The Single Voice: The (New) Music Initiatives

The Single Voice: The (New) Music Initiatives

THIS will be a short one…

as not to bore the collective.  Tomorrow- I will back to reviewing duties- but for today, I am ‘on a mission’: getting out; doing as much as I can (to help out).  Today- when I get some time to sit and have a coffee- I will be reflecting on my current/continued passion: getting The Single Voice ‘going’.  I know it must be quite boring- hearing me rattle on about something consistently- yet it marks a great passion: something that means a lot to me.  At the moment, I am developing ideas (homepage web design; concepts and promotional ideas; logistical things) but, it occurred to me, there are things that could be done- whilst waiting for Google to respond (and get things moving).

Seeing as (The Single Voice) incorporates new music/original music components- where you can compile playlists around new/original music, there is an opportunity (to do something promotional): get some musicians together- to record an album.  In the past, my attempts to get people together have been mixed: I am determined to hold a concert (when I can get money together); other schemes have been a bit over-ambitious- this one seems simpler and more affordable.  It (the idea) would be launched next year- or sooner if I can get people together- and would bring new musicians together: ten-twelve in total.  I will be posting other blog posts- of a similar nature- based around similar ideas: that will incorporate comedy, film; online blogs- and a few other things (there will be five in total).

The music promotion/initiative (as-yet untitled) would bring together musicians of multiple genres- some based in the U.K.; some other parts of the globe.  I want to bring female artists together (including Jen Armstrong, Ellene Masri, Chess, Elena Stathaki; a couple of others); some gents (Los and the Deadlines, Bi:Lingual and others)- in addition to duos/groups such as Braver Than Fiction, Gypsyfingers, Issimo and Crystal Seagulls.  As I say (the idea will pull together a dozen acts all told) and would present a nice range of genres/sounds.  Each act would record an original song: it would be anything they like; maximum length of four minutes (a chance for them to break away from their usual duties; write something unique).  Once each act has recorded their song, I will get all the (digital) recordings together: and get them mixed and arranged.  Once the 10-12 tracks are compiled, they will then go onto BandCamp: where (if you want to buy the album) it would cost 250 English pence.

Initially, there would be a Kickstarter/Pledgemusic campaign: raising funds for the production and promotional duties- which will not be a large sum (and easily achievable).  Backers will get some good rewards- including vinyl/C.D. copies of the album; goodies from the musicians involved- and once the album is ‘live’: donations will go to charities- of the particular bands/acts involved.  There will be a limited number of C.D./vinyl copies- some of which will go to the musicians- but I hope the album (untitled at the moment) will raise lots of money- get some funds together for great causes.  The musicians- that are involved- have a chance to do what they want; bring something new to the table- get their music heard by new audiences.

What the incentive will do, is to promote The Single Voice: there will be a promotional video- including clips from the musicians- that will help launch the scheme; get people involved.  Over the next few weeks, I will be launching similar blogs/schemes- involving short films, comedy shorts- that help to do the same (as the music scheme).  I hope the bands involved- that I want to take part- will be on board; I hope the public buy the album (when it is released later this year/early next year): I hope it is a good idea (I am never sure when I let my imagination get away from me).

Keep your eyes out- I will be posting a few posts throughout the next month- and thanks for all the support so far.

LET’S make it happen

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