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David Mark Bulley


MORETON’S very own David Mark Bulley is, without having to dig too much…

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a hugely impressive and passionate artist. He has accumulated a strong following in Poland and created interest in countries as far-flung as Japan and France. Already a headline star in Poland; he played the Torwar Arena as part of the 2016 Young Stars Festival. If that weren’t enough, he has performed his song Sunlight with Polish artist Sylvia Przbysz. It might be strange seeing a British artist have that affection in Poland but he is not just limited to that nation. Here, there is an enormous and devoted following that will take him as far as he needs to go. I ask him about new song, Where Do We Go from Here and what it means to him – the origins and inspiration behind it. It follows from previous singles Wonderful Life and Lions – all three will appear on his forthcoming debut album. His previous E.P., A Thousand Bonfires, was released in 2014 so I ask him how he feels about his new music. Bulley discusses issues of depression and how they affected his songwriting; whether he will be returning to Poland and any words of wisdom for new artists.


Hi, David. How are you? How has your week been?

Hello! I’m really good, thank you. It’s been crazy busy!

For those new to your work, can you introduce yourself, please?

Of course. My name is David Mark Bulley and I’m a singer/songwriter from London, England.

Where Do We Go from Here is your new track. Can you tell me about the inspiration behind it?


The music industry can be a very daunting and lonely place. It’s like high-school, but harder!

There are so many bad people who have hidden agendas and this is exactly what this song is about: not always trusting those people who surround you.

The video is an action-packed mini-film that seems like it was a ball to film. What was that experience like?

Legit, the best thing in my life – I cried at least six times. I wanted this video to be badass and I wanted my fans to see a side of me that they haven’t seen yet. It was about one-degree that day, though, and shooting took ten hours – so it was cold but so much fun!

For the video, you borrowed thirty-five actors from the London College of Music. It is an ambitious visual. Have visual arts and music videos always been a passion?

Firstly, I just have to say; the actors in this film were incredible and left me so inspired by their passion and hard work. You know, as an artist, when you write a song, it should come from the heart (for me, anyway). I spend so much time writing and recording my music. I want that to portray in the video, too.

The track (and video) looks at a sense of escape and trust. With the world changing as it is – Brexit and division – is there a sense of reacting to the times or is it a more personal, spiritual message?

You know what; I never thought about it like that but now that you’ve said it you just hit the nail on the head!

Times are changing and I think it’s about time we started acting and not just speaking about it.

I wanted this video to send a message to a lot of people: to let them know that it is ok to be different.

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How did you get into music in the first place? Was it always something that resonated in you?

I grew up surrounded by music my entire childhood. My brother was in a Punk band -which I thought was epic and then it made me want to start writing.

Who are the artists you grew up listening to?

I grew up listening to such a diverse genre of artists. NSYNC (no shame), Stevie Wonder; Bob Dylan, Celine Dion and Kiss. It’s such a diverse list but that’s what I love about music.

How important is London as a Muse and city? Are the people of the capital important when it comes to creating music?

London is so artistic. From its buildings to its street art/performers. I think it’s a very inspiring place to be.

So, yeah, I’d definitely say that the people within London hold a major part in being a muse when it comes to writing music.

Wonderful Life and Lions are your previous songs. They appear on your forthcoming debut album. Can you tell us about that and any other songs/themes we might discover?

I’m seriously excited. I was actually in the car with my best friend (like) two days ago and he said: “Will you stop sitting on these songs and just release them!

It’s so frustrating because I just want my music to be out there but I want it to be right. These songs are from the heart and the most honest material I’ve ever written.

I can’t wait for you to hear it!

A Thousand Bonfires was released in 2014 and an E.P. that was well-received. How do you feel, as an artist and person, you have changed since that came out?

I’m not going to lie – when I wrote that record I was suffering from depression, self-harm and the loss of my mum. I was in a very dark place and that reflects in the songs that I wrote. Now, I feel I’m in a really good place and that shows in the music. Even though it still tells stories of what I’ve been through, it has a lighter tone to it. Hope.

What other plans do you have for the rest of this year?

I’m currently touring in Poland which is awesome! I’m also heading out to the Philippines in May to do some writing and then summer – GETTING THIS ALBUM OUT!

You have a big following in Europe and performed a headline show in Poland. Will you be going back to Poland or touring Europe at all?

It’s so crazy! I have no idea how it happened. Poland has been so good to me and I’m completely blessed.

I’d love to head out and visit other places such as Spain, Germany and Italy.

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Who are the new artists you recommend we check out?

You should totally check out my friends LEJON – they are so unique. Also, Sylwia Przybysz – she’s amazing!

What advice would you offer songwriters coming through right now?  

Stay true to yourself and never lose that passion as to why you’re doing this.

Finally, and for being a good sport, you can name any song you like (not one of yours as I’ll do that) and I’ll play it here.

Firstly, can I just say thank you for taking the time to interview me? It really does mean the world to me.

My favourite song right now is Paris – The Chainsmokers

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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