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Novo Amor


I am looking forward to the Bathing Beach E.P…

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as it will help put Novo Amor’s music to the masses. That said, he has already he has already connected with a mass of adoring fans. There is something about his Cinematic-Folk-Pop blends that really do get into the head. I talk to Ali (Novo Amor) about new single, Carry You, and what we can expect from the forthcoming Bathing Beach. Based in the Welsh capital; I was interested to see what the music scene was like in Cardiff and what his recent shows have been like.

He has just returned from Belgium and the Netherlands so he discusses that; the differences between his new material and his previous E.P., Woodgate, NY. Novo Amor looks at the artists that have influenced his music and the albums that have resonated with him over the years.


Hi, Novo Amor. How are you? How has your week been?

Hi! I’m great, thanks. Just arrived home from playing shows in Belgium and The Netherlands – some of my favourite shows that I’ve played to-date.

For those new to your music, can you introduce yourselves, please?

My name is Ali, A.K.A. Novo Amor. I’m a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter from Wales, U.K.

I have been lucky enough to hear your forthcoming E.P., Bathing Beach. The four-track E.P., out on 26th May, seems like it deals with some personal considerations and the need for closeness. What can you tell me about that E.P. title and the type of songs explored?

This E.P. feels like an extension of the debut E.P., Woodgate, NY. The songs are from the same vein: inspired by the same people and places.

Writing music about this place felt like an apt way to remember it. It almost feels like a closing chapter, a let-go.

Opening track, Carry You, is, in my view, one of your most tender and most rounded songs to date. Any particular spark or origin behind that track?

Like the E.P. as a whole, Carry You is an expression of nostalgia: a wistful nod to a certain period of time.

Woodgate, NY is your debut E.P. and arrived three years ago. How would you say your music has changed and come along since 2014?

I’ve released five singles since Woodgate, NY – which have all been fairly different. I’d say that the time in-between has just given me space to become a better musician and producer – allowing me to make music for myself that will never be released. On this latest E.P., I’ve delved more into different instrumentations such as string and different types of percussion.

I hear elements of Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver (and) Crosby, Stills and Nash in your work. Are they big influences? It seems like American acts are a big draw. How important is America and American music to you?

I do love slide-guitar! Crosby, Stills and Nash are definitely influential to me in that sense.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a big Country or traditional American music fan but, as a place, it’s definitely inspired me.

The E.P. is written about a place in New York where I lived for a summer – without my time there I’d have never started ‘Novo Amor’.

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Of course, you are from Aberystwyth. How does the music scene differ there to other parts of Britain? Is there quite a varied scene there at all?

I’m not from Aberystwyth: I’m from Llanidloes. It’s a small town of about three-thousand people. There’s a close-knit music scene there which I used to be a part of. I live in the capital of Wales now where there is a much broader music scene. I’m rarely doing shows in my home city so I’m sort of removed from the scene a little bit.

In the past, you have collaborated with Brighton-based artist, Ed Tullett. Any plans on hooking up with him again in the future?

Yes, we have a full record of songs being released in 2017. Keep an ear to the ground.

In the coming days you have played Belgium and the Netherlands. Are these nations you have been before? What is it about those countries that compelled you to go touring there?

First time playing in Belgium and third time in the Netherlands. The shows were great and the audiences were lovely. I love playing shows in mainland Europe: the hospitality and attitude towards the live music industry is outstanding. I’ve played more shows across Europe than I have anywhere else: the crowds are always attentive and really make you feel at home.

I’m hoping to tour the U.S. at the first chance I get – as well as anywhere for that matter; I love to travel.

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Hoxton Hall is your London show on 16th May. Are you excited about that? Will the set feature songs from both E.P.s or will you be sticking with Bathing Beach-only material?

Yes, very excited. The show has just sold out! Seeing as Bathing Beach is a four-track E.P. I’ll be playing mainly material from the past few years.

Can we expect any new material this year at all or will you be focusing on touring?

Probably no more Novo Amor releases after May 26th; though there will be the collaborative record with Ed Tullett later in the year.

Who are the new artists you recommend we check out?

Pinegrove, Valley Maker; Julien Baker and Lisa Hannigan.

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IN THIS PHOTO: Novo Amor and Ed Tullett

If you had to select the three albums that have meant most to you; which would they be and why?

James Vincent McMorrowEarly in the Morning: This was one of the first albums that really got me into Folk and ‘acoustic’ music. I think it arrived at exactly the right time for me and lead me to have it on repeat for weeks.

Valley Maker Yes, I Know I’ve Loved This World: I found this album by accident one day. Valley Maker was a completely unknown U.S. artist who had released this beautiful album. I liked having it to myself and my friends – knowing that it was special to us all.

His voice and songs are incredible. Last year Valley Maker was in the U.K. so I invited him to be my tour support.

It was great experience playing with one of my favorite artists every night.

Bon IverBon Iver: This is one of the most original albums I’ve heard. Again, this album came into my life at the right moment and was like nothing I’d heard before.

Is there any advice you’d give to artists coming through at the moment?

Make the music that YOU want to make: don’t say yes to everything that comes your way. Learn about music production, recording and the industry. It’s ok to throw away a song.

Finally, and for being a good sport, you can select a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that).

Pinegrove Aphasia


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