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Making Your Voice Heard


With a need for change- and do something meaningful with life- I have had a hard think; what matters most to me: music, charity and helping others.  I look at a new idea- a charity concept- and the musicians (I hope can be involved)


ONE of the most common themes (when it comes to others)…

is the issue of self-fulfillment: getting everything they can from life.  I am in that same boat: a month from losing my current job; I (find myself) looking around: having to take a long look at things.  Hating the town/area I live in- I could rant for hours about how awful (a hell of a lot of) the people are- there is definite stress: that need to go somewhere good; do a job with meaning- stop living in a rut.  I think it is a common theme: not wanting to waste life; starting achieving things- and make a real difference.  The simple question is this: how easy is it to really make a difference?  Whether you are a writer, musician or scientist: is it simple to change the world?  Many of us have lofty ambitions; desire to fulfil huge ambitions: the stress (of that not happening instantly) can lead to a lot of woe and depression.  I am publishing this blog for two reasons: to introduce a new charity idea/scheme; to highlight some great musicians (I hope can promote the cause).

The Charity: The Single Voice.


The inspiration:

Having thrown a few ideas around (using The Single Voice name), it seems the most logical choice: turning it into a charity.  The ‘social media/charity’ idea- https://musicmusingsandsuch.wordpress.com/2015/03/08/the-single-voice-one-language-for-all/- is still very much a-go- and will be used (to promote the charity).  Having mailed a friend of mine; she clarified things- simplifying is best; doing a charity-based idea is more feasible/obtainable.  In addition to being ‘disappointed’ by people- their lack of humanity/charity; pure selfishness and over-entitlement- it seems apt: get up and do something about it.  You cannot really rely on other people (for a lot of things); so being proactive is the solution- The Single Voice has a different wrinkle…

The idea:

Whereas most charities focus on one cause (illness or social aspect) The Single Voice raises money for multiple causes- unites all charities (under one umbrella).  In addition to promoting/publishing great causes (and their associative charities), there are some unique/personalized objects: promotion/awareness of mental health issues (and tackling those affected); highlighting ‘under-exposed’ causes- equal rights; gender equality; animal welfare; tackling racism etc.- that will come into the light.


The initiative will have a homepage: which will be where each person goes to register.  The campaign will be shared and spread to social media, but at the first point of contact, each person would start here.  Like Facebook and Twitter, registration is painless and quick: and a great way to connect with other users and like-minded people.  The homepage will be well-designed and eye-catching.  The top half will have various links: A-Z of Charities; Contact Details; Discussion Board; Events/Fundraisers; Latest Members; Links; Generated Profit (so far).  The bottom half will be fun and interactive.  It will depict a variety of locations: a comedy club; recording studio; film set; bar etc.  The sign will be the only constant- saying The Single Voice.  Whether attached to a studio (or comedy club) the figures (that interact will be from that world).  Musicians- past and present- will interact; comedy and film icons (too) – it will be constantly changing and moving.  Each figure will be animated- giving the homepage a great two-tone look/feel.

As part of the website, there will be a social media aspect: similar to Facebook/Twitter, but focusing on charity (rather than the usual things/posts).  The homepage will connect/promote other charities: there will be news feeds/updates that highlight worthy causes (both local and international); covering a range of issues.  The homepage will encourage others (to start their own charities); be a one-stop portal- that allows people to become more charity-minded; learn about important issues- do good in their community.


The main office (for the charity) would be (hopefully) based out of London- around the Shoreditch/Hackney area.  A lot of charities- such as Mind- are based in East London; it is a thriving area; there is a greater sense of community- it is up-and-coming.  In terms of rent/office space, it makes sense (locating out of the very centre of London); situating in a reputable area- somewhere that is close enough to the centre.  I mention this, because there will be a lot of promotional events- to launch the charity- that will take place around (the centre of London).

