Feature: The 500th Post- The People’s Playlist



The 500th Post:



The People’s Playlist


AS I reach the 500th post…

of my blogging ‘career’, it has been great reflecting on some great musical memories.  Several years ago- when I first started Musicmusingsandsuch- I took baby steps and developed what I do- probably hitting my best a few weeks ago.  It takes a while to get things good- and I have a way to go yet- but am pleased I have persevered and kept going.

Not sure what 2016 holds in store for new music- sure there will be some surprises- but will be exciting to see what comes next.  To honour this post, I have thrown the blog open to the general public (people I know on Facebook) to recommend some great music- included here for your delectation.


It is still open- only have two submissions so far- so get your choices in…


The Dutch Guy- D.J./Journalist/Reviewer



Jerusa – Favourite Memory



Ships Have Sailed- Midnight



Lexi Strate – Antidote



Jonathon Robins – Here for You



Rachel Lorin – Love Bites



Shalamar – Slow Dance



Track right now:


JJ RosaWhere is the Mercy




Lisa Russell- Member of Universal Thee



Teleman- Cristina



Foals- What Went Down



Ded Rabbit- Scarlet Cardigan



Everything Everything- Regret



Courtney Barnett- Pedestrian at Best



Universal Thee- Hounds



The Baskervillez-Lazy




Cate Le Bon- Are You With Me Now?



Borns- Electric Love



Yuk- Get Away



Eagulls- Possessed



Cardiacs- As Cold as Can Be in An English Sea (thanks Matt Grieve)



We Are the Physics- Dildonics (thanks Ross McGowan)



Glad to say many Edinburgh bands make a feature.  Reminiscing I have to say that we had one of the best nights with Be Like Pablo in Aberdeen and Kelburn Festival was such a blast… My ear worm of last year was the Cate Le Bon one; so that’s prob. my favourite… New band?  The Baskervillez.


Get involved and let me know what songs you want included- I shall put them in.  Here’s to the next 500 posts (or near as I can get)…





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