Antifreeze in Summer: The Lyrics



“The Journey”

Mine’s a Double!


East End Boys

Hold On, Don’t Let Go

Love at Third Sight


“The Journey” (5:34)


Female pop star:

I don’t think I could have done this without the support of my friends, family…and…um…it’s been an emotional rollercoaster; like fate, you know?  Yeah, but like, it’s been one incredible journey…”


Give me a break honey, for Christ’s sake

You ain’t got a clue what a struggle takes

Been on a journey?  You ain’t moved a yard

Sounding like everyone else out there isn’t that hard

Putting nonsense lyrics over a contemporary composition

Don’t want to be an original just settle for tradition

But no, no, I’ll humour you girl

You been traveling the globe an emotional whirl

Nightly blood-shed violence; some geezer kicks your door

Another sleepless night and conversations with the law

That rite-of-passage that’s a hard ol’ life

Not obsessing on social media over shares, comments or likes

The ReverbNation charts; the YouTube views and shit

Your pouting Instagram photos; your epileptic fits

Male solo artist:

Man I have to work all day, like.  Why ain’t local radio playing my songs?  I put in all the clichés, you know; heartache and love so what did I do wrong?  It has a nice piano line and a chorus you can sing.  One Direction make it work so why aren’t I worth a damn…”


You wanna know why eh?  Because there’s 20 million like you

Want the green, won’t bleed red, all blue blood; black that ain’t true

All tweak and faked; no soul, emotion, no point

So long as you get the money you don’t care about this joint

Could get them buzzing with a catchy beat and slick rhyme

That would take some talent though; a little bit of time

But don’t bother yourself, no, it’ll be okay we’ll make do

Guess there’s a pioneer out there; a couple, a few?

Wanna make a difference then cut the talent show crap

Don’t give me that hard-luck bullshit; it’s all fallen in your lap

You ever seen a fight they didn’t show on Netflix?

I know you’ve dated so losers and no some no-good pricks

I’d rather have my music heard by a few ‘cos the hurt is real

Don’t give a damn ‘bout Kiss F.M. so long as I can feel…

Like me, a real person; saying what’s happening out there

All you sound-alike bands; your clean-cut and well-quaffed hair

Band member:

We’d like to thank our fans this year for supporting the album and inspiring the music.  It’s been really hard, but you know, but it has been our best year and one hell of a journey…


Excuse me mate, toss that work around; you even know what it means?

It ain’t a spiritual thing or emotional definition or a dream

It is physical progression, a movement then I’ll listen man

I don’t hear anything ground-breaking in your 3-chord jams

Foo Fighters riffs, Arctic Monkeys vocals, a girl on your mind?

It seems like miss what’s-her-name ain’t really been too kind

Ah bless, she broke your heart?  Must be the fucking first

Because everyone’s doing it the same and putting it all in verse

Why not pick your language carefully; do something quite bold

Because that whining and ball-bitchin’ is getting somewhat old

Throw in a key change; a nifty or sleepy chorus

How could something so fresh ever go and bore us?

Radio D.J.:

A new Indie band with a promising future.  Catchy choruses and stunning vocals that are getting people excited.  Songs that deal with very real-life issues and…


You been penniless lately?  Felt the sting of depression strike?

Or did some naughty boy in Nikes just run off with your bike?

Can’t afford a Caribbean holiday so you’ll have to go to France

I’ll put this all down in writing of the public give me a chance

How about you sleep alone or spend a night out on the street?

All those who struggle that you walk past begging at your feet

The kids with no happiness; no prospects, no fun

You have that silver spoon in your mouth; well they have a gun

When they get free they’ll document it over an industrial loop

Some liquid bass, cutting words; something more astute

May not be a chart smash; the teenage girls may get vexed

It won’t appeal to your Facebook posts, first-world problems, texts…

Death of the Sweetheart is here giving an even-hand education

Antifreeze in Summer in your veins brings about a new sensation

Let’s make a change and take it back to make the future bright

Because what we have right here?  Well (laughs) oh yeah…right

Girl band member:

Thanks to everyone that’s listened to us.  Those struggles we had this year with the chart positions and break-ups.  Having the fans’ confidence, like, has you know?  It’s been a real blessing; helping us every step of the way on this… incredible journey”.


