The Time to (For)give… and Keep Going

The Time to (For)give… and Keep Going


THIS will be a short(ish) one …

For me at least.  Tomorrow- or next week anyway- I will be back to ‘regular’ duties: interviews, reviews etc.  Lately, I have become jaded somewhat: review subjects (acts I assess) have not really been showing enough gratitude- not that I review (to have my ego stroked), but it is quite hurtful (when you get the spam/bare-minimum reply).  Last year, I got some great feedback; reviewing meant a lot to acts- their praise really touched me.  From now on, I am going to be very selective with reviewing: ‘accept’ acts that (I know for sure) will appreciate my time and effort.  I guess it is one of the things about modern music: artists have to contact so many people; tick off so many boxes- they are endlessly busy and stressed.  It has made me think about things (in a wider sense)…

Social media is one of those odd things: you can connect with someone- find some terrific people- without ever meeting them; never seeing them face-to-face.  I have acquired/forged some terrific relations- with some wonderful people- the last few years- I am getting worried.  It applies more to musicians, but there is a lot of stress/anxiety going around: the pace and pressure of the industry is getting to them.  Seeing as I cannot (write a letter to each of them personally)- a few of them are in the U.S.; some even further away- I will do it here.

Easter is a great time to relax; a chance to escape (the pressures and boredom of work): enjoy some solace and peace.  For the musician, the clock never stops: they keep going on and on (and burn the candle at both ends).  This year (so far) I have been following some great musicians; pleased and proud of their progress- touched by their development and progress.

Ellene Masri:

Having just completed a (successful Kickstarter campaign) she is hard at work: video recording; planning and organization- a lot of busy times ahead.  Having been a Lonely Girl, I have been proud of her development and achievements: someone who never stops giving to fans; works tirelessly for her art- someone that wants to connect with people all around the world.  I know (over the next few weeks) she will be working non-stop: never really slowing down; music-planning, promotion and hard graft- someone who deserves things.  I hope (she will) get a chance to relax; to reflect- and see the effect she has had (on musicians, fans and followers around the world):

Jen Armstrong:

Currently based in the U.S., the Yorkshire-born artist has been working hard: having returned from New Zealand, she is performing across the U.S.; getting her music out there- some important dates and events await.  Like Ellene, she has been never-ending (with her music and promotion): nobody else is as passionate about her- music means everything to her.  Having had some doubts and stresses- and bravely traveling (to the U.S practically) by her self- she is achieving a lot; putting smiles on faces.  It may take a few years, yet I am in no doubt: the young star will fusil all of her dreams (and damned to the bad/hard times).

Diane Sherwood:

Manager- and biggest supporter of The Updraft Imperative, she never stops plugging: making sure the boys are happy; they are getting their name out there- she is planning a trip to Australia to see them (and is very excited about the fact).  A huge supporter of mine, she always looks out for people; supports great music- tirelessly works (to get her musicians the best deals/life possible).  Never someone to quit, she keeps plugging and pushing: few other people work as hard and (as passionately)- something that has inspired me greatly.

Dylan Cartlidge:

The Bi:Lingual man is a prodigious and tireless songwriter: I have been privy to some tantilising snap-shots and songs-in-waiting (the band have a serious talent in their midst).  Often doubting himself- in the way musicians are never 100% sure of their abilities- I love his songwriting; his incredible (shapeshifting and oscillating vocal ability) – the passion he brings to each song/performance.  Another tireless talent, I hope he gets to chill a bit: and realise the future is going to be prosperous (and very bright).

Sarah Collins:

Someone who has had a tough (few years), her endless passion (and performances) are deeply impressive- she never stops recording music; always looking ahead (someone whose past has been fraught with heartache and illness).  Having been on a rise, it seems like 2015/16 will be wondrous and jam-packed: so many new fans are flocking to her door.  With such a break-neck pace (she is working at), let’s hope there are some ‘down days’- where she can sit and rest.

I get worries about people (on social media).  On twitter, there is a girl I know (who I have not personally met), having a tough time: unhappy in the U.K. (or with life at the moment), I get stressed thinking about it- how the strain and fatigue of life affects her.  Desperate to do more (without appearing like an odd stalker/nutcase), I am wracking my brain: trying to ‘fix’ an issue (I may have no business trying to fix).  The same is true- with regards my music friends- of the people I know.  Not just directed at the music people; but everyone is doing so well: the people I know are the hardest-working and (most passionate) you could find- there seems to be some doubts.  In an age- where you need to work ruthlessly to get your voice heard- there is little time to relent/relax: it causes people to get depressed; start to burn out (and doubt themselves).

From my perspective- the way I want to try to help in a larger sense- is to ‘do good’: various acts and ideas (like The Single Voice) I hope can ease burdens.  In a realistic sense, it may not be possible (to eradicate issues like this; get the best people the success they need).  Whether resolution is truly possible, all I can do is say this: keep going exactly as you are; make time for yourself.  From ‘local peeps’ like Elena Ramona, Chess, Marisa Rodriguez (and many others); northern stars Issimo- international stars a-plenty.  To the musicians (and non-musician) alike: give yourself and break; you will get there in the end.  Everyone I know- who wants to make it big- is so young and talented: the progress they are making is inspiring (to me and many others), so take heart from that.

After the Easter debris subsides, allow yourself some days off: reflect on all you’ve achieved and put you first.  The anxiety, heartache and stress- that many are going through right now- will not last: do not let it overwhelm you.  There is an army out there- of people you may have never met- that want to support/help you all the way.  It is a message that applies to everyone- who may be reading this- but you’re doing great:

THE best is yet to come.

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