FEATURE: So Long, WordPress: Music Musings & Such Is Moving…



So Long, WordPress:


Image result for moving home unsplash PHOTO CREDIT: Unsplash


Music Musings & Such Is Moving…


THIS is going to be the final time I’ll publish to WordPress…

Image result for laptop unsplash


unless there is a problem with my new website. In fact, trying to put a new post up has failed so, until that is remedied, I am here. The ambition is to move everything over next week and get it all sorted. I will be moving to https://www.musicmusingsandsuch.com/ and putting all my features, interviews and reviews over there. I hope to have the first piece up later today but it might take a bit to get it just-so. It has been good publishing on WordPress: a quick and easy way of getting posts up with plenty of options available. It has been great publishing there but time for something a bit more professional and stylish. The new website offers menus a better layout; it is going to be better in the long-run. Once I get my head around things and acclimatise. The old website will still be there – in case I need to go back there here and now – but most new posts will take place on the new site. In terms of notifications, anyone who is a subscriber to Music Musings & Such might need to keep updated on the Facebook page for any news. I will try to set up a notifications/subscription option for the official website so one gets emails when a new post is up. Keep an eye out and what goes on over the next few weeks. It is going to be a (bit) sad departing WordPress but it is time to take the blog to…


THE next step.

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