FEATURE: BBC Music Day: The Blue Plaque Brigade




BBC Music Day:


 Image result for john bonham

IN THIS PHOTO: John Bonham was born at 84 Birchfield Road, Headless Cross – which receives a blue plaque in recognition of his tremendous impact to music


The Blue Plaque Brigade


AS is traditional when I need a good and quick feature idea…

Image result for nusrat fateh ali khan

IN THIS PHOTO: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan will receive a blue plaque in Birmingham – some twenty years after his death

I will look over the shoulder of BBC Radio 6 Music – and look at their considered and well-chosen answers. In fact, many are reacting to the fact legendary musicians are getting blue plaques unveiled in their honour. Up and down the country; we are seeing much-deserved plaques revealed – which are intended to commemorate some of the best artists we have produced. In honour of that; I have compiled a playlist that brings together music from many of the artists being celebrated.

These plaques are a reminder of where some incredible musicians created some of their most-famous sounds. It is always good to stop and remember those who have made a difference to music – doing that with more than words; something that will remain and live on for generations to come. It is not only musicians being featured. Venues and studios are included: some incredible artists recorded at spaces around the country – only right they should get a nod. For the full list, and to see why my choice of musicians have been included in a playlist, get yourself to https://www.bbc.co.uk/music/articles/7f78803d-e6ae-469a-9e44-a243634a80db

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IN THIS PHOTO: Nick Drake will get a blue plaque at Far Leys – the house he grew up in

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