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I have made a new rule when it comes to bands who capitalise…

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their name but, in the case of FAERS, an exception needed to be made. Not just because I crumble easier than a Custard Cream in a cup of red-hot tea but that new song: Everything You Know is out there and has been rattling around my head. It is a proper banger! Band member Steven talks about the band’s origins and how important London is to FAERS. He discusses meeting his comrades at a club night in Uxbridge and what they have been doing in Gothenburg. I learn more about upcoming recording plans and what it has been like supporting The Cribs – so early in a career, it is no mean feat! I ask the boys to select a tune they are moved by at the moment whilst Steven dissects and explains Everything You Know.


Hi, guys. How are you? How have your weeks been?

Steven: Hi, we have been great. Thanks for having us.

For those new to your music, can you introduce yourselves, please?

I’m Steven and I’m the Vocalist. We have Sam and Morgan on Guitar; Alex on Bass and Ryan on Drums.

Everything You Know is your latest tune. It sounds like a sunshine-heavy, summer-ready banger. It has Afrofunk and Indie shades. Who came up with the concept and what does the song represent to you guys?

We came up with the track just jamming and messing about in practice.

I heard Morgan play a riff that I thought was pretty special and put some vocals over the track.

When everyone else got involved we knew the track was going to be a good one.

This song, I understand, was formed during a particularly fertile recording period. What motivated that desire to hide away and really hunker down?

It was our bass player, Alex, who had the idea. Ryan and Alex had recorded in Sweden before and sold us the idea. We have to hide ourselves away sometimes because life can be distracting and we really wanted to give this song the attention it deserved.

What can you reveal about any other songs we might expect to hear from those sessions? Any E.P. or albums plans from FAERS?

We wrote a song called Last of Our Kind in that session and that will be our next single. It’s a track that we are very proud – mostly because of the progression of our sound; which we think is really evident on the track.

I am interested in that band name – whether capitalised or not. Is it anagrammatic/acronymic or have any particular derivation? 

The name FAERS was an easy one: it’s our drummer’s second name. We’d just started the band; myself and Ryan were in a night club on the alcohol pops.

I told him his second name was pretty and we should call our band FAERS.

We put it in the name in capitals because it looks better written down.

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I know you headed to Gothenburg and worked alongside friend and producer Anders Lagerfors. What was it about Lagerfors and Gothenburg that attracted you?

Ryan and Alex had worked with Anders before and put the idea to me: Morgan and Sam to work with him. Not much convincing was needed, though. Once we heard a recording from a band he produces called Pale Honey, we were blown away.

Steven. I believe you met your bandmates at your Indie night at Club Yuck in Uxbridge. What was it about the other four that spoke to you and led to the band being formed?

Mine and Morgan’s friendship started because we both wanted to make music. We weren’t sure what for but it was fun. So, we worked on a cover of Palma Violets’ Best of Friends. I knew of Ryan and knew he was the prettiest drummer in town; so when he approached me about wanting to start a band, I was sold. I had already thought about asking him so he kind of did the job for me. So, that’s three members. Sam came and showed us his skill and we just, basically, locked him in the studio and told him he couldn’t leave. He’s still probably trying to get out, actually.

Something was still missing; but, when Ryan introduced us to Alex, we were complete.

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You have sold out gigs all around and supported The Cribs. You’ve been together less than two years. Does it seem a bit crazy you’ve had this success so early?!

We feel incredibly lucky to have been given so much support – which has really spurred us on to make this work. For us and our love of the music we make; but also for everyone that has come to our gigs – even the really sh*t ones at the beginning. Our fanbase has really grown and it’s great seeing new faces. So, yeah, if you’re at one of our gigs, come say hello. Ha.

London is obviously your base but you have an attachment to Brighton. What is it about London that is so important? Do you see yourself remaining in the city or planning on moving around a bit?

We really enjoy our London shows: it always feels like a big party. We are lucky to play on some big club nights like This Feeling and Hackney Wonderland Presents. These club nights have helped us grow our fan-base and they look out for us and give us the exposure we have really wanted.

Playing in venues across the country is great: Brighton is a place that we enjoy gigging in because there’s a great buzz and love for live music.

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Looking at your tour dates for the next couple of months and you are visiting some pretty cool places. Which venue are you most looking forward to?

We are massive fans of The Lexington – so love playing there. Camden Rocks is going to be a big one this year: we’ve played the last three years in a row and it’s never a disappointment – from a musician’s perspective and from the punters’. Bush Hall is coming up on 10th May. We haven’t played there before so we are really looking forward to that.

You are all quite tight-knit so must know each other pretty well. Is there a secret about one member the rest don’t know – that FAERS player that is a bit of a rebel, perhaps?

The biggest secret I can share is that Sam has an addiction to Granny Smith apples.

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If you each had to select an album each that has meant the most to you; which would they be and why?

As a band, we are always putting FoalsTotal Life Forever on – as it a band we all love.

Personally, one of my favourite albums is Mystery JetsCurve of the Earth.

Finally, and for being good sports, you can each select a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that).

Thanks for having us.

Steven: Atlas GeniusTrojans

Alex: PalaceFire in the Sky

Sam: Bonobo Kerala

Morgan: Mystery JetsBombay Blue

Ryan: FoalsWhat Went Down


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