jam with the rest of your band or solo and be seen by contacts and have your performance saved and shared. There are options for recording. There are guitar, drum, piano, vocal and orchestra options where you can simulate any guitar or piano etc. and get the most realistic sound possible. Unlike software where it is flattering, here you have to know how to play. Like Wii it reacts to touch and you can simulate yourself playing, as if it were real. From there you can either mess around or record the sounds, or join with others or your band members, and jam together. You can tune the instruments and it is as good as the actual instruments. You can do the same with vocals and record as many tracks as you like, and access different mics, and effects. It is able to work with recording so you can record full songs and albums using this. it is not to replace real life but more act as an easy way to share and record demos for when you are in the studio.

  1. Bar and Venue:

The venue is downstairs of the studio and the bar upstairs. It is animated like the rest of the site and acts as a portal for socialising and broadcasting. The tab for this is green and appears with different shades of green on the interface.

Radio player:

You can access tens of thousands of digital stations from around the world and stream them live, as well as access archive broadcasts and songs.


There are links to all music magazines and publications, as well as music websites as well.


Like PledgeMusic where you can donate to get album made, and respond to pitches. Artists can offer rewards or treats, and get a % of funds raised. Can network and swap and record vocals or write as well.


Due to revenue coming from advertisers and labels, the site can pay royalties to artists whose songs are downloaded, and means that songs can be downloaded free, but artists get paid.

Food and Drink:

Links to music venues, as well as music bars and cafes, anywhere in the world, and you can get alerts of any local to you as well as any events that are happening, and share them on the site.

Leagues and Competitions:

There are various leagues for new bands and directors etc. that are updated and points given to the winners. These charts reflect download amounts, most hits as well as popularity too and there are leagues and competitions for new and unsigned bands.

Music Fantasy League:

This is like football fantasy, but you choose a 5-piece band. You have to choose at least one drummer, and one singer, and can choose from any musician from history. You also select 2 songwriters as well and an album and song. There are various points awarded to each depending on how many times they have been downloaded and mentioned, and there is an overall league that updates each week.

Read and Write:

You can publish blogs and reviews of bands and gigs, and albums and publish them and share them, as well as gig reviews and album reviews.


There is a dating website and connection site for musicians, as well as connect and promote music charities. There are event postings and updates for your local area as well as internationally. You can also tie all of your contacts and friends in from other social sites into this one.


Once you have created a profile you can search for potential band members or venues. When bands or acts register, like a dating website you answer various questions such as favourite music, bands and albums. If you are looking for someone you can either type in a search and the site matches people for you, or you can click on a map. From here you can click on any country or city and search for any member located in that area and contact them. There are sections where you can connect bands and venues, labels to acts and band members and bands together. If you make a successful match, you gain points that can be exchanged.


This links actors to bands looking for people for music videos, and also can join actors together, who can share links and tips with regards to music, and best contacts and agents.


I have explained all of the social side, but the site works more like Twitter where you can ‘add’ any band or musical act, and follow their progress and updates. There is a LinkedIn style site too where you can connect with employers or contacts and build up a network of fans and followers which gives you greater opportunities.


You can broadcast live shows and gigs and stream concerts here and share them.

  1. Living Room:

This tab will appear shades of yellow. The living room will consist of a sofa, chairs, jukebox and notice board as well.

Music download:

Like Spotify, you can download any track for free, and either play them, or create your own playlists and sections. You can compile songs into albums and burn a C.D., or you can share songs via your phone or social websites. There are also links to Spotify and iTunes, as well as music apps too.

Promotion and Distribute:

You can listen to recommended music depending on your mood or find any new music depending on your tastes. You can then share them via social media, or you can promote new bands and artists, and share acts with promoters and venues, as well as labels. It works like ReverbNation but more in depth, and gives tools to find new music, as well as share and get your own voice heard easily.


You can have a playlist of up to 2,000 songs, and play them, whenever you like.

Reference Library:

You can view information about every band, artist or album released. It is like Wikepidia where you can find out anything about music, and gives info about bands, videos, links and merchandise; which allows you access to new music, old music you may have forgotten about, and can access any information whenever you want.

Music Trends/Stats:

There are tables and graphs that show music trends, sales figures and stats relevant to you, that are updated daily.


These are all of the charts from home and abroad, updated weekly, with links to all of the songs featured.

Search engine and lyric finder:

The search engine is also available here, but is a lyric finder, where you can type words or lyrics and it finds the song. Also you can input audio or video if you are unsure of the song or artists, and it will find out for you.

Pitch Zone:

If you have spare lyrics or ideas, you can pitch them and trade them with artists. You can earn points for anything that is bought from you, and you can pitch and find ideas for songs. Also you can pitch music, so if you have no lyrics you can match them, and also collaborate with people on site and join your music and lyrics together. From there you can create songs together and share them.

