THERE are a lot of wonderful duos coming through and it got me…

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thinking about which ones will making an impact in 2017. I have a list of the ‘likely’ candidates and you can place SIIGHTS right near the top of that list. Toni and Mia (from Scotland and Ireland respectively) met last year and have already forged a sister-like bond. Dance is their latest single and an incredible, addictive and memorable track. Plans are afoot for a future E.P. – as the girls discuss in the interview – but I was keen to find out how they have reacted to the reception gained so far; how they differentiate themselves from the other duos out there and what it was like recording in L.A.


For those new to your music: can you introduce yourself, please?

Yes, of course. We are SIIGHTS. We are a duo from Dublin and Scotland. Our names are Mia Fitz and Toni Etherson.

Being from two different countries (Toni from Scotland; Mia from Ireland) how was it you got together? Have you known each other for years or did you come together by chance?

We met in L.A. last year while Mia was on tour with Hozier and Toni was in the studio writing for another artist.

It may be something you have been asked before but that band name. Where did that come from?

Well. We wanted the name to represent something, and for us, SIIGHTS represents vision and looking forward – which we feel is important.

There are a lot of duos coming through right now. What distinguished SIIGHTS from the pack would you say?

Well. We write/record everything ourselves and Mia produces everything and plays all the instruments in the studio herself. We both sing lead vocals on our tracks also.

Musically, we both have very diverse tastes and backgrounds so we feel that results in us creating a really unique and fresh sound.

Dance is your latest video. What can you tell us about the song and the idea behind the music video?

Well. The video is centred around the importance of self-expression and having the courage to follow your dreams. We wanted to make a video that would hopefully help to inspire people to get up and try to do whatever it is that they have always wanted to do – or whatever dream they have. Life is short and it’s not about having to be the best at something it’s about having the courage to try.

The track was one of the first tracks we ever worked on together in the studio in L.A. so we thought it would fittingly be a nice intro to SIIGHTS.

Mia. You played all the live instruments on that track. Was it a difficult process and do you have any hard choices – with regards which guitars to use and the sound you wanted to create?

Yes, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down ideas in the studio especially when you’re on a roll with a track, but usually, if a part is working you know straight away and vice versa!

The song has already received praise and great feedback. Has that been a surprise to you at all?

We have been really blown away by the response to Dance so far and are so grateful to everyone who has supported us so far.

You recorded out in L.A. What was that experience like and is it a place you’d like to record in more?

Yes, definitely; we both love L.A. and find it’s a very creative place to work. We plan on spending more time there next year and being back in the studio there again too.

Dance has that great old-skool Funk and gets the feet moving. Can we expect a future E.P. and will upcoming songs have the same sort of vibe/inspiration as Dance?

We have been working hard on lots of new music and some collaborations too. We hope to have an E.P. out 2017.

Thinking about Dance and its emphasis of self-expression: do you think it is important musicians express themselves and not hide behind labels/producers?

We definitely think it’s important, for people in general, to express themselves the best way they know how. Being able to truly embrace yourself and be comfortable in your own skin is the most invaluable thing in life.

For artists, sometimes they need help to bring to life the ideas they have and collaborating with producers and labels can sometimes be a great way of achieving that.

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What kind of musicians did you each grow up listening to?

Toni: As a teenager, my fave album was Brandy – Never Say Never and then I went through a phase of listening to The Rolling Stones, Oasis & Bob Dylan. I have a very diverse C.D. collection (L.O.L.)!

Mia: I grew up in a very musical family so as a child I was always around music and was exposed to a lot of different styles. My dad is a classical pianist. So, from listening to music like that to listening to artists like Stevie wonder, Michael Jackson; The Meters and The Beatles – who I think are really timeless.

If you each had to select one album that has been most important to you: which would they be and why?

Toni: Brandy – Never Say Never. I’d pick this album as I was just really discovering my voice at the time when I was introduced to this album by my big sister. I think it had a lot to do with how and why I sang.

Mia: I have a really soft spot for the album Simple Things by Zero 7. I definitely (also) loved Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder and Californication – by Red Hot Chili Peppers -growing up.

Christmas is almost here. How will you both be spending it? What is top of your Christmas present/wish-list?

We have had a very hectic year and so Christmas is going to be a well-deserved few days off for us.

I think we will eat lots of nice food and spend time with our families. We have some really exciting things happening in 2017 so we’ll be getting ready for that also.

Finally, and for being good sports, you can each select any song you like (not yours as I’ll include that) and I’ll play it here.

Toni: London Grammar – Shyer 

Mia: The Meters – Just Kissed My Baby








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