How it Differs:

The charity is very hands-on: employees/representative will get out into the community; spearhead initiatives- make a difference.  In addition to promoting causes (and raising funds) the emphasis is on involvement: getting into the towns/cities; seeing people first-hand- offering help.   As I mention, there is a leaning towards mental health (primarily raising funds/support to help the mentally ill), yet with (The Single Voice’s) ideals- uniting all causes/charities- recruiting as many people as possible.  The charity will have employees- representatives and patrons- but will look to the public: enroll the community; get them out (into the communities)- spreading the good word.  Some weeks there may be an emphasis on homelessness- raising funds; setting up events; visiting the homeless; one week a local hospice- getting fundraisers organised etc.

Going forward:

As I type, it is very much in the infancy: putting the initial stages together; gathering interest/feedback.  I will be registering the charity this year: next year, I will look to getting it going- organising an office/employees; setting up promotion/publicity.   A lot of charity work/social motivation seems compartmentalised- not everyone is aware of REALLY important causes; it gets buried in social media/the Internet.  The idea is to make everything more visible: get people involved directly.  Rather than have them solely donating/promoting, they would be physically part- helping with events; getting out into the world.

How (the charity) raises funds:

I have to mention music/entertainment I guess.  When I published my last ‘big’ blog- about The Single Voice- I mentioned Google: getting them on board to help raise funds.  Expanding on this idea- and using Google to help with funds- the way funds are raised is two-fold.  The ‘traditional’ method is still there: promoting charities and causes; organizing events; donating to Justgiving etc.  In addition, promotional ideas will be introduced.  Aside from the this- https://musicmusingsandsuch.wordpress.com/2015/03/08/the-single-voice-one-language-for-all/- there will be local events; novelty ideas: ways for big organisations/Google to help give.  Musicians- actors and creative people- are going to play a big part: one of the main parts of the idea.  The charity looks to raise funds/awareness through the arts: utilsling the creative arts; giving musicians an extra voice- actors, models and directors too.  Below, I have included some great musicians (I hope can be involved in promotional events/concerts/launch campaigns) yet there is another aspect: using music as a curative tool.  Music- performance and acting- can act as therapeutic aid; help people in times of woe- this is what I want to emphasise.  The homepage (for the charity) will promote new musicians; introduce older music- we may have forgotten about- and tie it all together.  The charity will help (to raise funds and awareness) for new musicians: help them to continue their craft/careers.  In turn, there is a reciprocity clause: creative folks helping to raise funds; splitting profits- and putting it into the charity.  It all sounds very ambitious- and some tangled knots- but it will all become clearer (future blogs and posts will clarify a lot).

What Now?

The charity works like a political party- it takes on a whole wealth of issues and considerations.  Putting money (people and support) in as many areas as possible, here is a way to unite music (and the arts) together with the people: get multitudes of issues/illnesses eradicated- try to make society better (and more conscientious).

How People Can Help:

From models to musicians (actors and business owners) I know a lot of (quite different people): a lot who are charity-minded and good-hearted.  Possessing ambition and impetus, it is key to have them involved: help with promotional videos; get their feedback- gauge their opinions.  We all want different things- when it comes to charity and making society better- and the idea is to include ALL of this.  The Single Voice is not a single-minded idea (focusing on one cause or subject): we are looking at helping as many possible- raising as much money (as is possible).  By getting Google involved; organising multiple fundraising events- looking to some wonderful people…

The Musicians: The Multiple Voices.


Through various promotional events/ideas: musicians will play a large part- existing ones; new ones I am discovering.  Supporting new music is essential; I adore all the bands (and acts) I have reviewed- they are all fantastic.  When The Single Voice gets ‘moving’ I want to call on (the below) to lend their voices: help the charity raise funds, and in turn, get their music promoted/highlighted.

Adi Ulmansky:

The Israel-born star has a talent hard to fault: a fresh and vibrant sound- not often heard in the current climate.  Currently on tour, her music is made for the people; it taps into heartache and life- reflects what we all feel.  An artist to cherish.

Why is she great?

A tremendous writer and vocalist; someone with an intoxicating and incredible personality- hope to see her in London, soon.