Music Notation and languages:

There is a software where you can learn music and translate your music into musical notes, so that it makes it easier to write music. There is a link to a language site where you can learn any one of 30 different languages for free. This makes it easier to communicate with international contacts as well as write and sing in a different language.

  1. Bedroom and Kitchen:

This tab appears as different purple and the bedroom has a bed, wardrobe and table, T.V. etc.; the kitchen is a smaller room connected to the room.


You can access all of your updates, information and messages here- as well as directly from your personal profile.

T.V. zone:

This allows access to dozens of music T.V. channels as well as archived videos and shows as well, and relevant T.V. shows and performances.


There are links to music teachers, studios, websites and bars and venues; everything anyone could want.

Creative Zone:

You can chat with anyone; share ideas, stories, gig reviews as well as photography and videos etc.

  1. “Acoustic Vinyl”:

This is a specially designed shopping site. The animation is designed like a large Rough Trade store and the tab will be a specially designed one.


Search by genre, period or artists and find music from them to buy. It pulls together Amazon, iTunes and all music websites so you can compare prices for the album and gives you the most choice you can imagine.

DVDs and Merchandise:

You can search for DVDs and merchandise from any band. This gives you links to shopping sites as well as band sites, so again you can find the best deal.


You can purchase band and festival tickets, music books, apps and instruments. You can also purchase gift cards too.


There are links to shopping websites as well as info for independent stores, with website and address details.

  1. Join/Log-In:

This tab is in shades of black and grey.


Different registrations. For casual user, browsing, solo, band, promoter, venue, label and other. They ask for different details and different lengths but all very simple and easy.


It allows a simple log in and a feature where you can log in to all of your music and social accounts at the same time.

  1. About Us:

This tab is going to be detailed in shades of orange.

Studio history:

There is information- fake of course- of how it was set up in East London in 1969, and the story behind it. There is a ‘mock’ Vevo-style video and video history of the studio and founders. It is comical and is also like a guided tour.

About the site:

This is a serious description of what the site aims to do and how it will evolve.

Press and links:

This displays any links to relevant sites and partners, as well as software sites so you can create your own music website.

  1. Music Player:

This tab will be in shades of blue. This ties together all of available and your downloaded music so you can play it on-going and create smaller playlists.

  1. Advertise With Us:

This tab is in shades of pink.


This is a separate page where all adverts from sites, and venues can be displayed. This means it doesn’t interfere with your profile or browsing but can access it any time from this site. Advertisers and sites pay to be published on the site. There are contact numbers and an online form if you want to advertise or subscribe.

  1. Contacts/Links:

This tab is in shades of whites and grey.


This details all e mail and phone contacts for every department.


Up to 6 different contact email and phone numbers depending on the query


This is the address of the H.Q. and map.

Social media:

This gives links to the Twitter and Facebook sites, as well as YouTube.

Feedback form:

Provide feedback on the site.

Suggestions box:

If you have any ideas for futures or designs, then let us know and will take into account.

FAQ and Troubleshoot:

If you have trouble with any part of the site there is support. Also an FAQ if you have a question and can report abuse or any issues day or night.



The logo will depict a gorgeous woman in a black dress.  In her left hand is a blue rose, whilst in her right, is a microphone.  There is a microphone stand in front of her, whilst we see a spotlight shine to the side of her face; whilst drops of rain are overhead and on the other side of her face.  She has brown fair and green eyes, with red lipstick.  To the side of her is a gramophone, as a vinyl plays.  She looks focused but relaxed; enjoying and entranced by the music playing.  The main logo will be centred, whilst either side of the logo will be ‘Psycho’ and ‘Acoustics’ in red lettering.  The letters will be in a stylised font, but easy to red; with the letters bordered in white to give a modern and striking design.

Intended Destination:

Hoping to have the premises located either Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden or Soho.  Due to the size of the building it will need to be located in these areas; and are also locales that attract huge amounts of tourists and attention- providing the most possible custom.


Inspired by Café De Paris, the building will be very large as well as decedent.  The premises will comprise two floors; with the intension of each being large enough to contain all the incorporated properties of the business (see below).  Hoping to have it opened no later than 2018.

Opening Hours:


8am to 12am.


8am to 12am (when gigs are performed it will be extended to 1am).


9am to 9pm.


Around about 50 in total.


It will be over-16s only: no babies or children allowed.  Dress code is not strict and open to the public.


I know of websites similar to Kickstarter that provide funding opportunities for businesses.  I hope to pitch a business plan and raise as much of the funding from there.  Aside from a business loan, I am hoping to raise as much of the remainder of the funds myself.  I am not sure of the exact cost of the entire business, yet hoped that over the coming few years the entire amount can be raised.

