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Hannah Pisani



THERE are a lot of eager and impressive female solo artists coming through…

yet Hannah Pisani has the potential to be one of 2016’s most talked-about artists.  With a couple of recent singles under her belt, the next year will surely see her plan an E.P. and tour dates.  Already having performed in London, Pisani is one of the south’s finest emerging talents.  Having drunk-in Freak and Count For and you have an artist with a great maturity and ambition.  That voice is filled with richness, passion and beauty.  The composition tie-in Electro. bubble and spike with something Pop-based and melodic.  Breaking-away from the typical love song subjects- petty break-ups and immature utterances- Pisani injects a unique lyrical bent into her music.  Freak showcases an alluring and stunning vocal backed by clicked snaps and heartbeat percussion.  Building and atmospheric, the song is sure to soundtrack dance-floors and lonely night drives.  A track that can be understood by a range of listeners, it has great drama and evocativeness to it.  Count For has more soothing beginnings yet has that inimitable and distinct central vocal.  More uplifted and rampant than its sister, the track is a giddy Pop track that blends together punchy beats and an additive vocal coda.  Each track showcases a maturity and intelligence few peers possess and it all points to a positive future.  With a lot of solo artists looking to gain critical attention next year, my hopes are high for Hannah Pisani.  A stunning and eye-catching singer with a lot of ambition, I was keen to catch up with her and reflect on the past year…


Hi Hannah.  How has your week been?  What have you been getting up to? 

Hi Sam, it’s been good thanks!  I’ve been in the studio recording a new song which I’m very excited about releasing in the coming weeks

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself: where you are based; your style of music etc.?

I’m a 21-year-old half-English, half-Maltese singer/songwriter based in Farnham, Surrey which is just outside London.

The style of music I write is definitely Pop in sound.  Lyrically, I like to explore different topics that stray away from the typical ‘break-up’ and ‘falling in love’ (although these do feature in my music at points!)

You have released the singles Freak and Count For.  Can you tell us the inspiration behind those songs?

I would love for people to hopefully find their own meaning in my songs, but I will tell you a little about what inspired me:

Count For is a song I wrote in about ten minutes – the words poured out of me.  It’s about a relationship that was once amazing reaching its end on awful terms.  It’s that upset and, almost, mourning over how you used to be and all the great times you shared together – knowing now that it means nothing.

Freak is a bit of fantasy.  It’s about escaping the modern world and getting back to basics, where you can’t be reached 24/7 and you can’t reach anyone else 24/7.



You are fairly new to music- and making your first moves at the moment- so must be looking ahead to the next year.  What will 2016 hold in store for you?

I’ve actually written songs since I was 13, but only felt ready to share my music in the last couple of years!  I have a whole catalogue of songs which I plan to take to my producers, and I look forward to releasing an E.P. in 2016.  And of course more songwriting; I’m always songwriting…

Music is a competitive and packed industry.  How would you say your music stands out for the crowd?

With the release of the third song, I think I’ll be demonstrating a great versatility in my sound.  All songs still fall into the spectrum of Pop, but some are Electro., some are Acoustic – I think this variety makes me a little different.

Also lyrically, as mentioned above, I like to touch on subjects that often aren’t mentioned in typical Pop, as Freak does.

Social media is an important tool for many musicians.  How has social media helped you connect with fans and music in general?

Social media is a great tool.  Thanks to it I have fans in different continents.  I would never have had that reach without the ability to put my music online, where it is accessible to anyone, anytime, anyplace.

What have been your particular highlights from this year?

Being played on the radio twice in one day was pretty great for me as an emerging artist.  I was played on B.B.C. South as their track of the day and also Eagle Radio and I was thrilled!

Which artists inspired you growing up and which current artists are important to you?

When I was really young, I remember my dad used to play a lot of ABBA – they definitely know how to structure a good pop song.

Generally though, I am more inspired by songs than artists (although I do have some favourites!).  Three songs which really stood out to me whilst growing up were Creep by Radiohead; Freshman by the Vervepipe and Unwell by Matchbox Twenty.  I loved how these songs talked about taboo topics like mental illness and dilemmas of the self.  They definitely inspired me to spread my wings a bit lyrically and tackle tougher topics.

Similarly nowadays, I am obsessed with Tove Lo! I love how honest she is in her lyrics.  Bebe Rexha is also great.  In sound, I’m likely to like anything produced by Max Martin- he really knows how to produce great Pop.

As a songwriter and musician, how do you write songs?  Do you set time aside and write or will an idea just come to you?

Both!  Sometimes I sit at my piano with the intention of writing a song.  But most of the time, I’ll be out and about or something will happen to me and the idea will pop in my head.  The other day I was waiting for the Tube whilst thinking about the same relationship that inspired Count For – and the idea came into my head of two lovers being “like strangers at stations” who barely talk anymore even though they get so physically close.  (Can I insert copyright here?  Haha)

 There are a lot of great female artists coming through at the moment.  Do you think there is inequality in the music industry and do you face any challenges being a female musician?

Ooft (sic.) I’m not sure.  So far in my journey, I don’t feel I have faced any setbacks as a woman.  If anything, I feel like there are more popular solo female artists than there are male artists; so it’s a little harder to get yourself heard.

For those who do not know much about you; could you tell us a secret- something nobody knows about you?

All my secrets are in my songs!



I am a big fan of London and the music coming out of the city.  Is that an area you would like to play/live in the future?

I’ve played in London before at Raffles, Chelsea and really enjoyed it.  There’s so many great music venues in London and I would definitely be up for playing again and again.

Do you have any advice for any musicians coming thorough; those who are not sure if they have what it takes?

I’m not sure if I’m in yet in the position to offer advice, I’m still finding my way myself!  But I suppose to those who aren’t sure if they have what it takes: you don’t know unless you try!

Finally- and for being a good sport- you can select any song and I’ll include it here- why is it special to you? 

Let’s go for Tove Lo’s Moments. The video is ah-mazing.



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