Follow: http://adiulmansky.com/

Scarlet Street:

Vintage ‘40s/’50s sounds; Doo-Wop and Swing: genres and time periods not often explored (many acts ignore the potential to be found).  A newly-formed act, the girls bring sunshine wherever they go- incredible singers that (breathe new life) to every song they touch.  Check out their Barbershop E.P.

Why are they great?

Insatiably optimistic; beaming smiles; adoring of their fans: a group who are impossible to dislike.  Their vocal harmonies- and good-time swing- is enough to melt everyone’s hearts.

Follow: http://www.scarletst.com/Scarlet_Street/Home_new.html


In their infancy (still) the Goldbirds crew have (just released) their debut single: the incredible Silver & Gold.  Packed with incredible riffs; cutting lyrics; terrific vocals: an act that is destined for festival glory.  Keep your eyes trained to their shore.

Why are they great?

The chemistry is instantaneous and unflinching: the guys are brand-new yet have a wonderful future.  From the evidence of one song, there is already a huge (buzz surrounding them).

Follow: http://www.goldbirdsband.com/


The creation of Ryan Wilcox, here is a daring and original artist- with a prodigious output.  Mixing genres and emotions, his (mainly instrumental) compositions are glorious to behold- his past work is packed with inspiration, genius and innovation.

Why is he great?

One of the most distinct artists around; his music begs for collaborators: his epic (and spine-tingling) music is rife with melody, wonder and potential.

Follow: https://soundcloud.com/nightwolfuk

Toni-Amanda Coe:

Having performed mostly cover versions, Surrey-based Toni-Amanda Coe has an impeccable voice: able to sooth with smoky allure; seduce with breathless beauty- an artist capable of owning any song.  I hope 2016 sees her record (an original/cover-based mix) E.P.; join together with a band- an artist with enormous potential.

Why is she great?

Working at a music venue- and a great supporter of musicians- she knows the industry (and what makes a great act).  With influences ranging from Hardcore to Rock, her (potential future) songwriting could be incredible- the early signs are incredibly promising.

Follow:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toni-Amanda-Coe/44186417431?fref=ts

Rosie and the Goldbug:

Having known Rosie Vanier (as part of Lightknife) the stunning singer (brings her talents to) Rosie and the Goldbug: a band with no signs of slowing; backed by incredible music- these guys will be a big act to watch.  Seek out their debut album- and latest single Running in the Dark– to see what all the fuss is about.

Why are they great?

An incredible (and incredibly beautiful) singer; a terrific Synth.-led band; the chemistry is electrifying (and gripping): their forthcoming material deserves a gigantic audience.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/WEAREROSIEANDTHEGOLDBUG?_rdr

The Glass Child:

A sensational writer, poet; singer, musician- and all-round wonderful human.  Charlotte Eriksson- and her stunning alter ego- is adored the world round.  With her inspiring lyrics and heart-winning songs, the young artist is influencing a legion (of new songwriters)- the years will see her getting stronger and better.

Why is she great?

Always inspiring; constantly working: few other musicians contain as much passion and purpose.  You can tell (music is everything) to her; her fans means the world- in turn, they adore her.

Follow: http://www.charlotteeriksson.com/

The Updraft Imperative:

One of Australia’s finest (new bands) the Christian-Rock collective are on a rise: their album Chair is taking them all around the world.  Music for the devout (and non-devout alike) their music is addictive and spellbinding- ignore them at your peril.

Why are they great?

Uplifting and rousing; universal and soul-enriching, the guys tap into your soul’s (deepest recess) – bring something special out of you.  Gaining notoriety in the U.K., the boys are conquering the world- one nation at a time.

Follow: http://www.theupdraftimperative.com/


Fusing Rap and Hip-Hop; Metal and Rock, the lads know how to captivate: their music is among the most enlivening and instant (in the music world).  Original- and quotable- lyrics are backed by phenomenal vocals: the band is among the most tight and urgent around- their live performances are the thing of legends.

Why are they great?

