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THIS might be the first time I have interviewed or featured…

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a Lithuanian-born artist. That said, there is something unique and special about Klaudia – a secret in the music world that is just coming to light. Having studied Classical music and taken up the cello and piano at a young age – she is one of the most accomplished musicians I have encountered in a while.  Hiding Out is here new single and one I was interested to know more about. Its vivid video – complete with smoke grenades – looked like a blast so she discusses the process and what the song is about. Not only are there Pop elements in her music but Afro-Beats, Rave and House. BBC Introducing has celebrated and backed her music; there are many sites and journalists across the U.K. now aware of an incredible and variegated talent. Klaudia looks ahead and reveals whether there are new releases planned; whether she grew up in a musical household and the albums that have inspired her career so far.


Hi, Klaudia, how are you? How has your week been?

Hey! Thanks for having me! I’ve been well, thanks. Super-busy with my new single, Hiding Out; dropping and shooting the music video for it. But, in my element when everything gets hectic and juggling multiple things! This week I attended the Press Day where they launched their A-W (autumn-winter) collection! Was a super-inspiring day.

For those new to your work, can you introduce yourself, please?

I’m a vocalist, songwriter and cellist. I’d describe my current sound as Pop infused with Dancehall and Afro-Beat elements. I always write songs with meaning and emotion behind them.

Hiding Out is your latest single. Can you tell me about its origins and how its lyrics came together?

I was at a place where I literally felt like I was hiding away from everything: a feeling of detachment and just wanting something bigger (and more from life). But, in my head, I knew positivity was around the corner – which I hope the music video portrays.

The video looked like it was amazing fun to shoot. What was the experience like and do you enjoy filming videos?

That was my favourite video-shoot to date! The day flowed so well and everyone involved are my friends – so it was easy to just have fun during the shoot.

We didn’t have strict times or plans. We all just hung out and found cool locations to shoot on the day. My first experience using coloured smoke grenades – they make any setting look arty. I enjoy video-shoots where everyone is enjoying themselves too.

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Is Hiding Out going to form part of an upcoming E.P. or album?

Hiding Out is a lead up to an E.P. due for release end of summer. Got some exciting collaborations planned for that.

You are based on the south coast right now. Is it somewhere you feel at home and inspired by?

I grew up in the Midlands and the south coast is completely different.

It’s nice to just escape the hustle and bustle by walking down to the beach.

I’ve written loads of summer House tracks by the beach.

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Hailing from Lithuania; how do the music scene and culture differ between there and here in the U.K.?

I think there’s a much broader variety of music in the U.K. A lot of stuff in the charts there is similar to one another – whereas here you get a bigger mix of genres.

Classically-trained since the age of eight; how important was that early attachment and ability when it comes to the music you make now? How instrumental were your parents encouraging that musical gift?

I feel like it taught me disciple, patience and perseverance at a very young age which has benefited me in the long run. I used to practice the cello three-four hours daily! As the years went on, I felt less creative freedom performing Classical music – because I was playing other people’s compositions. That’s the same reason I don’t really sing covers: I don’t want to be just a vocal but a creative too.

Was it quite a musical household you grew up in? What kind of artists and sounds were you brought up on?

No-one in my family actually does music! They’re all creatives in different aspects but I’m the first musician!

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I know you studied at Southampton University and have a degree in Music. Do most of your songs stem from that education and what you learnt there or do you right through intuition and feel?

All my songwriting stems from intuition, experience and emotion.

I’ve always been that type of musician – even during my early cello days. It’s always been feeling over theory – but that’s what music is about, right?

Last year, the likes of BBC Introducing praised and love on you. Was it quite unexpected getting that kind of kudos so early?

BBC introducing has been a great push for my music and I’d recommend it highly to any upcoming musicians! But, yes, it’s strange hearing other people get as excited about your project as you!

Can you reveal whether there are any tour dates on the horizon?

Summer tour dates to be confirmed over the next few months.

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If you had to select the three albums that have meant most to you which would they be and why?

I’ve been into so many different genres throughout the years.

I was brought up on Michael Jackson since I was five, so I’d say his Blood on the Dancefloor album means a lot – just because I’d sit there as a kid reading the album booklet; learning all the lyrics, then singing them back in the mirror.

In 2016, I immersed myself in House and Dance music.

I remember watching Disclosure close Reading Festival. I never felt that kind of energy being in the audience and it inspired me so much in my own work.

I remember thinking, “I need to be on that stage creating this atmosphere for people” so my second choice would be Disclosure’s Settle.

My current favourite artist is NAO. I love unusual, unpolished vocals. I feel like music has to be so polished these days to fit industry standards, so hearing a raw soulful vocal injects that real emotion and meaning back to the music. So, album number three would be For All We Know.

What advice would you give to any new artists coming through right now?

Never give up or stop working on your craft and goals. It’s easier said than done and we’ve all been knocked down; felt like it’s easier to quit than carry on. But, remember, everyone is winging it and no one can tell you you’re not good enough or not right for something. If it’s the only thing that fulfils you then do it until you reach your target!

Finally, and for being a good sport, you can name a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that

NAOBad Blood.


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