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We Were Glue


AMONG the bands of Liverpool…

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We Were Glue are definitely one of them! The quartet discusses the possibility of their music being played on Made in Chelsea – something they are clearly ecstatic and blown away by. In light of some comic relief; the guys get serious and talk about the new song, Birthday. I press them about a future E.P. and how it feels being on Spotify’s The Indie List – for previous single, My Girl. I was keen to know whether the music scene has altered in Liverpool the last few years: We Were Glue, instead, give me an epic story of Hawaiian pizzas and a party. When they are on-point and clear-headed, one gets insight into a humorous, quirky and quality band that have a lot of potential. They look ahead to tour the future and react to the local bands around them.


Hi, guys, how are you? How have your weeks been?

Hello there. Not bad really, how about you? It’s been a pretty decent week: we’ve been doing a lot of practising because of approaching gigs and that. The weather has not been perfect but the sun is out right now and summer is coming – so happy days.

For those new to your work, can you introduce yourself, please?

Errrrr, we are a band who writes energetic, rousing guitar music about love and (that which) gives a sh*t about making people have a good time. Our names are Michael, Elliott; Jonty and Angus.

We Were Glue formed in Liverpool. When did the band all come together and what attracted you to one another?

We got together a couple years ago or so. It was more luck than judgement: we all wanted to start a band so thought we may as well do it together; not really knowing if any of us were any good; we just wanted to have a good time playing songs that we loved.

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I know you share a love of Bombay Bicycle Club and The Strokes. Are these bands important in regards creating your own material? What, if anything, do you take from each act?

We don’t usually take anything from anywhere: we write what we think sounds best. But, I guess those bands naturally come out in the music a bit because it’s what we listen to.

We have such varied taste from one person to the next that any specific influences that anyone draws in their individual parts may get a bit lost in translation – and end up adding to the overall dynamic of the song instead. One the other hand, we’ve recently got into The Strokes.

How would you define your music if you had to drill it down?

Sorry I’ve lost my BLACK + DECKER EPC18CA 18 V Cordless Drill so I’m not going to be able to answer this question. Music is about a lot more than the words being used to define it: the words aren’t even usually right, anyway.

Previous song My Girl featured on Spotify’s The Indie List and proved hugely popular. What was it like receive that acclaim and reception?

Pretty nice, to be honest, but it was more about getting focused and moving on. Whilst, obviously, we very much enjoyed the reception; it gave us the drive to step up from the level we were at and hopefully on to better things.

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Birthday is the new single. What can you tell us about its inspiration?

Michael The main line in the chorus should be fairly self-explanatory: it came straight from an argument. The line came back to me when writing and I thought “there is no way we’re using that” – but here we are.

More generally, though, the song is about the tendency to have absolutely no idea what’s actually going on in a relationship: just doing anything to please the other person and hoping that you don’t f*ck up.

I believe you have a song about to feature on Made in Chelsea? Is that Birthday or My Girl? How are you feeling about that?

Jonty: They’ve said they wanna (sic.) use My Girl but that’s about all that’s happened so far. I am currently feeling nothing about anything because I just woke up (Zzzz) but, yes, it is exciting.

On that theme; is it quite important getting your music on T.V. or are you quite choosy who uses your songs?

I guess we would have choices but anyone is allowed to listen to our music and do what they want with it – unless they use it to make a knife. Or a gun. I imagine money is quite handy when trying to get through the industry and you get money and exposure when music is on television – so we’ll take whatever we can get.

In terms of where we wanna get: the dream is the Muller Corners ads because I like the strawberry ones.

You have played a few of Liverpool’s bigger and more reputable venues. What is the vibe in the city like right now? Is there quite a lot of new acts coming through at the moment?

It’s hard to see things objectively from the inside: all we hear about is another gig going on or another band doing this or that. There’s a gig on somewhere every night.

That being said, the standard can be pretty high: we’re consistently impressed with some of the music new bands in Liverpool have to offer.

How, would you say, has Liverpool’s musical landscape alerted over the last few years? Are a lot of musicians staying in the city or moving away?

J: I honestly have no idea what’s going on with this question so I’m going to talk about something else. Later today, I’m going for a birthday meal with my friend Levi in Pangea. It’s so very exciting and I’m going to get a pepperoni pizza. I would get a Hawaiian one, but ever since I was young, they seemed to have gone downhill – and I’m really close to cutting them out of my options for good, which is sad. I’m waiting for a really authentic Italian restaurant before I give the Hawaiian pizza one final try.

Have you got any gigs coming up in the coming months? Any festivals you’re taking in?

We’re playing a release show for Birthday on the 12th May at Studio 2 which we’re working well hard for – we’re even gonna be selling T-shirts. We’re all going to see Flyte at The Magnet in June: we’re big fans and haven’t seen them for a while so buzzing for that.

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If you each had to select the one album that has meant most to you which would they be and why?

M: Port of Morrow by The Shins is one of those albums that I just got into at the right time: the whole album is so pure and bittersweet and every song seemed poignant and right for the situations I was in. I was writing a lot of We Were Glue songs around that time and I’m really inspired, melodically, by this album – and The Shins/James Mercer as a whole.

Angus: The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow. My first gig was seeing them when they were touring the album. As for the album itself, the music is bloody fantastic.

Elliott: Either Silent Alarm by Bloc Party or Real Boy by Say Anything as they were both massively influential in my writing and playing style growing up – and were cornerstones of sorts for their genres.

J: I can’t say for sure, but if I had to choose it would be Queen’s Greatest Hits 1. I had the music videos on D.V.D. and used to just sit and watch them in my room – and thought it was all amazing. It made me want to know how it was done.

Are there any new/upcoming artists you advise we keep an eye out for this year at all?

Black Pulp, PANGEA; Avril Lavigne, Vistas; Lilium, Honey Lung; Spinn and We Were Glue.

What advice would you give to any new artists coming through right now?

It’s a cliché, but just get some guitars and hang out with your friends.

Throw away your inhibitions and just write what comes to you: you don’t get anywhere by saying “no that’s bad, I’m bad; I don’t want anyone to hear what I’ve written”.

Finally, and for being good sports, you can each name a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that)

M: Don’t Worry BabyThe Beach Boys

E: Sunday MorningMaroon 5

J: CupidThe Big Moon

A: Voyage Richie Brains


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