Mine’s a Double! (3:32)



Oi, oi, don’t want no trouble

Oh boy if I get buried under the rubble

Savloy no-one’s going to burst my bubble

Oi mate, make mine a double!


Right it’s Friday that would make this wine o’ clock!

Except let’s start with beers wouldn’t want the lads to mock

Three layers-thick at the bar; what the ‘ell!

If that geezer knocks my pint I’ll send him to Hell!

Don’t want to fight just ignite a J.D. and coke!

Throw a Jagerbomb in there a Courvoisier, mad jokes!

I’ll fall on my arse I’m not a turtle; I’ll be straight back!

Show the girls some muscle; flash a little crack

By the time it comes to close I’ll be wasted on the street

Lying in a daze, ambulance and paramedics by my feet

Then it’s off to hospital me, Darren, Mick and Den

Hey hey by the morning break I’ll be back at it all again



Let’s break this down shall we?

Why not sort your life out.  What are you boozing for?

You know alcohol is a depressant so I don’t want to bore

But get a grip; have a life and maybe on a Friday night

You write a song, do something productive not star in fight

The hazy heads and expensive meds.; does it really make it better?

You’re A&E, D.O.A., D.U.I., D.I.V.; try choosing some different letters”.


Back at The King’s Head and Suzy’s looking pretty firm

Get another pint and yeah bruv, think it’ll be my turn

Take her to an alleyway and seduce her from behind

Then when we’re done I’ll walk her home; that would be kind?

Right now I’m, wankered; and man this pool table’s upside down!

(Laughs) It’s alright Daz; another Stella will turn it the right way round

I may be late for work again but the boss I know he’ll be mad

Screw it we’re only young once; having fun out with the lads

No harm done apart from some broken arm; he’ll walk it off!

(Landlord): Last call people!

You what?  I’m not having that, he’s well soft!

I pay that guy’s wages; what you looking at you mug!?

Let’s have five more for the road and get away from all these thugs!



Let’s break this down shall we?

(Starts to fade down):

Do I need to repeat myself, it just seems like…



Amelia (5:54)


Boys’ choir:

Three years in a row you’ve been voted the most popular girl’s name

For even-more years before you’ve been the boys’ favourite dame

Give it is this life and live it in the next

The wordplay you scream out every time you have s-e-x

Istanbul not Constantinople; an empire all-but purged

Amelia you’re breaking our heart; shaking our confidence daily”.


It must have been last Friday and I was at the local K.F.C.

I flashed my glance in your direction; you chatting at your friend Tracey

Your fake fur and false tan; that attitude was pretty real

Those bed notches on your cheek; this girl’s out for a thrill!

Was chatting shit to Dave whilst ordering my bargain bucket

As you looked my way tried to smile, but, oh man, fuck it!

I blew my nerve and paid my words you laughed that girlish coo

Tottering your 3ft heels to that outside Beemer; all shiny, new and blue

Kissing that cropped-haired guy with tattoos; a muscled prick I see

Your chaperone, dog with a bone, one-night man, she wouldn’t want me

That cheeky grin you threw me as that car pulled away

Gave me some false hope; I explained this all to expertly to Dave

So I left with the chicken and hope in heart; mayonnaise on jeans

We cracked a crude sexual one-liner; well you know what I mean!


A vision in Essex astro-suede those boys all like it rough

But behind it all Amelia is quite shy; she ain’t really that tough

The girl from west of Mayfair; the boy from the east of Hackney Wick

Yeah, this could happen so all you fools can just hit the bricks!

Now I down a can of Budweiser and head to the Club U.S.A.

To the local spot where the underage psychos all play away

The bouncer starts all shirty and wants to see some I.D.

