The Good, the Bad, the (Very) Ugly.

The Good, the Bad, and the (Very Ugly).


THE past few weeks have been quite ‘eye-opening’…

As I type this my legs are below-functional (and in need of a rest); it has been humbling (and touching) to get some great feedback- after doing a run (albeit a long one).  I have been pleased by the donations; the outpourings and support- some great people (making me feel very good about myself).  That is one of the best things about life: there are some sweet and wonderful people; humans that have a lot to deal with- yet show nothing but politeness, caring and sweetness.  I am not an overly-cynical human: not someone who (thinks little) of everyone; tars the world with the same brush- I know there are some incredible people out there.  It is those (people) that make everything better; inspire average humans (to do great things) – deserve nothing but good.  Life is a learning curve: I have many faults/downsides- which I desperately want to neutralise and overcome.  I would like to think that my ‘good points’ compensate- and anything less-than-great is, at the very worst, a minor flaw.  Great people make everything more palatable: they give you a safety net; an open heart- if things get bad, they (are there) for you.  To all of those people- across Facebook and Twitter; who I know personally- I have nothing but praise and thanks- keep being who you are.  They/you are the reason I keep pushing: determined to (try to) do as much good as I can- and make (however small) changes in the world.  When it comes to mankind; there is a discernible flip-side.

Maybe it is geographical bad luck (I shall refrain from naming-and-shaming/bad-mouthing when I was born/work), but my heart has sunk: what the hell is wrong with people?  The ‘anonymous’ area/areas contain some great people: lovely souls with big hearts; some truly decent examples- the trouble is, they are dwindling in numbers.  What I am seeing (more and more) is something rather distressing: that sense of entitlement; the superiority complex- another term for utter stupidity; selfish lack of altruism; a shocking sense of arrogance and selfishness.  Aside from the not-specific-to-this-area idiocy- the insanely terrible drivers; the gormlessly pedestrians; the sheer lack of manners and common decency- there is something very specific (to where I am): people who feel superior (and have nothing to feel superior about).  London has a reputation for being cold and inhuman- such a vast city is going to feel impersonal and frenetic- yet there are terrific areas: great spots with tremendous people; London has many upsides (that justify its schoolboy issues).  When you live (in an area/town) with none of those benefits, then what is left?  I see (too many examples) of people providing snootiness/arrogance towards the needy- the times I have seen Big Issue sellers offered sarcasm has enraged me.  All the great people (who do great things) are being drowned out- by the growing masses of ignorant/unkind/plain unspectacular.  There is a ‘plus side’, I guess:

When my current job ends (in two weeks) – aside from some local bar work- there is motivation: get out of the (let’s face it, soul-crushing) office environment- do something TRULY worthwhile.  Being dedicated (read: obsessed) with music and charity, the dream would be this: split work between D.J.-ing and music publicity; setting up a charity (and working in the community) – some songwriting/recording among this.  London is the dream destination (to begin with), with a view of (in a few years) moving further north: perhaps spending some time in the U.S./Australia- spending time seeing new places.  Buildings and scenes do not define a community: people do.  If there is (ample but) uncaringness and stupidity, then you have to get away- after doing something proactive.  It is not well enough to just sit back (and accept the way things are).  Even if people don’t want to change their bad ways (and most do not), you have to try- drill some common humanity into them; stop them being so arrogant/despicable.  The world has enough issues/horrors in it (some man-made; others natural) that are suffocating us- from cancer and illness to gun violence and racism.  Human beings should be edifying the planet; tackling injustices and horror- thinking about the larger world.  People that think of others (and are socially conscious) are the best kind- not just contended to selfishness consider their own (rather beige and humdrum) selves.

The point of this blog (there is one: it is to thank the best of you) is evident: the very special/kind humans will rule out- those that (will be noted for nothing).  It is good there are options out there- countries and counties with masses of lovelies- and reasons to not give in: manners and humanity is VERY cool- not something that should be taken for granted.  To those people- I have seen being abusive/mind-numbing/horrendous (too many of you out there) – then get your act together: the world does not have room for (people like) you.  The point of life is to embrace the best; those that take the time out for others- and being spectacular.  Thanks to everyone- lately and historically- who have been there; supported things I do; given my impetus to keep going- and follow their examples and…

KEEP showing them (how it’s done) x

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