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Avalanche Party


THERE are few bands out there as intriguing and characterful…

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as Avalanche Party. I ask the guys about the new single, I’m So Wet, and what the music scene is like in the North. The guys bring their answers from Europe – where they have just been touring – so I ask where they are heading next; whether we can expect any more material in the coming months and how their new track differs to the previous, exceptional Solid Gold.

The chaps prepare to play Camden Rocks on 2nd June and how it feels having the likes of Steve Lamacq recommend their music. Avalanche Party discuss their label, Clue Records, and sharing the stage/label with Leeds’ Allusondrugs.

In addition, they discuss influences and whether their recent tour of Europe has given them any chances to do some sightseeing.


Hi guys, how are you? How has your week been?

We are all delightful. Currently on tour in Europe and soaking in all the wunderbar culture on the continent. It has been a fruitful week.

Toured Netherlands, Germany and Czech Rep so far – we’re about half-way through now.

For those new to your work, can you introduce yourself, please?

We are Avalanche Party. It is popular amongst the musical press to describe us as feral Garage-Punk, Rock ‘n’ Roll. We’re based in the North Yorkshire Moors.

For those unaware of that place: it is in the middle of beautiful nowhere.

Sorry to ask an, perhaps, obvious question but what is the derivation of that band name, ‘Avalanche Party’?

When Zeus and Hercules go skiing they use oak trees – and take mushrooms – and shoot down mountains at 2000 M.P.H. until, eventually, their appetite for entertainment satiated they burn the mountains down.

That is the derivation of the name.

I’m So Wet is your new single – I am guessing it isn’t about getting caught in a sharp shower?! What can you tell us about its origins?

I’m So Wet is a love song born from looking at the frothy Irish Sea.

It follows the celebrated and exceptional, Solid Gold. Have you incorporated anything different into your music since last year or brought in fresh influence?

Not anything in particular or anything deliberate. I guess we’ve all (obviously) gigged loads since that single, travelled loads and seen some things and heard some great bands.

Have you any plans to release an E.P. or album in the coming months?

No album just yet. The time is not right.

But yeah we’re currently writing a new E.P. – hoping to release later in the year.

I do know you will be playing Camden Rocks on 2nd June. Is that your first time there? How are you preparing for the gig?

We are indeedy, and, yeah, it’s our first time.

Canny wait to play the festival! Heard that it’s a fine piece and it’ll be the last gig of our current U.K./Euro. tour before we hit the festivals over the summer.

I’m currently preparing with a beer in Bavaria.

Your music has gained backing from the likes of Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens. Is it quite humbling getting praise from such big D.J.s?

Very humbling indeed. I used to listen to Lammo’s show when I was a teenager and Huw’s show in the present – listening to numerous sessions bands recorded for them and thinking I’d love these blokes to play our music.

For it to happen was right nice.

Leeds is your home. What is it like for an ambitious band there? Is the music scene quite active and full? I can imagine Yorkshire is an incredibly varied and vibrant county for artists?

Who told you that, eh?

We’re based in North Yorkshire but I guess you could say our local scene is in Middlesbrough – still a half-hour drive like but local enough.

Teesside has got a great scene at the moment and the North East, in general, has got a mint buzz going on. It’s a privilege to be a part of it. A good number of bands are starting to do really well – with more coming through.

When we played Reading and Leeds Festival last year there were four North East bands on the bill. It’s an exciting time.

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You are signed to Clue Records – home to, among others, Allusondrugs. Do the label give you quite a bit of freedom and have you ever performed with the Allusondrugs chaps?

Yeah. Clue’ have been great. They listen to what we want, contribute and make it happen. We’ve just released one of two singles for the label.

They showed a real genuine interest in the band and a passion. They’ve got a great ethos and some great bands on the roster.

Yeah, we have indeed played with the ‘drugs boys. Great bunch. Think we did two or three gigs together in December.

Can you give me an insight into the artists you all admire and grew up idolising?

We all listen to quite a smorgasbord of artists and combine many different influences. We can all count people like Nick Cave, Iggy Pop; Thee Oh Sees, Link Wray; Queens of the Stone Age, Ty Segall; Fat White Family, Amazing Snakeheads etc. as huge influences.

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Aside from Camden Rocks, you are currently in Europe. What has the experience been like so far? Any opportunities for sight-seeing?

We are, indeedy!

We’re just leaving Bavaria as I type. Apart from a couple van issues, it’s been great. All gigs have been fun and we’ve been well looked after by everybody. Met some really cool people. The show in Berlin was probably the best so far.

Not had too much chance to sightsee but had a wander around a bit of Berlin which was cool. Checked out some art on that. Had a stroll along the river in Prague too.


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You aren’t back home until the start of June. How does perform in Europe differ to the U.K.? Are the crowds a lot different?

The crowds have been dead receptive which has been great. Obviously, it’s a little different to playing back home as a lot of these people are seeing us play for the first time.

They tend to buy more merch. out here though. Which for poor folks such as ourselves makes a massive difference!

What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

After we finish this tour, we’re back for festivals over the summer and we’ll be touring the U.K. again from September onwards.

We’re gonna be releasing another single on Clue Records in the summer too and we’re currently writing a new E.P. A brand spanker.

It seems like, even off stage, you are quite a rowdy and ‘boisterous’ band. Who, would you say, embodies that Rock ‘n’ Roll spirit best?

Ha! I wouldn’t say that about ourselves. Iggy Pop is the still the boyo, though. Even now: 70-years-old. Incredible.


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If you each had to select the one album that have meant the most to you; which would they be and why?

Difficult to pinpoint that one! We’ve been touring with a great band from Germany called The Vagoos though and their album is great.

Right now that is the album that means the most. Their latest album is called Heatwave.

What advice would you give to any new artists starting out right now?

Gig lots. Practice lots. Make friends.

Don’t be a cockwomble.

Finally, and for being good sports, you can each name a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that)

The VagoosHeatwave

And Yet It MovesKetamine Ma’am

Fat White FamilyBreaking Into Aldi

King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardGamma Knife (from Nonagan Infinity)

Iggy PopLust for Life


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