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Fernando Perdomo 


California Moon




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RELEASED: May 01, 2014 ℗ 2014 Fernando Perdomo


Warm cover art

Produced by Fernando Perdomo
“We Fight” Produced by Fernando Perdomo and Victoria Kashtan
“On Sunday Morning Produced by Fernando Perdomo and Per Sundlin
Mixed and Mastered by Zach Ziskin
Engineered by Fernando Perdomo, Per Sundlin, David Alon Gielan, and Greg Byers
Recorded at Reseda Ranch Studios, Melody Maker Productions,
and Tambourine Studios
All Instruments and Vocals by Fernando Perdomo
All Cello’s by Greg Byers
Drums on “Home” and “This Too Shall Pass” – Eddie Zyne
Bass on “Home” and “This Too Shall Pass” – Vincent Cuevas
Flute on “This Too Shall Pass” – Cynthia Kivlan
Viola on “Home” – Dave Torre
Piano on “Home” by Max Farber
Vocals on “We Fight” and “Girl With a Record Collection” – Alih Jey
Vocals on “Home” and “On Sunday Morning” – Durga McBroom Hudson
Vocals on “On Sunday Morning” – Michelle Vidal
All Songs written by Fernando Perdomo (BMI) except
“Girl With A Record Collection” written by Fernando Perdomo and Derek Cintron
Cover Lighting effect by Jessica Hundley Photo by Laurel Stearns


Photographers in Love9.6


Home Is Wherever You Are- 9.5

Girl With A Record Collection- 9.6


We Fight (Because We’re In Love)- 9.5

California Moon- 9.6

This Too Shall Pass9.5

Angel Lust- 9.4

Find A Lover- 9.5

On Sunday Morning- 9.5

Standout Track: California Moon


Fernando Perdomo relocated to L.A. from Miami; bringing along a chest of stories, covetous yearning, flashbacks, love stories and emotions- Warm is a cornucopia of wealth from a tender and zealous heart. With the album picking up an impassioned momentum, I investigate its most striking and touching track.


MY thoughts, once more, turn towards American shores…

Fernando Perdomo is creating quite a buzz around California (as well as the U.S.). Having been a musician and performer for many years now, it is unsurprising that his L.P. (Warm) is receiving such high praise and attention. It is not just filled with authority and fascinating soundscapes, but ties together various sonic threads. Differing moods, subjects and towns are crossed off across the album’s itinerary- it is a stunning and multifarious achievement. If you are unfamiliar with Perdomo, let me shed some light:

Fernando Jose Perdomo (born August 17, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist, record producer . Originally from Miami Beach, Florida . He has toured, performed and recorded with various artists in many different genre’s. He is the co-producer of “The Soul Of All Natural Things”, the new album from the legendary Linda Perhacs. In 2010 Fernando Perdomo and his band Dreaming in Stereo were signed to a management deal with Bill Aocoin, under his company Aucoin Globe Entertainment. However, Aucoin became ill and died due to surgical complications from prostate cancer. Aucoin has also been credited with discovering, developing and managing the legendary rock band Kissand Billy Idol. Dreaming in Stereo 2 followed in 2010 to glowing reviews. The band showcased at SXSW 2010 and also backed up the legendary Andy Pratt. In 2012 Perdomo released his debut Solo EP, “Home is Wherever You Are” produced by Grammy nominated producer, Chris Rodriguez. Perdomo moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and opened “Reseda Ranch Studios” in Reseda. His first project is co producing (with Chris Price) the long-awaited second album by Linda Perhacs. He is also currently producing The Defiant, Jim CamachoLittle Dove, Robert Avellanet, Rooney Anne James, Graham Marshall, Trudy Miquelerena, Apryl Electra, Rebecca Schwab, Nicole Marcus, Melissa Thatcher, Andy Pratt, Melissa Thatcher and Records and Tapes. In 2013, Perdomo formed Records and Tapes with Jennifer Jo Oberle. The band has released 2 singles and a music video. His new single, “Photographers in Love” came out on 11/08/13.”

In addition to recording, Perdomo runs Reseda Ranch Studios in Los Angeles, and is amongst the busiest, most talented and ambitious musicians around. His mature, assured and tantalising musicianship and songwriting will reap rewards- and ensure that these sensibilities bring in a varied and impassioned fan base.