Ground Floor:

Bar and Kitchen:

As you enter, to the left of the premises is the bar.  The bar will be very modern with a wide and long counter, in order to allow maximum custom.  The bar logo will be emblazoned above the bar, and will be unique.  As well as serving coffee (and tea, hot chocolate etc.) alcohol will also be served.  There will be a range of beers, wines and spirits- as well as an extensive cocktail menu.  The menu will be extensive.  There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner options- with a dessert menu.  The range will include British, American, Mexican, French, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Australian and Spanish food; from savoury to sweet.  The kitchen will be next to the bar, and will serve food from opening through to close.  There will be themed dishes and cocktails that will incorporate band names, lyrics and album titles etc.


There will be a large amount of sitting, to accommodate around about 100 people.  The seats will consist of sofas, leather sofas and chairs, as well as wooden chairs.  It is designed to be a relaxing and comfortable environment; it will not be cluttered or compacted- space and openness is a huge key.

Jukeboxes and Speakers:

This is one of the main features of the business.  The music will be the epicentre of the bar/café, and will be a constant.  As you enter, to the left and right hand corners; to the back left and right corners; as well as in the centre, will be two digital jukeboxes.  It will be free, where anyone can select a song.  There will only be allowance for one song per customer; with a continuous playlist being selected.  The jukebox menu will be interactive, so you can select a song by searching; or find by genre/decade etc.  There will be access to over 500,000 songs, and will include every genre and style.  There will be screens in the centre of the room (overhead) that will show which song is next- running order etc., and everyone will be able to hear the music.  There will be four speakers suspended from the ceiling- on each corner of a chandelier.  The music will not be so loud that you cannot converse, yet will be crisp and true.  Using latest technologies it will be possible to blend the sound of music and conversation so that neither becomes too distracting.


As you enter, to the right hand side of the building is a small stage.  It will measure 15 by 20ft, and will host intimate performances.  At the back of the building will a main stage.  It will be 25 by 30ft, and will have a retro feel.  There will be a blend of modern, gothic and American; giving the stage a unique feel.  The stage will host larger gigs; whereas in front of the stage, will be an orchestra pit that can host 30 musicians.


The décor will be a main attracting.  On the walls will be paintings and landscapes depicting famous album covers, music photos, as well as band portraits and designs.  It will encompass a large range of artists and there will also be canvases on the wall.  There will be modified street signs and portraits, giving it a retro and classic feel all at once.  There will be a white wall as well, where lyrics can be written and designs drawn.  The entire interior will mix modern and vintage, with artefacts and designs reflecting this.  It will not be like Hard Rock Café where it is a sort of music museum or attraction; it will be subtle and will play second fiddle to the key components.  Overhead will be several chandeliers as well, providing a romantic feel.  At night these will be on, and soothing lighting will bathe the interior.


There are two methods of access from the ground to upper level.  There will be a staircase to the right of the entrance; in addition there will be a small lift giving disabled access (and to allow transportation of equipment, stock etc.)

Upper Level:


This is a store with Rough Trade in mind.  The store is split into different sections.  There is an extensive store that offers music by genre, decade etc. and has a large stock- similar to HMV’s largest stores.  As with the lower level of the bar, there are paintings, designs and artwork on the walls- and ceilings.  There is also band merchandise and memorabilia, signed memorabilia, as well as musical instruments.  The idea is that there is everything under one roof that a musician, music fan or music lover could want.  There is a charming décor that mixes ’90s Seattle, modern-day U.S. as well as Rough Trade.  It is homely as well as modern and cutting-edge.  As well as being an all-inclusive store there is a profit-share initiative.  Schemes will be set up to allow a small percentage of profits going to independent record stores, as well as local bands.

Charity Office:

There will be a small office, next to the store, which will house the Psychoacoustic charity.  It will employ around 10 people, and is a charity which aims to raise money for musicians, struggling bands and children from difficult background persue their goals.

Consoles and screens:

This will incorporate everything from the Psychoacoustics music website: https://musicmusingsandsuch.wordpress.com/2013/10/.  There will be about two dozen consoles arranged within the middle of the floor.  These allow direct access to the website.  As mentioned, the website aims to make it simple to create music, music videos; collaborate online and distribute music.  It incorporates all of the best features of the major music websites, and offers so much more.  People will be able to access the website through the consoles.  There will be two large walls which will display music videos, or can alternatively project images from any of the consoles- for instance is a music video has been created, it can be instantly projected.


Dominating one half of the level will be the studio.  It is a medium-sized studio that will offer all the benefits and technologies of the biggest studios.  It will encompass a studio, rehearsal room, control room; as well as lounge and bedroom.  There will be an in-house engineer, producer and representatives and offer rates that are very competitive.  The hope is that is will appeal to new bands, but also drag in big names and established acts.

