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Silver & Gold





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4th May

Rock and Roll, Blues-Rock




IT has been a while since I have been genuinely…

excited (about a weekend’s reviewing activity).  The past few months have promised much (from the mainstream): the likes of Blur are back strong (their album The Magic Whip is gaining huge praise); bands such as Drenge (having produced a terrific L.P.) are earning kudos- it is a great spring of music.  In the new music field, there is quality to be found-   In addition to Electro.-Pop dreaminess, I have been lucky enough to review to varied (and stunning sounds)- that have left their impressions.  At the back of my mind has been this thought: where has all the (inventive Rock music) gone?  Sure, there are so interesting Rock bands out there- to my mind, few are genuinely innovative and distinct.  My featured act has restored some balance and optimism: here is an act that has stamped-out a glistening debut single.  I shall come to that in time, yet it brings up an interesting point: how to be unique when it comes to modern music.  With so much competition coming through (the new musician) has a task ahead of them: how to resonate in the mind.  Cementing your sound- and keeping the momentum going- is always a tough chore: many acts capitulated; deflated by the weight of expectation/pressure.  Goldbirds are an act (born from the ashes of another).  Having reviewed El Born (previously), I am familiar with Hils Granger and Si Connelly.  Their previous incarnation was a great act; having produced some terrific songs the band was disassembled- the couple (feeling they) should regroup (and re-launch).  After following El Born- and their wonderful sounds- I was curious what was coming next- how Goldbirds would differ; whether any (of El Bon’s) sound would be in there.  Having recruited Mike Brazier (on percussion; programming) and Earl Phillips (bass and vocals), we have a new creation- a “straight up Rock & Roll band.”  What we get (with their debut single) is something elementary and pure: a direct hit of Rock; something instant and long-lasting (whilst not compromising originality and personality).  Their social media pages are a little bare at the moment- they give little about their influences and thoughts/ambitions- but that only adds to the excitement and mystique- the group wants their songs to do the talking (shouting).  Before I get down to things (and review the song/band), it is worth thinking about this: the state of U.K. (new) music.  Most of my recent reviews have (focused upon) Canadian acts- and all they have to offer.  When it comes to homegrown sounds, I am seeing some patchiness: there are fantastic acts coming through; many more fail to linger (in the imagination).  What British musicians have always done so well is to make direct music: sounds free from tinsel; those which get straight down to things.  Goldbirds are an act that do not need effects and layers; they have a style that is urgent and classic- mixing together classic ‘60s-‘70s Rock sounds with modern-day Rock passion.  With the likes of Royal Blood making waves, it is a great time (for acts like Goldbirds).  The band mix melodic vocals with swirling sounds: catchiness and addictive codas nestle within stomping percussion (flaming guitar and solid bass work).  The may be in their sapling stages; it seems the act has plenty to offer- who knows what the coming few months will give?

