A Time for Change: Nobody Excluded

A Time for Change:


Nobody Excluded.

AS I get closer to another birthday (and an opportunity to feel bad…

about aging)- I have had time to reflect (and think ahead).  With The Single Voice (my charity idea) still pending- I am patiently waiting for Google to pen a reply; I will keep on them until they do- I have been looking around- seeing dislocation and heartache.  With an election coming up- I will be glad when it’s over so it isn’t mentioned every few seconds- there is a time to affect change: elect a government that can make a difference.   In as much as that is the ‘aim’, I know the likely result: David Cameron will still be in No. 10 (when the results are announced).  I am glad (I live in a country) where I am not homeless: I have a lifestyle that is (whilst not comfortable) is certainly not desperate- I have a roof under my head.  It is great we have a national health service- a free health system for our citizens.  I wonder- with regards that last point- how long?

My main passion- when it comes to election promises/things this country needs- is our N.H.S.  If it were to be privatised, it would mean disaster: so many people would be excluded; many more would not be able to afford (to visit hospital; they would be selective about when they attend).  We have women’s rights- to a small extend- and something needs to be done: in 2015, we face (an almost Stone Age) system- where there a pay disparity; the rights of men supersede (that of women).  Mental health- and the stigma surrounding it- gets short shrift: no major party is pledging time/money into any real change (with regards this issue).  These are not just issues that matter to me: these are concerns we ALL share.  I am aware a government cannot address every concern: with a limit budget- and the country become overcrowded and overpopulated at a disturbing rate- we cannot all blame our current administration.  With the ‘average family’ growing- people selfishly shoving new life (into a small nation) with little concern for the future- you have to blame the public (to an extent).  It seems that something needs to be done: a new movement; something that can make (some small changes) – gain influence in years to come.

When Sandi Toksvig (help to found) Women’s Equality Party, I was relieved: someone (a group of women in fact) doing something great- forming a party that fights for a great cause.  In this day and age- where there is discrimination, racism and inequality at a socking rate- it is great to see (the issue of women’s inequality) addressed.  The party is in its infancy; it has the potential to affect some real change: the party wants to bring men into the fold; make it a non-exclusionary body- and get everyone working together.  Whether the party will ever gain seats in the Houses of Commons if to be seen- it seems very likely they can achieve this.  I have been thinking about something (along these lines) lately: trying to put something together; a body or movement that speaks to the minorities- addresses subjects/issues (the big parties overlook).  As I said a bit earlier: it is impossible to address every issue and problem.  There is plenty of room for (someone/something to come along) and challenge the established order: shake things up for the good; fill the gaps left by the main three parties.

Whether it will be a political party- starting small and getting people talking- or something else, I have been thinking hard: I want to start an organization that looks at mental health; aims for equality; puts money where it is needed- works at improving the plight of our musicians and talent; proffers charities and charitable organization.  Not just a niche party/body, it is a chance to answer some outcry: I know many people- who are voting and going to the polls- that want (a party or voice) that addresses THEIR concerns.  Part of the (thing with) The Single Voice, was to get charities augmented: have hundreds of causes- both local and worldwide- funded and highlighted- get people working in the community; inspiring others to go out and make a difference.  Whether it comes to fruition- and all the time I can walk and type it will- it will take some time to develop: seducing a beast like Google is going to take a lot of persuading/stalking.  In the meantime/in tandem, there is an opportunity (to unite people and get them involved): form a movement that listens to people- and formulates policies THEY suggest (not just sticking to a rigid party-formed agenda).

With Twitter and Facebook- being the oligarchs of social media- the pockets (of Zuckerberg) are getting wider; the bank balance is looking healthy.  I cannot critisise Facebook (too much) as I use it- and consider it a valuable tool and forum.  The thing is this: where is all the money (being raised through advertising) being spent?  In addition- to more pool tables being fitted at Facebook H.Q. – you have to wonder: that money is not going into improving the site.  In all the years Facebook has existed- however long it is now- there have been very minor changes (it has been redesigned and tweaked; some weird features- ‘poke’ for instance- have been removed).  When it comes to meaningful changes- harnessing a huge multi-million social media platform- there have been opportunities begging: get the young involved in politics; use the site to address social issues- add something meaningful to Facebook.  I love the fact I can post anything- usually inane shit and vague moaning- onto the site- as few people will listen to that kind of rubbish in the flesh.  I love the fact I can share music; promote musicians- and charities too- and ‘make a difference’- there is a chance to do so much more.

My mind/opinion is divided 50/50: between forming a ‘new’ social media/improved site; putting together a (minor) political party- each to be based in- and run out of- London.  The U.S. dominates the social media market- the richest and most influential people originate from here- and the most ‘charitable celebrities’ (by-and-large) are American.  This struck my mind hard: let’s get the U.K. back into the limelight (it was British man who invented the Internet (and the computer), remember.  What I want to do is create a platform that keeps the best features of Twitter/Facebook- the easy communication; simplicity of promoting/sharing important information- and take that further.  In addition to the ‘social’ side of things, the site would be divided into sections: health and charity; travel; music; film, T.V. and comedy; education etc. – it would read like a party manifesto.  With an eye-catching homepage- and making it easy to join/take part- the site aims to educate and motivate: get people in touch with the world; get them involved with charity; give the less well-of a chance to see the world- without being stuck in front of a screen.  Many musicians- and new acts coming through- feel the financial pinch: their music ambitions are turning into a nightmare; they struggle to make a living.  The site would aim to raise money- through huge sites like Google- and raiser funds for musicians; promote them effectively- in addition to making it easier to share/find great new music.  I will publish a full-length blog soon, yet an opportunity is out there: a way of creating something- almost political in nature- that not only can appeal to the Social Media Generation- it has a chance to make changes; speak to the minorities.

My idea- The Single Voice- is bubbling and boiling; my (much-storied/promised) concert will take place: these ideas take money and others.  When I can acquire the necessary funds/people- those ideas will be created.  I was wondering what people thought: would you buy into this idea?  If a site- or party indeed- were created (that made social media more relevant/much-improved) would people use it?  I am not trying to encourage people to use their laptops/P.C.s MORE- simply divide their time (between Facebook/Twitter and this site).  There are lot of different sites- that concentrate on music, politics, charity and so forth- yet none that unites them all- and puts them all under one roof.  A site/concept that would respond to feedback- and address the needs of all- it would be an online party, no less (a political movement online).

If I were to whip up a ‘manifesto’ would you vote (for me)?  Whereas the charity idea is reliant on Google- them fellas better come through- this is less dependent: it can work without their input/need.  Let me know what you think; if you have any ideas for the site- I want to get this put together (to help make some real changes).  Later today I will be starting an online petition; getting something put together- I am always looking to make change.  I know many of you are, too.  This is a chance to do something (about the issues we all face).

Remember to vote (on Thursday): let your voice be heard.  Whoever is P.M. on Thursday (hopefully not Mr. C.), there will be questions unanswered; gaps left gaping- holes that need to be filed.  When it comes down to it…

WE can help to fill them.

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