The Single Voice: The ‘Foreplay Stage’

The Single Voice

The ‘Foreplay Stage’ (Feeling Optimistic)

OKAY, so I’ll play this like a birth: use the analogy with as few mentions…

to the (rather graphic) process as possible.  In fact, I have never been that ‘pretentious’ (I hope) when describing any of my campaigns/fundraisers (if I use the word ‘journey’ once, I will castrate myself).  Just wanted to give those- with any vague anticipation and interest- a heads-up/progress report.  After a busy weekend (so far)- of reviewing and what have you- I am dedicating (tomorrow) to conceptualising/solidifying my plans…

So far, I have written to a few big names- Google of course; Stephen Fry too- to get some support/backing.  It would be great (were Google) to take interest: throw their weight behind it (and realise it’s a good/risk-free idea).  For those who have not read my initial blog ( I am getting revved-up about this- I think it could be a winner.  If it all goes ‘to plan’ (and it gets launched) there are back hopes: raising millions for lots of charities; raising awareness of gender/equality issues; promoting new music; giving a voice to ‘forgotten’/stigmatised illnesses…so much more.  I have pretty good plans for the website- making it informative, full-bodied and eye-catching (ensuring the registration process is as pain-free as possible).

If Google are on board, I would like to think (a conservative estimate) the scheme could launch this time next year- and run for a full year.  The Single Voice relies on very little initial effort (from the user): the great thing is- once you have signed up-  it is a case of sitting back and watching the donations/fundraising climb.  It is perhaps the most ambitious charity idea ever- in some sense- but I am not off-put: there is no reason it could not succeed/be launched…

When I get more word back (from Google/various celebs.) I will keep you all updated.  When it is ‘a go’, I would love for (musicians, actors, comedians etc.) to do some promotional videos- can be humorous or unique… to get people on board.  Once that happens, on with the journey…

OH fuck.

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