I flash a nervous smile and a hand over a handsome bribery fee

Past the vomiting couple doing it doggy on the stairs

Through the doors to the Viper Room where hope battles with despair

Sweaty pissheads rhapsodise to Calvin Harris, Swedish Mafia or some shit

Rude boys slipping Es discreetly to 16-year-old girls well off their tits

To the toilets, ah yes, a confidence boost; every toilet door being pounded

Orgasms among the muted bass-lines all my confidence was compounded

Oh Amelia, you’re breaking my heart, you’re shaking my confidence daily!


So I fight my way to the bar, pushed asunder by some leery dick

One racist geezer shouts “mental oriental!”; Jesus some people are so thick!

Down another G&T, wish these V.I.P.s and G.I.T.s would R.I.P.

Although not in peace because you can’t hear a word among all this noise

No humanity just profanity; no eye contact, just people staring at expensive toys

Just about to call it quits whilst Dave calls up for a taxi

He turns and says “Ain’t that the K.F.C. bird and her mate Tracey?

Every eye swerves verve and every boy turns to perve

An angel from south of Highbury; these clowns all got a nerve!

Their Mockney accents and cheap lines: “You must have fallen from Heaven”!

Give us a break mate, what are you, like eleven?

Nah, I’m out of here; I accidentally brush Amelia on my way out

Grab my coat from the pink-haired girl with the purple lipstick pout

The girl on my mind she ameliorating my life; excuse my crafty wordplay

If I play it cool and causal, you know it might well be my day!


Alone in the July air as siren’s blare the fuzz are here

Cuffing all the hooligans; getting too fresh, seven too many beers

While the wagons pull away, see Amelia fumble for a Marlboro Light

I drift in and seize the chance and say: “Don’t I know you, right?

We share a lame old joke regarding queuing in line for our K.F.C.

I laugh all nervous and lean in, she smiles and kisses me

Dave distracts Tracey with a Shakespearean aside; I hail a cab

We buckle in and race up-town destined for my pad

Arriving at the curb we get out: “’ere mate, keep the change!”

Get heavy in the bedroom I show her my full histrionic range

It’s all a blur the next morning see the lipstick mark on my pillow

Knickers on the bed stand, radio playing that song about Amarillo

Walking back from the bathroom I see a note there and read it aloud:

Darling I don’t feel very proud.  I’m a career girl and don’t commit; I really had a ball.  Maybe I’ll see you in K.F.C. (lol) or maybe not at all

I wipe away a tear; that girl stole my heart and…

Oh shit, she stole my phone, wallet, everything!

What a mug I can hear it now, the boys’ choir they will all sing:

Boys’ choir:

Easy son, it’s not your fault don’t let her get to you

By this time tomorrow she’ll be dumping number 2-0-2

That girl she ain’t a true love; not a true love see mate

You two were different classes this ain’t your fate

A decent and naïve boy a fine motor but second-hand car

Just thank your stars you didn’t end up with that vixen Amelia”.


Amelia, you’re breaking our heart, you’re shaking our confidence daily.




East End Boys (8:12)



This is Death of the Sweetheart and Antifreeze is Summer.  Rhymes not slick as the streets or pack that dizzy beat; but last night, saw this…


Joe: What the hell, you seen Facebook status, who is this Tina girl all hating?

(Reading it out): “Joe Buckley is a real prick and should die”.  You hear that mate?

Hero: Just let it go mate; it’s only social media so don’t let it grate

Blow it off bud, we’re next in line get your coinage primed

Joe: Nah fuck that; Claire Menzie liked this post; what a bloody joke!

Share, like, comment?

Claire that Dyke must be on something!

Hero: Who the Hell is Tina anyway

That girl I saw you with the other day?

Joe: Just a girl I dated, so overrated

Wouldn’t want to procreate so hit it hard to third base

Then she was all in my grill; wouldn’t let me go until…

Kept saying she wanted to date; hung up wanted to chill with mates

Now she’s posting this scorn for all and sundry to see

Look, now; likes are up to 6; comments now up to 23!

Hero: I’m having the spicy zinger burger.  You?