Few bands tackle (and put together) Rap and Metal: none do it better than Bi:Lingual.  They tackle subjects originally; speak for the general public- a rebellious mouthpiece of the people.  The music world needs acts with attitude and leadership: line up behind these boys…

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/bilingualband

Braver than Fiction:

Having had a turbulent year- with their vocalist Mel Lampro being diagnosed with cancer- the band are coming back: their determination and focus is faultless.  Having reviewed their King of Crows (E.P.) I am anxious to see (what comes next): the band are among the most stellar around; the songwriting incredible- their kinship is unbreakable.

Why are they great?

Led by an incredible singer-songwriter (one of the finest this country has to offer), the band are Yorkshire gold- the coming year will see them (go on to great things).

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/braverthanfiction?fref=ts

The Moth Lantern:

This Lincolnshire act has everything at their disposal: Beatle-esque songwriting; stunning musicianship- heart-warming vocals.  Having had a terrific 2014- where they released their debut L.P.- the band are planning Light Waves’ follow-up.

Why are they great?

Their bond (and natural friendship) comes through in the music: every track sounds effortless and affirmative.  Seducing (their native Lincolnshire) the group are preparing new music- that will see win new fans.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/themothlantern?fref=ts

Little Sparrow:

Katie Ware’s bird-like charm is bested by her insatiable beauty: a voice that can drop jaws.  Her Folk-orientated music contains wonderful characters, stories and insights- personal revelations and lovelorn tales.  Always bringing her music to the people, Ware has enthralled (towns and venues throughout the U.K.).

Why is she great?

A lovely lady; an unbelievable voice, Little Sparrow is taking flight: in a scene (filled with) solo artists; she ranks among the very finest.  Catch her live (if you can): it is here where (the biggest shivers) will be elicited.

Follow: http://www.littlesparrow.org/

Chenai Zinyuku:

With jaw-dropping looks; a rich (and soulful voice), Zinyuku is preparing her debut E.P.: a chance for the world to hear (her current ambitions and ideas).  A masterful interpreter, the London heroine should be on everyone’s mind.

Why is she great?

Living (her upcoming E.P.) is gathering excited whispers: she is a terrific songwriter; a humanitarian- a peace-loving soul.  This grace and beauty come out in her music: make sure you grab a copy (when the E.P. lands).

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/chenaimusic?fref=ts


One of the fastest-rising bands of the moment; this Yorkshire-born troupe are wonderful: their touring schedule (this year) is pretty hectic.  With a front-man- with a stunning resemblance to Kurt Cobain- the boys have Nirvana’s Grunge spirit: they bring plenty of youth, personality (and cheek) to their music.

Why are they great?

Their social media ranks are rising: the boys earn nothing but (effusive) praise.  Epic tunes; memorable live performances- just the tip of (the Allusondrugs) iceberg.  Few bands (are as) made for the big-time.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/Allusondrugs?fref=ts

Ivy & Gold:

With London Grammar being a little ‘dormant’- they have a new album out next year- Ivy & Gold fill a void: Electro.-Pop/Synth.-led majesty; alluring, sensuous vocals- detailed, kaleidoscopic compositions.  The London duo have a clear bond and affection: they are one of the most underrated acts around.

Why are they great?

Aside from their close kinship, Davies and Wilkinson are staggering talents: they have just played (the) Great Escape Festival- world domination is not far away?

Follow:  http://ivyandgoldmusic.co.uk/

Boom Tales:

Together with Eloise Lovell Anderson- their stunning Siren/honorary band member- this group have a truly original sound: Boho chic; dreamy vocals; stunning (and vivid) songs- few acts can ever compare.  Having had a (busy last year), the group are assessing their options- planning their next move.

Why are they great?

Their music must be heard: it has beauty and tranquility; operatic and harmonies- every emotion/colour you could imagine.  Calming and soothing; rousing and emotional- the group can soothe (the weariest of souls).