Perdomo’s wide range of sounds and styles means that his music does not subjugate and discriminate. If you are a fan of ’60s and ’70s classic U.S. Folk acts then you will find much to appreciate. Similarly, there are Beatle-esque touches (within the L.P.) that will please aficionados of classic British 1960s music. Openness and honest mingle with introspection and personal tragedy; swelling and touching made-for-movies scenery rubs shoulders with sun-drenched multifairiousness and light. Kaleidoscopic and dream-like visions run rampant, and each track is gorgeously crafted and considered. Not confined to a season or narrow sense of occasion, the songs can be appreciated in any weather, and at any time. Nothing is transient or sluggish; songs make their impressions known and linger long in the mind. If you appreciate music which offers its heart on its sleeve; that which implores you to look within yourself; to be uplifted and invigorated- then Fernando Perdomo fits the bill exquisitely.

The opening notes of California Moon tenderly set the scene. Twisting and springing guitar notes evoke a myriad of scenes. Instantly, your mind is transported to some post-dusk Los Angeles highway; nothing but contemplation and open road lays ahead. Undertones of (Bryter Layter-era) Nick Drake and Ray LaMontagne come through, yet it is a sonic sojourner that soon gives way to our frontman’s entrance. Talking of “dancing in the dark“, Perdomo’s voice has a husky and calming air; earnestly speaking to his sweetheart, he implores her to join him- to go dancing under the heady glow of the moonlight. It is hard not to be put in mind of the Folk legends of the ’60s and ’70s- there is that same sense of authority and quality that comes through. The guitar is subtle but evocative; saying so much with few notes, Perdomo deftly puts the listener in his thought. It is nigh-on impossible not to imagine and speculate as to what the song’s author sees- the sights, smells and sensations are all there. The chorus marries Drake-esque vocal touches with an impassioned and direct coda: “California moon/Shining on you“. Whereas a lot of contemporaries infuse some negativity and cynicism into their love songs, here the mood is ripe, receptive and honest- Perdomo and his love are entwined in the night’s air, nary a trouble to be found. By the time the chorus is repeated and weaved, it solidly sticks in your head; its infectious and simple charm is hard to ignore. The melody and vocal projection put me somewhat in mind of Prefab Sprout (particularly their albums Crimson/Red and Let’s Change the World with Music); you can hear that same charm and urbane reflection within. Similarly, one could imagine Paul McCartney penning a similar track in 1967/8- if you listen to The Beatles, you could envisage California Moon slotting right in the mix. Comparisons aside, Perdomo has a real flair for song craft; able to mix contemporary Folk and troubadour sensitivity with latter-day Pop glory. By the final third, guitar notes mutate and evolve; from acoustic arpeggio flow through to electric wail, the atmosphere is kept alive, vibrant and filled with life. As the closing stage arrive, our frontman once more expounds the wonders of the night and ensures that the insatiable and indelible melody remains in your thoughts (for a long, long time). California Moon is a track that wins you over with its simple beauty and conviction, providing a much-needed breath of fresh air- away from the negativity and bait-and-switch that a lot of modern-day music promotes.

Warm is a natural evolution from previous works such as Dreams and Home Is Wherever You Are; one where Perdomo steps from the solo spotlight and collaborates with Linda Perhacs. Where past discs contained all the typical confident, flair, range and emotion (one would expect from Perdomo), Warm builds upon this and updates the listener on recent events. The songs seem more effortless and natural; there is a sense of passion and increased confidence throughout, and Perdomo has produced his most assured and fascinating set of songs to date. Photographers In Love looks at different photographic preferences and styles; beautifully employing them as metaphors for love (and contrasts and differences in relationships); presenting a sunny take on a unique love. Girl With A Record Collection is a paen to alphabetized vinyl, and a girl that blows the author away (“Without saying a word“). This Too Shall Pass employs Grieg-esque spring-time woodwind amidst a song that looks at life; all the woes and hardships that are faced daily- offering redemption and hope that things will turn out right. Warm is a perfect starting point for new listeners, and will appeal as much to lovers of modern-day cinematic Folk/Indie as it will to those accustomed to 1960s Pop. Being one of the most respected and hard-working musicians in the U.S., Perdomo’s future is assured and safe. His latest L.P. will bring in many new fans from all around (including many in the U.K.) and reinforce his status as one of music’s biggest hopes. Having produced for the likes of Little Doves, Perdomo has his finger firmly on the pulse of modern music- an intuition and talent that comes through in his own music. I am sure that future projects and collaborations are already taking effect (or at least percolating in the back of Perdomo’s mind), so it will be fascinating to see what comes next. If you are looking for something new; music that can put you in a better mood, but also compel you to dig deep within yourself and reflect…

THEN your search should start (and end) here.

Warm cover art


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