The Most Insulting Phrase You Could Ever Say

The Most Insulting Phrase You Could Ever Say




With Easter upon us, I have been thinking a lot (about others; the world at large), and taking heart: it could be worse…


“THERE are people (in the world) worse off than you…

Is- as this blog’s title suggests- the most insulting thing anyone can ever say (to any other human).  It is statistically true- with over 7 billion people on the planet, there are going to be quite a few- although it is completely irrelevant.   For one thing- when anyone has ever said that to me- they do not know (how difficult/bad things are) – so making a determination (as above) is, at best, ill-informed.  If people want to be empathetic/helpful (a rarity among the general populous) then they need to start giving a damn: it is one thing (there are quite a few) that annoys me greatly; when it comes to other people.  A sheer lack of empathy and social responsibly lingers like a bad smell- particularly prescient with my generation.  I am not the most altruistic or nicest person on earth, yet I feel well-placed to ‘judge’: give the collective a swift (metaphorical) boot.  Whereas a lot of people ‘have it worse than me’, this much is true: too many have it better off.

Over the last few weeks, the news has depressed me.  The recent plane tragedy (in the Alps) was particularly disturbing: something that hovered and poked around my brain.  Not omitting the terror and fear (the doomed passengers experienced in their final moments) the subject of depression came back to the fore- something that has come into sharp focus (over the last few months).  It seems that (the majority at least) the recent air tragedies- Air Asia’s two lost planes- have been caused by human error.  Whether- these crashes and tragedies- were caused by depression (or a sense of self-destruction) it is hugely distressing: why take hundreds of people with you (if you do not want to live on earth anymore?).   Mental illness will always be the deformed animal in the porch: the thing that people walk by (looking off-put and nauseated); the thing that is never petted- that animal that will always wait out in the cold.  Being depressed myself (quite severely at times) I know how hard others have it: just how bad mental illness can get.

I get affected by a lot of news stories (particularly true lately).  The massacre in Kenya (where scores of university students were slaughtered on the basis of their religion); every accidental death; each unnecessary death- I always picture everything; get upset and affected (I let it all get to me).  Perhaps it is the way I am hard-wired, yet it seems worrying (whether I will ever be able to cope with the ‘reality’ of the world).  I know I cannot stop things like this: I am incapable of messiah-like feats of salvation and protection, but I (always feel) compelled to get involved.

Over the next few days (I will be publishing a blog on Sunday) I am pressing hard (with my charity idea) and am still optimistic and resolute- I am finding few faults with the idea; sure masses will warm to the concept (when it goes live).  In as much as (there is a lot of needless waste/tragedy around) there is an even bigger problem: people turning their backs and not giving a damn.  I am not talking about the ‘wider scale’- in the community, I see too many humans doing the bare-minimum (on a good day).  Whether it is passing by the Big Issue Seller; not helping an elderly person open the door; not stopping when someone feints/has an accident- I wonder what the hell goes through (other people’s heads).  Reviewing music, I have become disaffected lately: bands and musicians are treating (the chance to get reviewed) as were it nothing.  I have in front of me, cards of thanks- touching and wonderful emails- from bands/managers/acts I have assessed- all thankful and grateful.  I never expected any of it, but (getting gifts like that) has compelled me to keep going with it- bands and musicians now seem less thankful; treat me like one (out of hundreds of reviewers); something they have to tick off the list.  I know how busy and hard it is (for musicians to get noticed) and they have a tough time- simple manners and appreciation goes a long way.

Maybe I am being (a premature) ‘old man’: what the hell is going on with people?  I know lots of wonderfully thoughtful people (who have it worse than me); many lovely humans (that are very good to me): I know too many (who have it all) give nothing bad.  More than anything in the world, I want to be less alone- I hate being single- and feel less ‘unloved’ (in that sense).  I want to live in London (timing a job and flat together will prove tough); I want to get a band together (and fulfil a lifelong dream) – I want to have a job I enjoy/can stand.  As much as anything, I want others to be ‘okay’- an attitude I never want to lose.  Whether this means (I spend less time on myself) I don’t mind.

Small changes and actions can make a big difference: changing attitudes and ways can lead to huge things.  Not wanting to sound like a preacher: too many people need to start thinking (about others).  This Easter I will be writing a lot; getting away from home (as much as humanely possible) and trying to relax.  I hope everyone has a great time (the next few days) and gives themselves some relaxation and space.  To those (who have not spent enough time thinking of others): make them feel less lonely; make some small changes- perform an act of kindness, just for the hell of it (and see the other person’s reaction).  Lots of people have it worse than me, and I realise how lucky I am.  For those that are (worse off), I will be eternally saddened- and sympathetic.  For those better off- that spend little thought on others- I will be endlessly angry.  Being more socially conscious- in addition to being a good thing- also makes you feel better about yourself.  When it comes down to it…

WHY would you not want that?

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