The Thirty Best New Music (Acts) for 2015: ‘The Final Ten’

The Thirty Best New Music (Acts) for 2015:

‘The Final Ten’


The Verideals:

Jade Barnett and Mat Jones (make up The Verideals).  An act with immense potential, the last year has seen them develop and evolve.  Having reviewing the group (under their former name Shades of Jade), the way they have adapted is impressive- a musical proposition with a clear future.  Clear chemistry and strong songwriter is backed by Barnett’s inimitable voice- an act that are sure to rise from the underground.

Boom Tales (Ft. Eloise Lovell Anderson)

One of my favourite acts from 2014, the unique and unforgettable sounds (from Boom Tales) is a rarity indeed.  When Eloise Lovell Anderson lends her vocals to the mix, that sense of beauty and ethereal entrance is augmented.  Whatever 2015 holds for them, it is clear they will continue to grow- reaching new fans and supporters.  As comfortable relaxed and serene- as enraptured and determined- the group are one of London’s finest.


Their front-man resembles Kurt Cobain: to be fair, their music has hints of Nirvana.  Allusondrugs are stronger than resemblances: catchy, anthemic and insanely hypnotic- the boys are destined for future festivals.  The north (and Yorkshire) has ample wonderful music: these lads rank amongst the very finest (from the county).  Once heard, they are near-impossible to forget.

The Moth Lantern:

Guided by the stunning songwriting o Dan Clark, the Lincolnshire band is one of the most underrated in the U.K.  Their album (Light Waves) shows just how strong they are: masters of melody, uplift and thought-provoking lines.  Having been backed by the likes of B.B.C. Radio 6, the four-piece will be climbing (new heights) throughout 2015.

Braver Than Fiction:

Mixing Indie-Folk, Blues and Alternative shades, the Sheffield band have received serious plaudits- include laudatory statements from many.  A phenomenal live band, it cannot be too long before Braver’ are making their way internationally: their sound is ready-made for the U.S.  I know the group is making plans for this year: make sure you are a part of them.


Few acts (successfully, at least) mix Hip-Hop and Rock/Metal.  Beastie Boys mastered it: since then, there have not been many followers.  Skillful lyricists; masterful musicians: their stunning songs are backed by raw and scintillating vocals.  Another band (like Allusondrugs) that has grit and panache: they are sure to be regular fixtures at some of this country’s most prestigious music festivals.

Dana McKeon:

Malta is a country that is growing in recognition- having produced the likes of Chess.  Dana McKeon is an exceptional talent: a skilled M.C./rapper; a prodigious artist and intuitive songwriter, she is sure to go far.  Critical praise has been flooding in; fans and supporters have flocked- this coming year is going to provide (her) much opportunity.  When I reviewed (her single) Street Art, I knew we had (an amazing artist) on our hands- see for yourselves…


The three members of CryBabyCry are a busy bunch- Rosie Doonan has been heard as Rosie and the Howling North and Cissie Redgwick; Jonny Firth has performed solo and as one half as Knuckle; Nici Todd has played with Rose and the Howling North (as has Firth).  The guys are clearly comfortable with each other: this familiarity comes through in their assured and stunning music.  A terrific live act, the Yorkshire crew are building the foundations- to a very prosperous future.

Second Hand Poet:

Few (male) solo artists have stuck in my mind (over the last few years): Second Hand Poet is an artist deserving of wide acclaim.  Haunting and introspective; uplifting and passionate: the young artist is not short of inspiration and direction.  Having performed around Surrey and London, Second Hand Poet has garnered appreciative sighs- his fan-base is growing.  In a scene filled with half-arsed solo acts, it refreshing to see someone who has true potential.

Ivy and Gold:

Drawing comparisons with the likes of London Grammar; Ivy and Gold are a stunning duo: one who will go far.  Mix alluring and powerful vocals; captivating and nuanced soundscapes; universal (yet personal) songs- they are a duo for the people.  The bond and affection (Rachel Wilkinson and Jamie Davies) share is evident: that simpatico comes through in their (glorious) music.  Last year was a good one for them- this year will be even better.  The market is begging (for an act like them): it is easy to see why.

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