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/BoomTales?fref=ts


After (last year’s) Circus Life, I was blown away by this duo: their music/talent is hard to believe.  Tremendous writers and performers, Luke Oldfield and Victoria Frances are soulmates; a tremendous proposition- able to mix Rap-fast lyrics with Fleetwood Mac-esque Folk.

Why are they great?

Few acts (or duos) have as much potential (as Gypsyfingers): their last album was met with a sea of praise (including yours truly).

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/gypsyfingersmusic?fref=ts

Emily Kay:

With THAT distinct voice- with its charm and gravel; soul and potency- Kay is a startling proposition.  Her music is divine.  The Birmingham-based stunner is one of this country’s most arresting solo artists.

Why is she great?

Stunning to behold; a voice of pure wonder: there are not many (who would be) immune to her charms.  A constant performer/live act, Kay has admiration for her fans- a valuable asset (to the music world).

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/msemilykay?fref=ts

Los & The Deadlines:

I have reviewed this act a lot: at every turn, they compel and amaze.  Hard-hitting and hard-rocking; the guys are the complete package.  With their distinct looks- and acres of facial hair- the boys have an incredible sound- make sure you investigate these lads.

Why are they great?

They have a very original sound; that said, no two songs sound alike: they are keen to stay mobile and unpredictable- shifting themes and styles.  Each member displays clear passion and dedication; their tracks are tight and focused- the end results are scintillating.

Follow: http://www.losandthedeadlines.com/


One of my favourite acts, Abi and Marc never stop working.  Between new songs, cover versions; planning a big music video- the guys never seem to rest.  Brimming with charm, smile and passion, the duo are masterful songwriters- everything from wit (and comical by-play) and Pop mingles with Soul and Swing.

Why are they great?

Issimo is a hugely original and special act: a great sound and sensation; Marc and Abi have a special friendship- their (individual) talents blend wonderfully.  Another act with an incredible future ahead.

Follow: http://www.issimomusic.net/

Jen Armstrong:

An unbelievable young lady- currently planning a move to Nashville- here is an amazing talent.  Covering covers; owning originals- Armstrong is one of the finest singers in the world.  A terrific songwriter- who can do quirky and witty; passionate and emotional- few can match her talents.  Endlessly hard working, the music world needs her (and more like her).

Why is she great?

The music world is a tough bitch: Armstrong never seems to falter; her determination is unflinching.  With her natural talent, few should ignore her: I wish nothing but happiness for her.  There are too many untalented/vague artists kicking about: Armstrong is a breath of fresh air (we all need)

Follow: http://jenarmstrong.tv/official/Home.html

Marisa Rodriguez:

Rodriguez is an eye-watering beauty; a cheeky (and loveable personality): one of the brightest songwriters on the block.  Tackling covers (and her own songs) everything she touches glistens- backed by that wonderful voice.  One of this country’s most ambitious talents, Rodriguez promises great things- possible band collaboration; new material- the future is very much hers.

Why is she great?

Someone who never stops working: always promoting other acts, she has a clear affection (for her fellow musicians).  Her songs are packed with confessions and emotions; defiance and guts- intellect and beauty.  With a voice that could melt the sun, she is an immense talent.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/marisarodriguezmusic?fref=ts

Ellene Masri:

A wonderful human, French-born (with Lebanese roots) Masri combines beauty and sensuality; Jazz and Soul- her voice is captivating and arresting.  A startling songwriter- who seems endless in her inspiration- her sense of feel is topped (only by) her wonderful voice- that can range from a romantic coo; climbs to a fevered explosion.

Why is she great?

One of the most passionate musicians around, the (music word) means everything to her.  Few other people have such dedication and focus- the coming year is going to be hers alone.

Follow: http://www.ellenemasri.com/

Julia Jensen (Moons of Jupiter):

An untapped talent, Jensen is a future star: a composer/musician with bags of talent.  With Danish (and Irish heritage), he songs/soundscapes whip up a myriad of visions: they are evocative and scenic; dreamy and gripping- dark and dangerous.  Like Nightwolf, Moons of Jupiter is that rarest of things: an act that can do anything; attract any singer; fit any mood- and win EVERY ear.

