INTERVIEW: Elena Ramona




Elena Ramona



WITH Gravity just released: I have been lucky to grab a word with Elena Ramona.

Aside from a new track; she has been busy performing and writing this year: giving her heart and dedication to music; putting her passion into the art. Gravity is a compelling and huge track that demonstrates Elena Ramona’s incredible voice and multiples talents. Never a musician to sit still and be predictable: with every new song, you get a fresh side; a creative leap and new revelation. I have been talking (to Elena) about the track: highlights from this year and who are her biggest influences…


Can you tell us what compelled you to write Gravity?

I was missing home in Greece, and I wanted to write a song that is inspired by the feeling of summer and being somewhere (or with someone that makes you feel complete).

You have had quite a varied and exciting year. What have been your personal highlights?

I was asked by my old school in Wiltshire to come back and chat to pupils about careers and my journey as a musician. It was a great experience and I grew from it a lot. Shortly afterwards, I was invited to perform on B.B.C. Wiltshire, after they found me on Twitter.

Looking ahead: can we expect any further songs; an E.P. perhaps?

You will have to wait and see.

Which people have been particularly important to you over the course of your career?

My mum is and always will be my rock. Before I release any track or video I show her first as I value her opinion greatly.

Your music is so varied and diverse. Which artists were particularly influential to you growing up?

Growing up I had many different influences including The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and the Spice Girls. I have always enjoyed listening to a wide range of genres which is why my own music is quite diverse.

Would you give any advice to new musicians coming through right now?

Believe in yourself; stay true to yourself and don’t get distracted by comparing your music to other people’s.


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