FEATURE: Music Musings and Such: Going Forward…



Music Musings and Such:




Going Forward…


OVER the past few weeks…

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my blog has been going through a bit of a change. I am still on WordPress but, and the reason for writing this, was to explain any gaps on that site – I have an official site where I am producing the majority of my new pieces. All the interviews, reviews and features will be on https://www.musicmusingsandsuch.com/ – the doors at WordPress are not going to be closing. I will be publishing my weekly Playlist on WordPress: where I collect all the singles/album tracks released that week. In addition to all the fresh goings on and transitioning; I am planning some cool things and diversifying my blog. I am working on my Jeff Buckley documentary – pitching it and getting it moving – whilst planning other features: setting up a YouTube channel and doing various videos and concepts. They would include a look at classic albums; interviews with those most influential in music; new artists and things I want to talk about. I have a great ambition to work for a wonderful radio station like BBC Radio 6 Music so am going to learn more about radio production and that side of things. I have my music website in the mind – Psychoacoustics is a one-stop-shop for every music lover and those passionate about its possibilities and history – and more besides. On https://www.musicmusingsandsuch.com/, there will be a lot of cool interviews with artists around the world. I’ll be posting a couple of reviews each weekend and have some great feature ideas brewing – so many different topics and aspects I was to discuss. On WordPress, I’ll keep the weekly Playlist impressive and full – there may be other pieces going up there. Lots going on but, if you are a subscriber/follower of my WordPress site; remember to keep a check on the new site, too. That’s about it but thanks for all the support and here’s…

Music Musings & Such

LOOKING ahead to a busy future!

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