Why is she great?

Jensen is busy with studies- and music is in the background- yet I can see it coming (to the forefront): her inspiration seems endless; her (small collection) of songs are amazing and nuanced- an original and daring talent.

Follow:  https://www.facebook.com/MoonsOfJupiterMusic?fref=ts

Elena Ramona:

A bright and exceptional talent: Elena Ramona is a young artist with a lot to say.  Having reviewed her work- and interviewed her- she is a star-in-the-making.  Able to pen upbeat/catchy tunes; introspective personal reflection- she can pretty much do anything.

Why is she great?

A talent who never stops working, Elena is not a one-note artist: her songs range in themes and styles; her voice is nimble and expansive- she is capable of owning anything (she writes).  Few other artists have her confidence: fewer have her talent.

Follow:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elena-Ramona/323928237668916?fref=ts

Winter Knight:

When Darren Pereira formed Shiftin’ Shade- his Electro.-Swing alter-ego- I was blown away by the sounds: Pereira’s innovation and compositional genius.  Deftly able (to evoke the past), together with Adam Hume (his vocal collaborator) he was an exceptional force.  Bringing this momentum to his latest creation, Winter Knight possesses the same sense of adventure and wonder- only the rush and jive is replaced with something more tranquil.  Winter Knight (is Pereira’s) launch for going solo- a big time ahead!

Why is he great?

Not a solo artist (per se), Winter Knight has massive potential: whether instrumental-only (or an act that draws in vocalists), who knows what is to come?  With Pereira’s songwriting talent, one thing is fir sure; you definitely need to investigate (this act).

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Winter-Knight/618469391572346?pnref=lhc

Sarah Collins:

A wonderful artist- and lovely human being- Collins is an endless talent: her work-rate is beyond belief.  Always singing and performing; touring extensively, she never seems to exhaust- having just recruited a band; her music is getting a wide audience.  Cutting her teeth with cover versions, Collins is a masterful singer- able to conquer any song (that comes into her path).

Why is she great?

A masterful talent, Collins’ voice is a peerless thing: stacked with power and panache; her beauty and soulfulness is captivating.  Having endured a tough road-to-glory, she is on the climb: her future is going to be incredibly bright.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/sallycollinsmusic?fref=ts

Universal Thee:

The Scottish band has been on the scene a while: they are making plans for a new L.P.  With shades of Pavement and Pixies- drawing in flavours of Weezer too- the husband-and-wife-led act have a unique talent- they are an exceptional live act.  Incredible songwriting, wonderful melodies; stunning songbooks: if you seek these (in your music) then look no further.

Why are they great?

I have heard their new material (that could feature on their new album): it is truly amazing- they will be on the scene for years to come.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/universalthee

Bianca Bazin:

A vibrant and exceptional talent- with the most intoxicating smile on earth- Bazin is putting together her debut cuts- having toured locally, she is ready to showcase her music.  Stunning of voice, Bazin has spades of charm and potential- her songwriting is truly awesome.  Performing (under the name Bee), few can ignore her charms- you are powerless to resist.

Why is she great?

An artist with plenty of experience, Bazin is no ingénue artist: she is a huge talent with a confident voice.  A lot of solo acts tend to falter early- balked by the pressures of music.  Bazin has no such qualms: her natural talent will see her rise to prominence.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/BeeBazin?fref=ts


Fran Galea has been on my radar (for a few years now).  Having reviewed her music- on a number of occasions- there is no stopping her: one of the biggest talents in this country.  She knows London holds big opportunities: I can see her moving there; being a permanent fixture (in some of the capital’s finest venues).  A phenomenal songwriter, she is influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince and Christina Agurilera- she brings each artist (in some form) into her music.

Why is she great?

Each E.P. offers something new: with every release she gets stronger (and more confident).  Still young and hungry, Chess is a stunning talent- an artist to be truly proud of.