Joe: True, alright I’ll let it lie

Even though I hope that bird dies

Look mate it’s that fine piece Amelia

She’s be the top of my bucket list

The finger-licking chick I’d like to kiss

Speaking of buckets, Tina can kick it when I bring it

Fuck it!

Hero: Just cool it mate, you ain’t thinking at your best

Just let’s go home and get rid of all this stress

Joe: Nah get the boys and the Ford Fiesta

When Amelia bends can see the crack in her jugs, ah!

Pray one day she’ll let me mess with her

Get the rest of the boys from the Isle of Dogs

That girl has got me down and grinding me cogs

Know you’d rather spend a night chatting reflective pronouns

I’d rather take revenge; that bitch the low-blow, hoe-down

So let’s get ourselves sharpish into town

(Across town the girls offer their retort…)


Claire: Oh Tina, that slag Joe is cussing you bad

That post I commented; said he’d like to cut me bad

What a tool a loser, he’s so sad

Truth must hurt; that ain’t a man he’s a lad!

Tina: Look at the Facebook status

That Chelsea slag Tina really hates us

Current location: Camden

Let’s go in tandem, get the rest of the girls

Get The Swifts crew

Take on that boy and make him blue

Thinks I’m a slow-honed, low-boned, hoe-down

I’ve seen his mum and galactic bum; takes one to know one!

(Girls all laugh)

Claire: Woah, stop the car- the light are still on

Tony Turner’s Deluxe Knives and Guns

Let’s grab a pistol for fun the geezer owes me one

Tina: Yeah, sure; ain’t that your man Rebecca?

Rebecca: Nah boy was crap in bed; like a 2-inch pecker

Guess this is his way to over-compensate

But nah, it’s cool, we’re sweet, we’re mates

Claire: Be quick mind, we’re going to be late

Tina: Relax Joe’s retarded; doubt he can even drive

By the end of the night he’ll wish he ain’t alive

Not lucky enough for suicide

How dare he hurt my pride!

(Across town…)


Hero: Mate, this is going too far

Let’s just grab a quiet pint at the bar

In the morning you’ll be over her

Instead of mock her; have that bird Amelia

Joe: Yeah she’d be good for my ego

Great for the show and blow; a walk down death row

Rich: What you talking about Joe?

Joe: Shut up Rich just drive this shit bro!

Don’t go so freaking slow put down the toe

Tina’s current location: Camden

Damn man, she’s so near!

Just want her to disappear

Rich: Woah, that girl; ain’t that her girl Stacy?

Claire, Rebecca, Tina, Trish; man they look pretty tasty

There they are by their Peugeot 306

Walking into the bar and taking Instagram pics

Hero: Woah look at the new post; that girl’s real sick!

Joe: What!  Oh come on; that girl gets on my wick

Okay, we’re here, that’s it!

(Back to the girls…)


Rebecca: That guy across the bar ain’t that Nick Goldfini?

Is it him or global warming melting the ice in my martini?

Trish: That’s a Lambrini you div; you’re stirred and shaken

He always orders doubles that lout; look at the glasses he’s breaking

Spray tan, all mouth, a yob; could I be any clearer?

Rebecca: Ark at her, why don’t you look in the mirror!

(Girls all laugh)

Tina: Yep soon as I see him won’t be fun

I’ll make the boy a Joe-k; excuse the dodgy pun!

Claire: Let’s make it to the Banbury Estate

Know some spots there a couple of close mates

Tina: Wait, The Filth might be there with their lot

Every night there’s someone there getting shot

Rebecca: Chill hun; it’ll all be sweet

Got a shooter and ten ready feet

Don’t give a rat’s about that twat!

(To the boys…)


Joe: Says on Facebook she’s off to the Bambury Estate?

We’ll seal them off to seal their fate

Put the hammer down don’t wanna be late

(Fellow drive shouts abuse): Shut up mate!


Act I and our gangs are balkanised and dehumanised

As it progresses we are witness to an incredible journey

Go sit back because mine’s a double

Because man there’s going to be trouble

Death of the Sweetheart, Antifreeze in Summer act II:


Joe: There’s The Swifts crew but between me and you…

(The two gangs meet)

It’s all spoilt girls, just… Oi Tina, what the Hell!