Beginning with a stomping kick- that has some Country-Rock-cum-Blues swagger- Silver & Gold swings into view.  With its hell-yeah attitude, you are instantly gripped.  With that (indelible and kick-ass intro.) gaining momentum- the types modern paramours Royal Blood would snatch up- a clarion call (“Yeah yeah!”) is injected- a titanium call to the masses.  Lascivious slink- tied with some come-get-some high heel stomp- beckons in some sweaty (and blood).  With the hero at the microphone, there is talk of lipstick and sensuality: some direct intentions and the need (for the heroine) to “shake it.”  There is a real scenic nature to the lyrics: you can picture (the heroine) and story as it goes down.  With a raw and blood-lusting vocal, the track gets straight into your brain.  Backed by guiding bass and rollicking drums, Silver & Gold shoots to kill.  In spite of the fact- the song has aspects of ‘70s Blues-Rock and U.S. Garage-Rock acts- there’s a huge sense of individuality- it is hard to bring any other acts/songs to mind.  With Connelly about to explode (with lust and anticipation), you can feel the shiver and sweat- it drips from the speakers.  His girl is an intoxicating prospect; she is dressed to impress; capable of turning heads- you can sense an imminent coming-together.  Granger plays the role of a femme fatale: someone who has taken the wind from the sails.  Having fallen in love (with her) it seems disappointment (and heartache) has played their hand- you almost forget about the sense of fracture (when our two leads unite in a chorus of “ah, ah, ah, ahs.”  From an itinerant love story-with-heartbreak-imminent, the band throws in some catchy vocals- a simple coda that is chant-worthy and redemptive (a terrific injection of fever-pitched fuzzed-out swing).  Putting me in mind of the Blues-Rock glory boys- The White Stripes for one- the band are effortlessly captivating.  Knowing (each of their roles) the players are in-step and intuitive: there are no loose notes and unsure beats; everything hits the mark with stunning clarity and purpose.  When (Granger and Connelly) trade-off of one another, you get a new layer- the drama and passion is not over yet.  With the heroine’s “blood thicker than your…”, the hero is haunted (by her words)- the back-and-forth thrust-and-parry is superbly executed (in no small part due to some excellent production and wonderful performances).  It seems (both have a secret to tell) that they want to “whisper in your ear”- that tangible tension and lust is palpable.  In addition to some wonderful (and urgent) vocals, the instrumentation adds to the mood.  The percussion demure somewhat: creating a heartbeat (that judders and contracts); the bass and guitars slither and syphon- the ensuing concoction matches some sturdy keys, designed to enthrall and grip.  You can imagine (each vocalist) in the studio- on opposite sides at different microphones- looking into each other’s eyes- coquettish grins and twinkling eyes being exchanged.  The song rises and builds, the vocals get steamier and more claustrophobic- as the duo (calls the other to) “come a little closer.”  Just as you lean in- and wonder if an actual in-studio explosion will occur- the song kicks up a gear: the chorus comes into play, as the band whip up a flurry.  Having been captured (the first time the chorus came in) it is now even more insistent- you find yourself singing along with abandon.  The final stages do not go down with a whisper: the kaleidoscopic (and boiling cauldron) keys blaze and burnish.  Chugging up a head of steam, the band do not slow or desist- Connelly still seems wracked and tormented (deeply affected and overcome by the heroine’s spell).  The overall impression- Silver & Gold leaves in the imagination- one gets is of an assured and urgent track: the band have crafted something fast-paced, addictive and sing-along slice; something that mixes classic Rock and Roll with their distinct sound- a concoction sure to enliven and impress hungry fans.  It may be the (earliest of) days, yet the band should have no fear: Silver & Gold is a lead-off step that will yield future success: if they pen more tracks like this, they will be a sure-fire festival band (and an act capable of long-term potential).

The first steps are always the most difficult (and unpredictable).  Coming in fresh, (the new act) is left wondering how they will be received- and have to take a few chances.  It is important going in strong and hard- making sure the public want to hear more.  Goldbirds are not playing anything safe: they have unveiled a storming lead single- that sets the stage for some exciting times.  I hope an E.P. is in their mind: it would be great to hear some counterparts to Silver & Gold.  Not only is the track pure gold itself; it is a unique insight into the four-piece: what upcoming sounds may hold.  Not to get too ahead of things; the quarter have plenty of ammunition- they are capable of winning over legions of sounds.  Their debut single shows how hungry they are: exceptional songwriting mixes the simple and complex; impassioned and raw- the band sound tight and focused.  Not merely a side project or second chance, Goldbirds is a bona fide projectile: a British invasion that promises to spare no prisoners.  Dedicated to bringing fun, passion and heritage (back to Rock music); the band will have a good future.   On May 6th, the band plays The Borderline: it will be their first live gig; a chance to wow the crowds of London.  The fearsome foursome is sure to go down a storm: it will be the start of something awesome.  Silver & Gold is a track ready-made for the spring: capable of lighting up the sun; getting feet and fists pumping.  El Bon may be gone; Goldbirds have risen: an act that demands your attention and respect.  Solid songwriting and terrific beats (are only the start of things) – there is plenty more to come.  It is exciting (seeing a band fresh-faced and newly-bred): what exactly will Goldbirds produce next?  Knowing Granger and Connelly- and already being a huge fan of their Goldbirds cohorts- there is sure to be quality and surprise: the duo are terrific songwriters; a natural bond- they are a real-life couple- and real flair for the nuanced music.  Stepping away from Canada- for a few weeks at least- I am pleased to promote some great homegrown magic: an act that has a lot to say; are sure to be headliners in years to come.  Full of hope and eagerness, I know how much (Granger particularly) wants the band to succeed- with tracks like Silver & Gold, success will be a foregone conclusion.  For now- and before the band start to expand and captivate- listen to where they are now: their embryonic offering is a terrific slice of Rock and Roll: sprinkled with Blues magic, it is hard to shake off (the addictive nature of the track).  Congratulations to the band, which have bonded incredibly quickly- it is this bond through in every note.  Aside from (their live debut performance), there is sure to be new material- some more gigs and performances perhaps.  For now, sit back and relax: listen to a glistening track; one filled with jewels and diamonds (of sound); silver nuggets of song, because…

ALL that glistens is Goldbirds.



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