I have been having quite a think- when it comes to music.  On my own terms, I have managed to write a double L.P.’s worth of material.  The diversity and range is, well… ambitious.  I am happy with all the titles; the lyrics, and- although I can’t read or write music- the compositions.  There is little in the way of pretention (Moi?!).  My voice is shaping up to be quite…um, ‘interesting’ and for all purposes, the foundations have been laid.  I keep wondering where the band are going to come from.  Where is the money going to come from.  Where, in fact, is the impetuous going to come from?  It easy enough to sculpt a song; a voice; an action plan, yet when practicality and reality rear their twin behinds; they often fart clean in your face.  I have wished it is easier to find band members and connect.  I hope that in the next couple of years I will be in a studio; a list of songs recorded, and all of my (music) ambitions satisfied.  It is always the case, mind, that a little help is needed.  Similarly- and for a fair few months- I have had three ‘fantastic’ music video ideas rattling around my skull.  Two are quite ambitious (in terms of scale and possible cost); whereas the other is simple- yet effective.  I know a few local musicians in the midst of making videos, yet the budgets- as one would expect- are reigned in (and directors already attached).  I find myself wondering: where are my ideas to go?  I don’t want to bin them as are exciting me greatly, yet there are few opportunities, networks or portals to place my ideas.


Above all, I have found myself unable to relax.  I frequent coffee houses in order to absorb an atmosphere as well as inspire my mind to write.  It is often the way that one cannot find a local coffee house that is not awash with infantile screaming, irritating throat clearing, coughing, irritation and shiver-inducing cackling.  I am not against conversation- far from it, yet feel that coffee houses- as well as bars- should be havens of chatting, ideas and relaxation.  People in their diluted form seldom have manners or outward consideration; causing patrons such as myself to depressingly stare from the window wondering: where is there a place for people like me?


I have tried to find a way to tie all the ambitions, considerations, concerns and tentacle together: to place them under one roof.  My personal music ambitions will continue unabated, and hopefully Psychoacoustics can run in conjunction with, as well as foster all of my dreams.  Below is the ‘plan’: the layout and strands that will be the venue for the basis of the master plan.  I am hoping that enough public appeal and need will mean that the transition from ‘ideas’ to ‘reality’ will be smooth- as well as short on obstacles…



The logo will depict a gorgeous woman in a black dress.  In her left hand is a blue rose, whilst in her right, is a microphone.  There is a microphone stand in front of her, whilst we see a spotlight shine to the side of her face; whilst drops of rain are overhead and on the other side of her face.  She has brown fair and green eyes, with red lipstick.  To the side of her is a gramophone, as a vinyl plays.  She looks focused but relaxed; enjoying and entranced by the music playing.  The main logo will be centred, whilst either side of the logo will be ‘Psycho’ and ‘Acoustics’ in red lettering.  The letters will be in a stylised font, but easy to red; with the letters bordered in white to give a modern and striking design.


Intended Destination:

Hoping to have the premises located either Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden or Soho.  Due to the size of the building it will need to be located in these areas; and are also locales that attract huge amounts of tourists and attention- providing the most possible custom.



Inspired by Café De Paris, the building will be very large as well as decedent.  The premises will comprise two floors; with the intension of each being large enough to contain all the incorporated properties of the business (see below).  Hoping to have it opened no later than 2018.


Opening Hours:


8am to 12pm.


8am to 12pm (when gigs are performed it will be extended to 1am).


9am to 9pm.



Around about 50 in total.



It will be over-18s only: no babies or children allowed.  Dress code is not strict and open to the public.



I know of websites similar to Kickstarter that provide funding opportunities for businesses.  I hope to pitch a business plan and raise as much of the funding from there.  Aside from a business loan, I am hoping to raise as much of the remainder of the funds myself.  I am not sure of the exact cost of the entire business, yet hoped that over the coming few years the entire amount can be raised.



Ground Floor:


Bar and Kitchen:

As you enter, to the left of the premises is the bar.  The bar will be very modern with a wide and long counter, in order to allow maximum custom.  The bar logo will be emblazoned above the bar, and will be unique.  As well as serving coffee (and tea, hot chocolate etc.) alcohol will also be served.  There will be a range of beers, wines and spirits- as well as an extensive cocktail menu.  The menu will be extensive.  There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner options- with a dessert menu.  The range will include British, American, Mexican, French, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Australian and Spanish food; from savoury to sweet.  The kitchen will be next to the bar, and will serve food from opening through to close.  There will be themed dishes and cocktails that will incorporate band names, lyrics and album titles etc.