Follow: http://www.chessgalea.com/

Nina Schofield:

Another artist (with spades of talent) the divine Schofield is a heartbreaker: a stunning artist with a tremendous artistry.  Her voice is impassioned and vivacious; her songs are filled with wonderful promise- her music is incredible.

Why is she great?

With her E.P. Colours, Schofield displayed her full range: songs bristling with invention and energy; passion and pride- all wrapped around that sensational voice.

Follow: http://www.ninaschofield.com/

Little Violet:

Another Cherie Gears outfit- she is part of Scarlet Street- Little Violet is a Swing wonder: full of vitality and swagger; smile and sass.  Her songs put you in mind (of classic-era Swing); her Electro.-Pop updates give life and breath- every song (of hers) burrows into the brain.  A tremendous talent- who can do no wrong- this year will see more L.V. activity.

Why is she great?

A prodigious singer/songwriter, Gears is a restless artist: someone deeply in love with music.  Choosing an under-trod path- tackling Swing and Doo-Wop- she is striking gold (from an under-tapped source) and reaping rewards- how long before she is a household name?

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/littlevioletmusic

Lydia Baylis:

A tremendous solo artist, Baylis has a rare talent: it is hard to compare her with anyone else.  Hugely original, she is a tantilising artist; someone with endless potential, keep your eyes peeled Baylis’ way.

Why is she great?

Few songwriters have such an ear for melody; a talent for songwriting- Baylis has exceptional insight and intelligence.  Designing songs for the masses, here is a wondrous talent- and someone we all need (in our lives).

Follow: http://www.lydiabaylis.com/

Gold Phoenix:

A new incarnation, this band mean business: they are both instant and fresh; alive and alert- making music to get crowds dancing (and chanting).  With golden riffs- and some wonderfully inventive sounds- the band are here to stay: a stunning act.

Why are they great?

Their debut (self-tiled) E.P. is packed with power and riffs; plenty of Blues and scuzz- the boys are a wild whirlwind.  Electric and bracing, urgent and memorable- natural world-beating sounds.

Follow: http://www.goldphoenixband.com/

Dana McKeon:

The Maltese-born artist can Beatbox like no other; a tremendous voice- someone with talent abound.  A stunning beauty, a natural influencer- someone who is unlike anyone else.  With each song comes new surprises: a variegated songwriter with immense talent.

Why is she great?

Plain originality and talent.  There is nothing fake and manufactured: she is just an unbelievable artist.  An original songwriter, her stories are inspiring and motivating; her voice (seemingly) endless- someone with a long future ahead.

Follow: http://www.danamckeon.com/


Another genius talent, RKZ mixes Rap and Hip-Hop; his artistry has few boundaries: his arsenal of work displays wonder and wit; romance and sensitivity.  Effortless as a collaborator- or on his own- RKZ is hugely influential- someone who will inspire a new generation.

Why is he great?

Being a champion (when it comes to fighting mental illness) this passion comes through in the music: RKZ is a man who feels compassion and empathy.  His music is just one side of him: a human who strives to make things better; always looking out for others- a U.K. treasure.

Follow: https://twitter.com/rkzuk

Gorilla Punch Radio:

A tremendous and unique band; a stunning outfit- their music is of the highest order.  With new music forthcoming, this is very much their time- mixing Foo Fighters and Coldplay they are a stunning troupe.

Why are they great?

In spite of having influcnes, the band are very much their own thing: the songs burnish with energy and uplift; the codas are addictive and intoxicating- this is music that warms the heart; and uplifts the soul.

Follow: http://www.gorillapunchradio.com/


A band that keeps getting better: Jingo are celebrating new success.  With new material on the market, the band is gathering huge plaudits: with each song they seem stronger and more assured.  A new album is in the pipeline; the group are preparing themselves- Jingo are one of the finest bands in this country.  With limitless potential- tremendous vocals and performances; varied and brilliant songs- they are a sensational proposition.

Why are they great?

In addition to their talent, each song reveals something new- they cover issues other bands do not.  Stunningly original, the band have a flair for environment and atmosphere- their particular blend is a fascinating thing.

