SALT, Saints Patience; Words & Noises + Meat Loving Vegans Play Musicmusingsandsuch’s Free Show at #Blogtober

It is with delight that I announce SALT will play alongside Saints Patience, Words & Noises and Meat Loving Vegans at Musicmusingsandsuch’s free show at Lost in the Manor’s #Blogtober festival in London on October 30th.

I have loved assessing these musicians and will be tremendous bringing them all together under one roof at The Finsbury. Meat Loving Vegans are one of my favourite finds and frontman Dexter will be playing a stripped-back acoustic set. Expect big tunes and plenty of noise from SALT and some typically alluring, enlivened Rock from Saints Patience. Words & Noises will bring stories of love, life and romance to the capital in a not-to-be-missed gig.

Maybe SALT newbie Don’t Look at Me That Way will feature in addition to Words & Noises’ E.P. The Collector. Saints Patience welcome new members and fresh tunes while Meat Loving Vegan’s Lost in Fiction could feature in a more intimate and toned-down performance. Whatever happens, it will be a gig you will not want to miss.

Head down to The Finsbury on October 30th and show some support. You can find tickets here. They are limited, so reserve them now. Make sure to R.S.V.P. on Facebook, too.

In addition to Musicmusingsandsuch: 30 other nights will give Blogtober plenty of variety and magic. CLASH, Artrocker and Louder than War will be there; For Folk’s Sake and many others  – some of the biggest tastemakers in the country. 

For more information on #Blogtober; head to the event page

SALT have just released the video for new single Don’t Look at Me That Way:


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