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London-based Soul-Pop singer Mi’das has had a busy year- including the release of his E.P. Stronger– and has more to stay.  After a hard start in life- including busking the streets- the Brighton-originated star is primed for the big-time: I caught up with him to see what his plans were (and gain an insight into his music process)


Hi Mi’das.  For those new to your music, can you give us a break-down (style and influences)?

Hi! I love all things soulful: that covers a lot of bases and not just soul.  It includes classic influences like Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway (and more up to date people) like John Mayer and Emily King.

What current musicians are influencing you/catching your eye?

U.K.-based; I’d definitely have to say Nate Williams and Shakka.

London is creating some diverse and unique artists- surpassing a lot of the U.K.  What do you attribute this to?

I think the U.K. is an amazing creative hub and the home of so much influential music; and especially in London that gets concentrated and drives people to raise their game.

Your E.P. Stronger is unveiled: what influenced your writing process?  What sort of themes and subjects can people expect?

I’d call the Stronger E.P. a “searching” E.P.  It has themes about working out what to do with the life you’re given (and how to spend it).  It’s a snap shot of my 20s and deals with themes I’m sure a lot of people come across at this age.

Music is about expression and personalisation; release and catharsis.  Your music comes across as soulful and peace-inspired.  What you say you are a calm and relaxed person (in general)?

Yes in general I am on the outside; on the inside there’s a whole bunch of other stuff going on, but everyone always says of me that I’m laid back which sometimes surprises me!  Ha.

You have an eventful past- including time busking the streets.  The realities (of that life must have been harsh).  What did you learn from your time busking?

Humility: it’s easy once you start getting a bit of success- even in my own small way- to start talking down to people or being disrespectful- but that time for me planted my feet firmly on the ground and I don’t want that to change.

Having performed alongside some tremendous artists, what have you learnt from them (about the music business)?

I’ve definitely learned different things from each of them.  It might be a specific performance thing- or how they deal with press or even the best of them- how they deal with the people they work with!

I see a lot of young musicians stifled by financial issues; balked by music’s pressure: what would you say to them; so they can remain strong and focused?

Start small and try to make sure you pay the bills first!  It’s easy to get carried away on spending lots of money on promo materials and recording/mixing (and mastering)- but you don’t need to spend lots of money on those things as much anymore (at least not if you have a clear vision and are willing to learn at every turn).

If you could choose your ideal festival line-up- say five-six artists- who would be there?

Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Foy Vance; John Mayer, Brian Mcknight and er….Taylor Swift, ha.

Finally: having had a busy 2015, what does (the rest of this year) hold for you?  Any plans for 2016?

I’m currently working on an album (which is due for release in November time) which is keeping me busy- and also have a headline tour around October in the planning.  Plenty to keep busy with.




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