An Apology: On Behalf of My Gender

An Apology: On Behalf of My Gender.



THIS one will be short and to the point…

Something has been annoying me recently: the potent toxicity of social media (and the Internet).  After hearing Sue Perkins- who has left Twitter as a result- experiencing such a tirade of abuse (when it was speculated she would take the reins of Jeremy Clarkson’s now-vacated seat on Top Gear).  The whole incident left me feeling shocked and sickened (read about it:

One thing I hate about social media/the Internet- there aren’t too many of them- is the amount of hatred and bile (being spewed in all sorts of directions).  It all makes me ashamed of my gender: this issue is a male-dominated ill; something ‘us men’ are culpable of- and should be ashamed of.  It is true, women (and especially teenage girls) can be vindictive and hateful- just hear stories of online bullying to get a sense of how bad it can get.  When it comes to the majority of Internet-based hatred: it is the male race that is causing a black shadow.  I look at YouTube- various songs and comedy clips- and my jaw drops: the sort of homophobic/racist/offensive comments left- and exchanged between male users- beggars belief.  What has happened to people?  It seems to be an issue with my generation: what compels a person to drag their knuckles (so low); how could a so-called ‘human’ descend to animal-like behavior?  I feel sorry for Sue Perkins: not only (was the news of her presenting Top Gear) fabricated: she has not risen to the bait (dangled by my knuckle-dragging gender-mates).  If she had murdered whores of people; vomited racist abuse- you could understand the reaction.  She is not Nick Griffin; she is not a murderer; she is not a brainless monster: she is a charming (and talented) woman who does not deserve an iota of criticism.  The fact she has dealt with the issue with such dignity- and not gone on the offensive- shows ounces of class and respect: she is a Cambridge-educated woman and is far too smart to associate herself (with the jizz stains excuses for humans who perpetrated such poison).

Away from (the Sue Perkins incident) there is plenty to feel bad about: the amount of abuse, sexism and offensiveness (created my men) has left me feeling cold.  I understand there are some rather unpleasant women in the world- and when it comes to mealy-mouthed savagery, they are not blameless- yet there are in the minority.  I am an advocate and supporter of equal rights (when it comes to women and pay; their role in society) and I feel sorry for them: with (I must say, the minority) of men showing themselves to be cowardly scum, what hope do they have?  I am getting fed up with things: so many men creating such hatred and offense; abuse levelled at good and honest people.

Take social media out of the equation, and thing about other issues: animal cruelty and torture; religious prejudice and segregation- murder and hate crimes.  There is an undeniable sense of (ill-begotten) superiority: many men feel they are above the law; more still have little conscience and moral standing. Even small things highlight the plight: charity and goodwill seems to be waning (the most caring and charitable people I know are women).  I am not sure what can be done- with regards curing this issue.  With regards social media: we need to ban (offenders) and make genuine arrests (when hatred is created and threats are made).

There are plenty of good, decent men out there: I am concerned about the state of my generation.   We are supposed to be human beings, yet there seems to be a severe lack of humanity: what do the likes of Sue Perkins feel (when seeing threats and abuse on their twitter feed?).  Something needs to be done; the law needs to get tougher- above all, my gender needs to get its act together.  Those who feel justified- in trolling throughout the Internet; creating racial and sexiest abuse- deserve no place (in the modern world) – and should be swiftly punished.  It is a sad state we live in: with such inequality- when it comes to gender and race- I wonder about the state of things.  The minority (of the population) are leaving some black marks: the majority (of the offenders) are men.

Cases of trolling just make me angry and red-faced: I feel such sympathy towards those (that are on the receiving end).  Guess this is something I needed to get off of my chest: I am not sure if there is a (quick) answer at all.  I am speaking to a very small number (of men) when I write this; and to them I would offer this: get your act together and get yourself out of society.  There is no place (in the modern world) for the racist, sexiest, homophobic, offensive and degraded humans- lock yourself in a dark room and do not associate with others.  To the animal abuses- who are mostly male- the killers and kidnappers; those who belittle and abuse women: go castrate yourself and wait for death.  There is too much hate and awfulness in the world: the male-led disgrace is making this world a more retched and disgraceful place.  I can (on behalf of those who are incapable of doing so) apologise: I am sure the likes of Sue Perkins are not going to be one-offs.  With that in mind, it makes me think the same thing…

WHY is it women who should be fighting for equality (when we set such a disgraceful example)?

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