Garden and Tranquility:

In the center of the level will be a small garden.  There will be a water feature, as well as plants; aimed to relax and inspire.  There will also be a balcony that will provide a small garden as well as seating.


There will be chandeliers as well on this level, but a more toned-down feel.  There is impressive lightning and a warm and relaxing vibe.  Again there will be leather chair and sofas- located near the consoles.


In conjunction with the music website (itself); the website is going to be different from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  Although I use both; I find they have huge limitations and drawbacks- primary among them is the emphasis on irrelevance and self-indulgence.  We all love to have a good vent; to put our thoughts onto the page- the Psychoacoustics site is all about music- nothing else.

Design and interface:

The home page will be designed like a hotel building.  It will consist a building with rows of windows- you can see a lift running up the middle.  The sign at the top of the hotel will say ‘Psychoacoustics’- it is a simple design that is easy to read and clear.  There will be 16 windows in total.  At the top left will be the most recent post/update- the bottom right will have the oldest.  Unlike Facebook, there will no adverts; no poor layouts or needless icons- it is efficient and organised.  Running down the left hand side of the screen- going vertically will be: Mail; Updates; Search; Map and Favourites.  Down the right will be Chat; Contacts; Profile; Events/Gigs and Edit.  At the very bottom left of the screen will be a video player- where you can watch YouTube videos or any other music-related video.  At the bottom right will be a music player where you can stream tracks- listening as you navigate.  The whole page will be a catchy and stunning design; with constant movement and animation, it will feel less static- and unmoving- as current social media.

Functions and Features:

The site shies away from the user’s personal thoughts and ponderings.  The idea is to promote music; connect musicians and music lovers- for that reason, the site is design to focus on music alone (rather than self-promotion etc.

The Search function allows the user to search for bands and music.  It connects with Google (and other search engines) to hunt for bands and new music.  Connecting in with YouTube, you can hunt for songs and music videos.  The Map allows you to track down bands and artists from particular regions.  The map will bring up every country of the world.  You can clicks into a particular region/city- from there will be a list of musicians (arranged by genre) who are on the site- so you can connect with and interact.  The Favourites tool allows you to save your favourite bits of music- arranged by song/album/act and update.

The Profile and Contacts section are the main focus.  When a person logs onto the site; they select whether there are a Music-Lover; Musician; Manager etc- the interface will then tailor to that person’s needs and desires.  There will be personal information you need to fill in- name, location, favourite band/genres/albums.  From there, the site can find recommendations- songs and other artists; and put you in touch.  A Song of the Hour uploads to your home page; facts and links are fed in- that are of interest to the user.  If you are a music-lover, you can just go on the site to find great music and acts.  The site recommends existing music and songs from YouTube; finds recommendations; builds playlists and selections for the listener.  If you are a Musician, then the site factors that in- connecting you with other bands; venues and contacts.

You can add Contacts to your profile- these will be fellow musicians/bands (or just other music-lovers with similar tastes).  The status updates will be music-related and aimed at promoting great songs and acts- rather than inanities and personal thought.

It is all a bit brief, but gives you an overview of what the site will do.  Whereas the current social media crop has no real relevance; is flawed and limited; never offers anything beyond vanity and vagueness- this site is aimed at connecting music; finding great music and making it easier to unearth treasures.  One of the issues with the internet is how vast it is.  You have sites like YouTube, BandCamp, SoundCloud, Twitter etc.- yet no way of connecting it all together.  Tying in those sites- as well as search engines- it makes it easy to connect with like-minded people; terrific acts; possible band members (or unearthing a song you had forgotten about).  I love YouTube and its choice, but find it daunting- there are so many songs, it is hard to know what to select.  Psychoacoustics makes the whole experience much smoother and less stressful.  In a nutshell, the site is a one-shop portal for all fans of music.

So then…

I have poured out a lot of words- and put some ideas out there.  I want to do something like Virgin- yet not set out to make millions and become a bloated tycoon.  The idea is to represent musicians and build an international brand- something that aims to help making music easier; get people connected; bring fantastic new music to the forefront.  It will take a lot of money and time, and that is the big dilemma- how to raise the funds?  Sites like Kickstarter exist, yet it will take a lot more- I need to think how to get that started.  When the money is raised, there is plenty of potential and scope.  I want to make it London-centric- the café will be based in Central London; the H.Q. will be based nearby (so it is centralised and focused).  Whether people take to the idea(s); if it appeals to those reading- that is what I need to ascertain.  Over 2015, I will be putting my music charity night into effect; promoting new music and acts- and getting my own music started.  Let me know your thoughts; what you think- until then have a…

HAPPY Christmas and a fantastic 2015!