There will be a large amount of sitting, to accommodate around about 100 people.  The seats will consist of sofas, leather sofas and chairs, as well as wooden chairs.  It is designed to be a relaxing and comfortable environment; it will not be cluttered or compacted- space and openness is a huge key.


Jukeboxes and Speakers:

This is one of the main features of the business.  The music will be the epicentre of the bar/café, and will be a constant.  As you enter, to the left and right hand corners; to the back left and right corners; as well as in the centre, will be two digital jukeboxes.  It will be free, where anyone can select a song.  There will only be allowance for one song per customer; with a continuous playlist being selected.  The jukebox menu will be interactive, so you can select a song by searching; or find by genre/decade etc.  There will be access to over 500,000 songs, and will include every genre and style.  There will be screens in the centre of the room (overhead) that will show which song is next- running order etc., and everyone will be able to hear the music.  There will be four speakers suspended from the ceiling- on each corner of a chandelier.  The music will not be so loud that you cannot converse, yet will be crisp and true.  Using latest technologies it will be possible to blend the sound of music and conversation so that neither becomes too distracting.



As you enter, to the right hand side of the building is a small stage.  It will measure 15 by 20ft, and will host intimate performances.  At the back of the building will a main stage.  It will be 25 by 30ft, and will have a retro feel.  There will be a blend of modern, gothic and American; giving the stage a unique feel.  The stage will host larger gigs; whereas in front of the stage, will be an orchestra pit that can host 30 musicians.



The décor will be a main attracting.  On the walls will be paintings and landscapes depicting famous album covers, music photos, as well as band portraits and designs.  It will encompass a large range of artists and there will also be canvases on the wall.  There will be modified street signs and portraits, giving it a retro and classic feel all at once.  There will be a white wall as well, where lyrics can be written and designs drawn.  The entire interior will mix modern and vintage, with artefacts and designs reflecting this.  It will not be like Hard Rock Café where it is a sort of music museum or attraction; it will be subtle and will play second fiddle to the key components.  Overhead will be several chandeliers as well, providing a romantic feel.  At night these will be on, and soothing lighting will bathe the interior.



There are two methods of access from the ground to upper level.  There will be a staircase to the right of the entrance; in addition there will be a small lift giving disabled access (and to allow transportation of equipment, stock etc.)


Upper Level:



This is a store with Rough Trade in mind.  The store is split into different sections.  There is an extensive store that offers music by genre, decade etc. and has a large stock- similar to HMV’s largest stores.  As with the lower level of the bar, there are paintings, designs and artwork on the walls- and ceilings.  There is also band merchandise and memorabilia, signed memorabilia, as well as musical instruments.  The idea is that there is everything under one roof that a musician, music fan or music lover could want.  There is a charming décor that mixes ’90s Seattle, modern-day U.S. as well as Rough Trade.  It is homely as well as modern and cutting-edge.  As well as being an all-inclusive store there is a profit-share initiative.  Schemes will be set up to allow a small percentage of profits going to independent record stores, as well as local bands.


Charity Office:

There will be a small office, next to the store, which will house the Psychoacoustic charity.  It will employ around 10 people, and is a charity which aims to raise money for musicians, struggling bands and children from difficult background persue their goals.


Consoles and screens:

This will incorporate everything from the Psychoacoustics music website:  There will be about two dozen consoles arranged within the middle of the floor.  These allow direct access to the website.  As mentioned, the website aims to make it simple to create music, music videos; collaborate online and distribute music.  It incorporates all of the best features of the major music websites, and offers so much more.  People will be able to access the website through the consoles.  There will be two large walls which will display music videos, or can alternatively project images from any of the consoles- for instance is a music video has been created, it can be instantly projected.



Dominating one half of the level will be the studio.  It is a medium-sized studio that will offer all the benefits and technologies of the biggest studios.  It will encompass a studio, rehearsal room, control room; as well as lounge and bedroom.  There will be an in-house engineer, producer and representatives and offer rates that are very competitive.  The hope is that is will appeal to new bands, but also drag in big names and established acts.


Garden and Tranquillity:

In the centre of the level will be a small garden.  There will be a water feature, as well as plants; aimed to relax and inspire.  There will also be a balcony, that will provide a small garden as well as seating.



There will be chandeliers as well on this level, but a more toned-down feel.  There is impressive lightning and a warm and relaxing vibe.  Again there will be leather chair and sofas- located near the consoles.


I am still in the initial stages, yet see everything in my head: the look, the sounds and smells and all besides.  I am open to idea as there are many whom would frequent a place like this.  What do people want?  What needs including?  I know if is going to be costly, but hell, it shall be done.  Above all..


Would people come (and make return visits)?



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