Interview: Elena Ramona


Elena Ramoma


Word by Sam Liddicott


After a busy and productive year (which saw the release of her debut E.P., Hold On), Elena Ramona reveals her current plans; what influences her songwriting process, and how she writes “lyrics and music that my listeners will connect to on a personal level.”


THE next few months will be a very busy one for the Surrey-based artist.

When Hold On was released back in February, it was met with huge respect and acclaim. The sounds, urgency and talent displayed throughout the E.P. showcased a young artist with a lot to say. Tracks such as Addiction particularly stood out, and its messages certainly hit a chord. Confident songwriting, simple and effective lyrics mixed with layered and nuanced compositions- all backed by Elena Ramona’s striking voice. Able to go from sexy to revenge-filled; soft to impassioned; yearning to introverted, it is a facet that made the E.P. so impressive and confident. Since then, a string of gigs have been performed (within Surrey and London), and there are some impressive and important dates on the horizon.

The likes of Best of British and Eagle Radio have featured the music of Elena Ramona; her debut single Rise is still garnering a huge amount of attention and feedback, and it seems that ears and eyes are turning their attentions to this future star. The rest of 2014 will see plans and ambitions come to the fore, and it will be interesting to see what comes next (and where the Hold On heroine is headed). Having interviewed Elena Ramona last November, I was keen to see how life had changed; what plans there were for the rest of 2014- and how the reaction to Hold On has affected her.

You have been performing gigs around Surrey and London. How have you found the experience, and do you think it has given you more confidence as a live performer?

It’s been great fun. Being on stage singing my own material so far has been an amazing experience.  My audience has responded well and I have found connecting with them comes naturally.

How did you react to the massive positive attention Hold On received?

I was very touched. I was not expecting everyone to react in such a positive way to a debut E.P. It has given me the confidence to carry on making music the way I do.

In your opinion, what are your main themes and elements that inspire your songwriting?

This may vary depending on what mood I am in and what I want to say. I write lyrics and music that my listeners will connect to on a personal level.

Hold On looked at a variety of subjects- from family and friends through to love and holding on (obviously)- how has your songwriting style changed since then? What sort of themes and subjects might we expect to see in the future?

I don’t believe my songwriting style will change drastically, as the way I write has had positive feedback; however, my second single and second E.P. will have more edge, vocally and musically.

There are a lot of challenges that face artists in the modern climate. What are the biggest challenges you have faced?

The biggest challenge I have faced so far is getting exposure for my music. I am currently working hard to promote Hold On and Rise through magazines, blogs and radio.

Can you provide any advice to any new songwriters coming through at the moment?

Write songs that you believe in and not what you believe people will want to hear. Enjoy it as there is nothing more beautiful than telling the world how you feel through music. There are many genres, and it is sometimes hard to find one that suits you best- so experiment, write different styles and slowly one will just fit. Finally, concentrate on pleasing the people who support you (and not the people who don’t).

Finally, what are your plans and ambitions for the rest of this year/next year?

I am currently working on the release of my second single, Lying Blue Eyes- which will also have a music video. I am very excited to release this track, as it has taken a long time to get it all together. I have begun to write for my second E.P. We are aiming to release fresh new songs this winter. Having had so much fun gigging locally, I have applied to perform at various festivals next summer, such as Boomtown, Glasto (Glastonbury) and Pride– look out for me on the acoustic stage.

Elena’s debut E.P., Hold On can be purchased at


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