Tina: Don’t give me that all you do is yell!

Joe: Where you get off telling all those lies?!

Tina: Christ boy, just open your eyes!

Think you have an alibi?

All you do is screw, cheat and lie!

Joe: Excuse my righteous indignation

Back at Dance Station you gave no clear indications

That night we met you wanted no strings

Then you kept bugging me, my phone never stopped ringing

What happened; thought we were in it for the fun?

Oh shit, wait; that girl got a gun?!

What’s the Hell’s going on!

Tina: Relax man, it’s firing blanks

Like you that night to God I thank

Joe: Funny stuff but she’s a nut when goaded

You tell me that pistol ain’t loaded?

Tina: Look I’m sorry should have left it at sex

Joe: No fair play, I was perplexed but I did wrong

You hear that?  From the club there; this is our song?

You want to dance along?!

The composition changes to a Latin dance as the lovers dance


Tina: Alright you soppy monkey

You move like King Kong mind, not funky

Joe: Think you’ll find he’s a hairy ape

Just like Becks your blonde mate

(Tina laughs)

Tina: Oi, quiet she’ll hear you

For now I just want to be near you

And Becks will be a mum in 26 days

Not sure about the dad; they’re running the D.N.A.

Never really wanted it to come to a fight

Just kiss me and we’ll dance instead tonight!

Sirens blare. 


Hero: Oh Christ what am I doing here?!

Just wanted to stay home with a beer

We’ll be arrested and I’ll have a record

Why do we need this trouble and negative discord?

Stacy: Which of you called the law?!

Mick: They could have heard you in Cheshire with that mouth of yours!

Stacy: Hey Mick, how would you like a gun in the mouth?

Mick: From what I hear you’ve been sampling guns further south

(Cat calls and howls from the gangs)

Stacy: Yeah, well I’d put a bullet in your brain

By the time I find it I’d have serious finger pain

Mick: Or menstrual pains, you’re such a psycho!

Gun cocks as an approximation of The Rumble (from West Side Story) kicks in


Tina (talking): Hey, hey, just stop, put it down!  It’s all okay me and Joe and cool now.  We had a chat and want to move to Norfolk.  That was the plan to just get away from London.

Joe (talking): Get away from the gang life and start a music store.  Still up for it babe?

Tina: Course babe.  That incredible journey.

Police car door slams.

Police officer: Metropolitan Police.  Nobody move!

Hear the gangs run and disperse.


Hero: Oh God, I don’t need this stress

Why does everyone here want to imitate the U.S.?

Settling feuds with the click of a gun?

Rather be home with Seinfeld re-runs

What happened to the country, we used to be sane?

Now everybody wants to blow everyone else’s brains out

Used to be Great Britain now we’re two-faced U.S. louts

Can’t wait until August when I get to finally emigrate

Female Police Officer: You might as well stop there’s nowhere to run!

Stacy: Who are you to talk pig; I’ve got a gun!

Police officer: Don’t move, don’t move!

Hero: Guys, guys stop, need to call my mum; she’ll-

A shot rings out and hits the Hero.  Screams and cries from the gangs.

Ah!  Ow; oh crap.  (Cries).

The score goes to strings and piano.


Didn’t really want to be part of a gang

Just didn’t fit in and was all alone

Was good people of my age wanted me to hang

Got to get away from the stress I felt at home

Wish I had told my parents

How sorry I am and how much they meant

Mum drinking heavily when she thought I wasn’t looking

Dad counting his mortality in possessions the cancer really shook him

One losing her mind in spirits; the other losing his body through disease

Most days wrapped up in myself never hear their mortal pleas

Through all my loneliness and depression they always cared

Put me first and in return I was never really truly there

I’m sorry I was a burden; I’m sorry I love you!

