The Thirty Best New Music (Acts) for 2015: ‘The Middle Ten’

 The Thirty Best New Music (Acts) for 2015:

‘The Middle Ten’


Annie Drury:

A young artist who has had her work played on (B.B.C.) Radio Two: the Yorkshire heroine is on a golden trajectory.  Under the tutelage (and management) of Cuckoo Records, 2015 is going to be a pivotal year: expect to see this rare talent coming (firmly into) the spotlight.  Modern music provides much competition and variation- there is something for everyone- so it is tough knowing who to back: Drury is an artist that should be a staple (of your record collection).

Little Sparrow:

When I reviewed her (Wishing Tree) album last year: I was blown away by the mesmeric vocals; stunningly evocative songs- the beauty that spilled from every note.  Hard-working, determined and passionate- Katie Ware is an artist that is sure to be making music (for many years to come).  Whether wowing festival throngs- or seducing intimate crowds- there is no getting away from the wonder (of her music).  I know how hard she (and her manager) works: it will not be long before Little Sparrow is a huge success.  Do not let her music pass you by.

Lisa Marini:

Charming and cheeky; vicarious and vibrant: Lisa Marini’s E.P. from the Bedroom Den is as colourful and alluring (as its cover).  Highlighting the sort of memorable songs (and stunning vocals) that makes careers- the only way is up (for Marini).  Buy her E.P.- and help fund her future creations- and experience an artist with a lot more to say; a special voice (and plenty of ambition)

Sarah Collins:

Having begun (her music life) covering sensational songs (in her own inimitable and stunning way); Sarah Collins has grown and burgeoned- she has assembled her own band; is getting airplay; embarking on tour dates.  Having gained fans and plaudits (throughout 2014), the scintillating singer has impetus and purpose: to bring her warmth, passion and power to the masses.  Seek out her (many) performances- and see what all the fuss is about.

Universal Thee:

A band with a stellar reputation: one of the U.K.’s finest rising acts.  Drawing influence from the likes of Pixies; the husband and wife-led group are a force to be reckoned with.  Boasting catchy hooks; insatiable melodies; quotable lyrics- these lot have ammunition in spades.  Few new bands are as assured and confident (as Universal Thee)- expect this to pay dividends as we progress through 2015.

Alison Levi:

I have always loved Miss. Levi’s cheek and charm; her humour and beauty; her wit and vitality: above all, it is her knee-trembling tones (that capture me most).  The stunning London-based artist is someone we should all keep an eye on.  With possible new releases and gigs afoot; plenty of fresh potential- we will all get to witness the young singer do her thing.   Follow Levi (on social media) to enjoy the witticisms, fun and adventure- and some bloody good music.

Nina Schofield:

Schofield has worked her socks off (over the last year)- playing gigs all around the country.  Her brand of Pop has managed to catch the ear of multiple radio stations, venues and critics.  An effortlessly talented songwriter, Schofield’s natural warmth and strength shine (throughout her music).  With new fans and support behind her: surely this year will see her become a household name.

Crystal Seagulls:

After a whirlwind 2014, the boys are embarking on fresh assaults: their music is ready-made for festival crowds and hungry music-lovers.  Anthemic and fist-pumping; subtle and tender, the band has a range and ability (few of their peers possess).  When a new album- or E.P.- drops, it will see the guys win over new supporters and patrons.  In a world of reality T.V. musicians and manufactured idols- this group is the kick in the teeth (that makes you smile).

Lydia Baylis:

We are pretty much spoiled for choice when it comes to female solo artists- few manage to resonate (and stick in the consciousness).  Baylis is that rarest of things: a musician that manages to tick all of the boxes.  Humble and intelligent; talented and beautiful; prolific and inspiring: her music crosses boundaries; unites fans of (multiple genres).  Check out (Lydia’s) SoundCloud channel- and witness some very impresses footsteps.  Few are more excited (than me) to hear new material: it is sure to be very special indeed.

The Bedroom Hour:

You may notice- that few of my recommendations- feature bands: this London clan is impossible to forget.  Containing essences of Elbow and Doves, the boys are in no shortage of wonder: their body of work is solid and remarkable.  With an album- and several releases- behind them, the group has amassed a dedicated fan-base.  Few bands are as primed for the big-time as The Bedroom Hour- their time as Reading and Leeds headliners cannot be far away.

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