FEATURE: The August Playlist: Vol. 4



the august playlist VOL. 4 musicmusingsandsuch


The August Playlist: Vol. 4


PERHAPS it is a testament to unexpected single drops….

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and great albums out this month: August has turned into one of 2016’s best months for music. I thought I’d be wrapped up with three volumes of The August Playlist – I wouldn’t be surprised if I got juice out of a fifth. There have been a few great singles out; some terrific albums, and to celebrate the anniversaries of Jeff Buckley’s Grace (22-years-old) and Blur’s Leisure (25-years-old) – a couple of classic tracks in there.



Image result for frank ocean

Frank Ocean (ft. Beyoncé) – Pink + White



Image result for empire of the sun

Empire of the Sun – Two Vines



Chromatics – Dear Tommy



Image result for grouplove band

Grouplove – Traumatized



Dua Lipa – Blow Your Mind (Mwah)



Image result for kate tempest

Kate Tempest – Don’t Fall In



Image result for jimmy eat world

Jimmy Eat World – Get Right



Image result for glass animals

Glass Animals Season 2 Episode 3



Image result for jack garratt

Jack Garratt – BYSKB V2M2



Image result for ezra furman

Ezra Furman – The Refugee



Image result for bastille band

Bastille  Good Grief



Image result for thom sonny green

Thom Sonny Green – Beach



Image result for cassius band

Cassius (ft. Ryan Tedder & Jaw)  The Missing


Image result for crystal castles

Crystal Castles – Sadist




Image result for jeff buckley

Jeff Buckley – Grace




Image result for blur 1991

Blur – There’s No Other Way



September is upon us next week and I can just smell the paint drying on some fantastic albums and musical revelations. Frank Ocean has dropped Blonde and took everyone by surprise. Next month, Jamie T. looks set to make another huge statement – Trick is already gathering some rather heated praise and bold proclamations. Of course, there will be singles released at a moment’s notice and who knows what: another exciting month beckons us.

Image result for kate tempest 2016

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