Now it’s too late if I make it and wake

Just want a chance to be a better man with a  sounder plan

These messed-up friends in their dead-end world

These East End boys let the West End girls shoot them…

Police officer: DOWN!  Nobody move!

Joe and Tina run.

Joe: Got to stop, he’s dying!

Tina: He’s gone babe; no use in trying

Female Police Officer (on radio): I.C.1. male, 22-year-old; gunshot wound to the chest…

Ambulance Crew: So sorry guys did out best; nothing we could do; can I call anyone for you?

Police Officer: Stacy Pilkington, you’re under arrest for murder!

Nobody else move you’re all under arrest!

Rich: What?!

Rebecca: You heard her!

Rich: All of this because of a Facebook post for shit’s sake!

Rebecca: We didn’t start this; where’s Joe and Tina; they’re our mates!

Ambulance speed away.  Hear Hero’s phone beep.

Answerphone: You have one new message.

Hi sweetie this is your mum.  Just heard there’s a shooting in Islington.  Not sure if you are near?  Just being overly-cautious but with me and your dad being unwell- just worried about you.  Just wanted to say we love you.  Oh, it’s Mum by the way (Dad in the background says “he knows!” as both laugh).  Call us back; love you.

Hear feet stomp and out of breath sound as Joe and Tina get into car and program satellite navigation.

Sat Nav: “Choose your destination”.

(Taps it in)

“Is Norwich, Norfolk correct?”

(Taps again)

“Calculating distance: 123 miles.  Set as new destination?”

Slight pause.  Tap again as turn engine on and drive away fast.


Hold On, Don’t Let Go (5:30)



It’s Christmas Day and all I want to do is blow my mind away

Can’t smile or think; just numb, I’m not a human any more…


I know it can be lonely and appreciate how bad it can feel

When people think you’re overreacting; try to walk in your heels

There are people who have it worse in the world” they say again and again

What  fucking good is that?  You know how I feel; you in my brain?!

You know how it feels to daydream of an eternal sleep?

Every time I see happy lovers all I want to do is hide and weep

Depression is a black dog; hundreds of shades and dozens of breeds

So how do I know which is biting me and when they’re through with the feed?

When you find yourself on the ledge don’t look down just up

You’re a ledge yourself; don’t think there’s never much hope in that cup

It’s half-empty now but soon enough it’ll be 5/6ths full

All those people that put you down will seem so very small

You stand tall and follow those dreams; make a better world

Those scars will heal, you’ll find a foothold; fall for some great girl…

Who makes it all seem better; makes you a brand-new man

I know it sounds impossible but men and women you can do it…you can.


I don’t know how you feel but I know that you can touch

The soul is just a counterbalance for a heart that feels too much

I know you pray for sunshine when all you get is snow

But please don’t give in; hold on, don’t let go!


I ain’t never kissed a girl or shared my bed at night

I’ve never felt the blinding light of those blessed with perfect sight

But I have hope I’ll write it down in a five-and-a-half minute song

And those who feel just like me would happily sing along?

You’re so low but just know just how far you can truly see

It sounds unlikely, you can smother that beast, and then you’ll be free

No platitudes just gratitude; just the person you used to be

The booze we used to numb ourselves just crumbs in a champagne glass

Lift that flute don’t refute the brute- raise a toast to a bygone past

You see the boys in the band and those Pop stars who have it so easy

Don’t let it knock your voice and aim; don’t let it make you queasy

Don’t compare yourself, just prepare yourself; they’re jealous of what you’ve got