Follow: https://soundcloud.com/jingomusic

Alison Levi:

Another artist (who has had a busy year), Levi is hardworking and tenacious: the next year will see her (come more into the fore).  With a stunning voice- and a cheeky personality- Levi is a sensational artist.  Mainly covers-based, I can see great things ahead: she has endless determination; boundless ambitious- a desire to seduce (and plenty at her disposal to achieve this).

Why are they great?

She is sassy and funny; beautiful and bright: a personality the music world needs.  I am sure 2016 will be a busy year for her, with plenty of options: maybe an album or E.P.; a lot more tour dates- something else?  Whatever happens, keep your thought primed her way.

Follow: http://www.alisonlevi.com/

Little Dove:

This U.S.-based act has elements of Queens of the Stone Age; plenty of awe and wonder: a duo with power and potential.  With Vanja James up front- her vocal-and-guitar assault is phenomenal- and you have a stunning act.  With intriguing songs- and lyrics that demand closer investigation- you have to hear these guys.  There are plans afoot (for new music): follow them and keep abreast.

Why are they great?

We do not herald a lot (of new U.S. acts) over here: this Californian act are in-demand here.  Propulsive and crowd-uniting; catchy and hypnotic- they are one of my favourite acts.

Follow: http://www.littledoveband.com/


Currently conjugating his second album- and looking to crowd-funding to get it happening- this Yorkshire legend is keeping busy: in addition he is working/recording with Crybabycry and Knuckle.  The tireless frontman is a U.K.-based Jack White: he can bring his talents to other bands (yet is strongest when going solo).  His previous L.P. was packed with Blues-Rock gems; headaches and heartache- absolute staggering moments.  With greater confidence (and gaining fresh inspiration) his second album could be a world-beater

Why is he great?

One of the best songwriters in the U.K., Jonny is an incredible guitarist (and singer).  Yorkshire is packed with musical genius: he ranks among the very finest.  An incredibly unique talent; a cheeky everyman- an ego-free master (of any music he touches)

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/jonnythefirth?fref=ts

Hannah Dorman:

Dorman mixes Pop/Country strands around electrifying Blues: her mixture of force and passion (together with something more settled) is a wonderful concoction.  Her songwriting is sharp and studied; her stories well-observed and inspirational- the effect, spellbinding.

Why is she great?

My final act: and one of the very best.  In the studio (at the moment), Dorman is preparing her future: she is a blissful star; someone with immense ability- one of the finest young singer-songwriters around.

Follow: http://www.hannahdorman.com/

It is still early days: just getting things onto paper is a big thing- crystalising ambitions is essential.  Things that are necessary for me (and others in a similar people) get away from a place/people that are not worth the trouble (no offence to the minority of people where I live who are genuinely nice); find a job/role that is purposeful/important; if you have goals/ambitions in life- go for them.  Essentially, taking action is vital: leaving things to other people will usually go wrong.  I have loved the support of (my musician) contacts: in turn, I have loved all their music; their ambition has definitely fuelled me.  When it all comes together, I hope they still have high hopes- I have seen a couple of great band split this year.  I shall leave you be- this has been quite a LONG one- with a final thought.  Music can help to change things- or at the least make them better- and put things into focus.  That desire to help others/general betterment should never fade: the world always needs good people.  No matter what people say (the imbeciles who plague the planet) and how you feel: never give up on that.  I have had enough of every aspect of annoyance- the constantly ill people I spend (my workday) with; my un-peaceful home-life; the selfish/hostile people where I live; those that don’t give a crap (too many out there)- there is better out there.  To the musicians and (anyone else) fed up with things: just go for it; to hell with what others think/say.  When it all comes down to it…

BABY steps  can leave huge impressions.

2 thoughts on “Feature: Making Your Voice Heard

  1. Well, that’s this morning’s listening underway here at Fiction Towers at the very least! We spotted some new friends and old faces on this fine list, Sam so we have followed/liked/subscribed and generally shown our support all over the shop – thank you for the links! We wish you well!

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