The Thirty Best New Music (Acts) for 2015: ‘The First Ten’

 The Thirty Best New Music (Acts) for 2015:


‘The First Ten’


Jen Armstrong:

A woman who had made me reassess life; made me make some big changes- switch to vegetarianism, sign up as a blood and organ donor- and strive for better things.  She is going to be rocking the U.S. (for six months) very soon- and is an incredible talent to watch.  One of the most stunning musicians in the U.K., you would be foolish to pass her by.


From Malta to Surrey, to… who knows where?  Last year was a busy and promising one; her two previous E.P.s- Babygirl and Tuxedo- have shown what a songwriter she is.   We are less than a month in (to 2015) but the signs point to some big things: a new single is just the start of it.  Keep your eyes planted her way…

Marisa Rodriguez:

A young talent that works tirelessly (to promote her music).  One of the most diverse and impressive young songwriters around: her upcoming E.P. will be one of the most anticipated of 2015.  A stunning voice- and stunning artist- it will only be a matter of time (before Marisa) is a big name.

Elena Ramona:

In a scene that can be defined (by predictability and limits), Elena Ramona is a singer/songwriter who offers something fresh- a unique voice with a special talent.  Growing in stature and confidence; she is a stunning artist that will be making waves (and impressions) as the year unfolds (with a new E.P. mooted).


A charming and (hugely gifted) Yorkshire duo, these guys are an immense prospect.  Seemingly capable of owning any themes, style (or genre), their effortless and diverse songwriting is a joy to hear- their live performances have charmed and seduced many.  It is only a matter of time before the heartwarming twosome are festival mainstays.


Over 2014, I reviewed many amazing musicians: few more memorable than Gypsyfingers.  Their album Circus Life was a highlight for me: it demonstrated how naturally they (Luke Oldfield and Victoria Coghlan) unite.  Stunning vocals, entrancing songs; incredible compositions- a Folk duo with a massive future.

Ellene Masri:

Alluring and romantic; impassioned and empowering: Ellene Masri creates music for the masses.  Elements of Jazz and Pop fuse into songs which linger in the mind- topped with a voice that can buckle the knees.  Splitting her time between the U.S. and Europe, the young star is a continent-straddling artist with plenty to say: with many ears (more than) willing to listen (and adore).

The Updraft Imperative:

Christian-Rock magic from the Australian wonders.  If you love your music catchy, nuanced and inspiring: these are the guys for you.  Whether you are religious (or not) then they will appeal and entice: their songs are designed to make you smile, think and reflect- few other bands are capable of doing this.  Let us just hope they come and play (in the U.K.) as much as possible this year.

Chenai Music:

Strong and defiant; principled and thoughtful- an artist that has the power to inspire musicians and change minds.  One of the most naturally beautiful women (I have seen), her voice and artistry is a glistening treat: her music is some of the most original and innovative around.  With new releases (surely forthcoming) this year- check out a young artist with limitless potential.

Los and the Deadlines:

A band I am familiar with: their songs never fail to amaze me.  Hard-rocking and swaggering; cool and detached- these guys can pretty much do anything.  Their order composes multiple nationalities; their songs cover masses of ground- their consistency and prowess is staggering.  Going from strength-to-strength, the London group is one of our finest.

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