FEATURE: International Women’s Day: The Playlist



International Women’s Day:


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The Playlist



IN honour of International Women’s Day, I felt, without being pretentious…

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IN THIS PHOTO: Nina Persson

I had a part to play as a music journalist. I’ll not get into the imbalance and unfairness (gender-wise) in regards music festivals and women in music jobs – I have covered that enough – but, instead, wanted to acknowledge the fantastic women who have made an impact on music – and those who are doing so right now. I have collated a selection of incredible female-made music that spans decades and genres. On a day many women (and men) are united in a common movement; music has an important role to play. Not as all-inclusive and fair as it should be; at the very least, we should all take the time to recognise the enormous impact female artists have made in music.

That list just goes to show how many stunning songs have originated from female artists across the ages. I have not even scratched the surface, really. It seems almost embarrassing, as a man, to jump into International Women’s Day – I am encouraged to see many of men are having their say. Feminism and gender-rights are not reserved to women or to men: it is for everyone; an open pulpit that encourages discussion and unity. I am always keen to promote the rights of women in music and feel ashamed there are so many hurdles in their way. Hopefully, changes will come into effect in the coming years, but for now, we should listen to the incredible music women are making right now – and those who have come before. Despite the (comparative) lack of chances for them; they are defiant, strong and will make sensational music…

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FOR generations to come.


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