TO be quite honest: Maxdmyz were a new force to me…

until very recently. After a few seconds of their music: the effect takes hold and you are dragged into their world. Sometimes thrilling and strange; dirty and raw the next- safe and settled before you know it. The five-piece are playing across London (a date in France thrown in there) across the next few weeks- I heartily recommend you check them out. Their live shows are chaotic and frantic- as the interview unveils- but the experience is one of ecstasy, revelation and visceral thrill. In fact, the guys seem to be non-stop touring at the moment: bringing their stunning brand of Metal to the masses. Maxdmyz incorporate Alternative, Progressive edges to their music; a combination of emotions and decades- one of the freshest and most exciting groups around London. With suggestions of an E.P. later in the year; I was keen to catch up with the group for a quick chat.


Hey guys. Hope you are well. Can you introduce yourselves to us, please?

Twister: We’re a five-piece Alt/Prog-Metal band from London, England – I’m the singer; we’ve got Jay on drums; Vortex on keys; A’Zedd on bass and Roger on guitar.

How did you all come together in the first place?

Jay: Over time really – just finding people whose playing we liked and offering them a spot in the band.

Which bands/musicians were influential when helping to sculpt your sound/direction?

Roger: A huge range really – from Danzig, Pantera and the Beatles to the Doors and Amon Amarth.

You are based in London and the South-East. What is the Metal scene like where you are? Do you get opportunities to play?

Vortex: Loads of opportunities to play – but for next much money – there are a huge number of bands, even Metal ones, and so many different and competing potential calls on people’s money and time. Having said that, most of the gigs we play are worth playing – and the richness and creativity of the bands is amazing – so much talent.

Photo: Radek Nowicki (

I know the band does have some tour dates coming up across London and U.K. What is it like touring with Maxdmyz? Give us a window into that chaos.

A’Zedd: You must be a telepath – how did you know it’s chaos? The best way to describe it pandemonium, confusion; boredom, ecstasy; joy and frustration – all in equal measure.

Are there any downsides that come with touring?

Jay: For me no actually – I love playing and touring and everything that goes with it. It can obviously be knackering and stuff but who cares – I can sleep when I die.

Metal is a genre that struggles to transcend to the mainstream. What do you think Metal scene is like now? Is it more underground or has chance to break into the mainstream?

Twister: It depends what you mean by Ketal – there are so many sub-genres. I think you’ll get bands like ‘Maiden and AC/DC, who, if not mainstream, have reached a mass audience, although some may argue with their being defined as metal of course. Or, you’ll get great bands, like Nile and Origin, who are out of this world, but who aren’t going to make it to the ‘Radio 1 playlist anytime soon and will never have anything but a relatively-small fan base. However, the cultural impact of Metal has been immense, in music and elsewhere. I think in Maxdmyz we successfully produce music that appeals across the board – it’s got hooks and grooves, but also elements of Death, Thrash and Classic Rock – as well as occasionally something a little more experimental.



You have a new E.P. How’s that coming along? What can you tell us about that?

Vortex: It’s all gone very well so far- with the E.P. pretty much at the mixing and production stage. It’s the first release we’ve written and recorded with the band in its current form – so we’re all very excited. Ays Kura, who’s a well-known performer and producer on the UK Metal scene, is working with us – as he’s done before – we can’t wait to hear the final results as he always done something very special. The working title is Alchemical Metal, and it’ll be out on Renegade Records in October, we hope.

I always like to uncover something from every band; something you wouldn’t have told any other interviewer. Can you reveal a secret/unheard-of nugget about the band or the music?

A’Zedd: That’s a tough one; and we do so many of these interviews that it’s difficult to think of anything – but Twister did tell me the other day that he only writes lyrics on trains, planes or in the bath.

For being great interviewees; you can select any song (other than your own) and I’ll play it here…

Manifesto’ by Die Kur (Ays’s band).



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