FEATURE: The September Playlist: Vol. 2



MUSICMUSINGSANDSUCH the september playlist VOL. 2


The September Playlist: Vol. 2


IT is always hard trying to get on top of all the excellent snippets…

Image result for sleaford mods
of joy: the music world offers up with nary a blade of warning and prediction. Each day, it seems like a fresh and ripe track is out – out of nowhere and completely out of space. That has been the case the last week and drinking it all in has been a challenge. I have been looking at the singles and songs out this week – either standalone or taken from corresponding albums. I also peek ahead to albums a bit further down the month – including a track that will appear on Billie Marten’s debut – and  what to expect…


Image result for massive attack

Massive Attack (ft. Hope Sandoval)The Spoils



Image result for pixies 2016

PixiesTenement Song



Image result for Sløtface

SløtfaceTake Me Dancing




Image result for JAWS band

JAWSRight in Front of Me



Image result for white lies

White LiesCome On



Image result for El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del MarDing Sum



Image result for young guns band

Young GunsMad World



Image result for SIA

Sia (ft. Kendrick Lamar)The Greatest



Image result for nick cave and the bad seeds

Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsI Need You



Image result for Die Antwoord

Die AntwoordWe Have Candy



Image result for kt tunstall 2016

KT Tunstall Maybe It’s a Good Thing



Image result for kings of leon 2016

Kings of LeonWaste a Moment



Image result for brighton band TOY

TOYI’m Still Believing



Image result for band slaves

SlavesTake Control



Image result for red hot chili peppers 2016

Red Hot Chili PeppersGo Robot



Image result for prince buster

Prince Buster  Enjoy Yourself



Image result for CRX band

CRXWays to Fake It



Image result for regina spektor

Regina SpektorBlack and White



Image result for twin atlantic 2016

Twin AtlanticNo Sleep


Image result for Rat Boy

Rat BoyGet Over It



Image result for wilco

WilcoIf Ever I Was a Child



Image result for beauty sleep band

Beauty SleepLiving Right



Image result for alunageorge




Image result for grouplove

GrouploveWelcome to Your Life



Image result for billie marten

Billie Marten Bird



Image result for elephant stone band

Elephant StoneAndromeda




Image result for M.I.A.

M.I.A. Go Off



Image result for zach dela rocha 2016

Zach de la RochaDigging for Windows



Image result for sleaford mods

Sleaford ModsTCR



Image result for beauty sleep band

It seems like September may well top August with regards fantastic songs and unexpected treats – and we’re only a couple of weeks into the month! Looking ahead and there are some truly fantastic albums and songs approaching – Bruce Springsteen among them. Have a listen to the above and check out the corresponding albums and artists making big moves throughout September.


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