You’re beautiful and strong; if life gives you a gun then take a shot

You don’t need all that jewelry; those B.M.W.s and Mercedes Benz

They are so much poorer than you; your riches they can’t comprehend…

How much stronger you are; your scars are static veins

The honour badge you know it’ll end; it’s only a temporary pain

We’re all in the same boat so let’s all row against this tide

This hell-ride, runaway bride; bad side, brain fried

We’re tongue-tied, happiness dried, just wish you could hide



Look I’ve been there; in fact I’m going through it still

Always so tired of being tired; sick of being ill

Don’t have a lot of excitement; no money or real friends

This ain’t an unquenchable thirst curse I know one day it’ll end

Like a verse I guess that’s played for too long

As a reminder of how far I’ve come I’ll sing along

Because that song made me who I am for better or worse

I’m going into clichés, I’m sorry it’s just a verse

Don’t pray to God he ain’t there; this is all down to you

If you’re kicked down into the gutter be sure to look at the stars

Because only something so bright and distance knows how lonely you are

I’m walking Hell and I’ll keep on walking to those who understand

Just hope these words motivate you in the best way that they can

So I’ll leave it up to you with this because I believe it sums it up

That vessel that was once half-empty is now a full-up cup

When you can’t climb out the hole your heart is far too torn

One day you’ll wake and realise that this morning you’re reborn

Repeat chorus *2 


Love at Third Sight (4:14)



It was love at third sight; the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen

An angel with Prada wings; the heroine in all my dreams.


It’s Saturday; I’m down on my luck my wallet clasp is bent

Had to hock the last of my porn DVDs to make this month’s rent

Need to blow off some steam so fumble into a local Costa Coffee

Almost have a cardiac arrest when I see the queue in front of me

The middle-aged woman taking for-bloody-ever to decide

Barista keeps cool but inside he’s planning a double homicide

She goes for a double-shot vanilla, triple-shit hazelnut Frappuccino

I ask for a beer to lighten mood; he sighs; not the worse he’s seen though

Grab a copy of The Sun and make my way to a vacant near-by seat

Dodge the city bankers and the woman with babies swinging from her teat

I flick to the sports pages when an angel sits just ten feet away

I completely ruin the ambiance as my Crazy Frog ringtone plays


I let Mum bounce to answerphone; girl didn’t notice it, she’s alone

Playfully manipulating her bright-blonde fringe distracted by her smartphone

There’s a little glance it’s furtive; man, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

I keep it together and smile back gotta keep this dirty mind spring clean

Whilst she goes to the counter I read the first page

Some Manchester bird with her breasts out; Simon Cowell’s wage raise

Oh look!  A bit about terrorism… continued on page 34

Our government bombing innocent countries; what the fuck we voting for?!

Prime Minister stands proudly grinning like a constipated school boy

Doesn’t have a grasp on reality; let’s overthrown them let’s destroy ’em

Along with his cronies taking the ‘great’ right out of The British Isles

I’m getting wound up sodistract myself with a quiz about menopausal piles



She smiles again I’m nervous so I make shapes with my underground card

Casually quaffing the Americano and trying not to sweat too hard

A barista lets out a scream, got burnt on that milk-making steamer

Drops a cup in his best French; think we’re going to need a cleaner!

As I scribble a crude anatomy on the receipt from the pawn shop

The girl licks the chocolate from her lip and makes my jaw drop

And my phone!  Oh shit!  The battery’s out; people are staring!

Fumble it back into position and shoot a smile; that’s quite daring!

Giving my T-shirt a pull a man says I’m the loudest chap he’s ever met

Never been in a coffee shop with such a delightfully honest etiquette!

This could well be like Paris except for that unmistakable sound

Of Westminster City Council tearing a historical monument down



I digress as I recall my mother’s advice about not punching above my weight

Guess it’s not that extrapolatable, it just helps me to relate

I’m getting nervous so I read the sports page: Arsenal lose again!

A local beggar comes into the place creating looks of disdain

I plant some gold in his palm; he hooks away my half-empty Americano

Cheeky sod!  The girl smiles, seems my generosity has really charmed her

She goes to leave but a crowd blocks me; walk brazen in front of my gaze

Where did that girl go?  Which way; oh man, oh my days!

Resigned I scoop the underground ticket; no eye contact don’t want my anger to transfer to them

Although secretly I hope all these lovely people take a running sprint straight into the Thames

Then I see a note left on a table; 11 digits, her name… XX

Today is my day; can’t help beaming mate; oi, oi, success!



Things are on the up, hail a taxi can’t believe my luck

Just then the paper flies out my hand, out of sight…

Oh f-!

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