Lisa Marini: ‘Wonderful’ – Track Review

Wonderful- Track Review





It is music for the masses; simply effective and gripping from beginning to end.



Availability: ‘Wonderful’ is available on the E.P. ‘Let It Live’- both available at:



A multi-definitional song, that lives up to its title …


is not a sentiment I have confidently expressed for some while now. One often has to circumvent their own skin and bones when analysing a song, as not to be too critical or pugnacious. Often artists or bands will boldly make statements about tracks, or give their work undeserved sparkling effusions, and compare themselves to some rather stellar talent. Subsequently, when being faced with their business plan, it can be quite easy to be derisive, when faced with their somewhat haughty profit and loss statements. Happily, I have born witness to a casual influx of rather under-valued virginal talent, each proffering their wares, immodestly. A lot of the acts have hailed from the beautiful north, especially around the Leeds area; a few have been from the home counties, but few have been based in London.


A new name to my mind, Lisa Marini arrives, as quite a curious case study. She is based in London, and has been performing for a little while now. She possess a modern and intoxication charm to her. She has the stunning looks and appeal more usually reserved for A-list Hollywood actresses, yet is down-to-earth and accessible. Lisa has several tattoos, and a perfectly mannered approach to performing. She has just released her E.P. ‘Let It Live’- already receiving positive feedback and plaudits from social media. Anyone expecting either derivative hard rock, or flightless infantialised pop, will be in for a rather pleasant surprise. The music on the E.P. is mature and thought-provoking, sharing some resemblances to the likes of Lana Del Rey, Jessie Ware, and Adele, but has a rather different musical background. Influenced heavily by the blues, this sound comes through in the tracks, and backed by a Latin-blues style trio, the resultant genetic infusion conjures a memorable and unique blend. Unless you are part of a well-informed coffee clatch, or have both ears firmly to ground, hearing about artists such as Marini is a rather serendipitous happening. I have bemoaned the lack of appropriate purveyance, when seeking new music talent. The music industry is unswayed and motionless when running perpendicular to the economic woes. There is always an unending demand and fervency from all people. Subsequently, it should be of the utmost priority to cultivate, and crucially, promote any new acts bursting onto the scene. If you do not hear about who is approaching the musical horizon, it creates confusion. One day someone will money and a modicum of forethought will create a all-encompassing music website that makes it blissfully easy to hear great new talent. But for now, I shall be thankful that I have ‘stumbled’ upon the mercurial gifts of Lisa Marini.


‘Wonderful’ begins its life amidst an atmospheric and brooding stirring of strings, before guitar and percussion sweep in and kick the track to the next gear. Lisa’s vocal is smoky and soothing, containing a beguilling blend of Ware, Del Rey, Sharleen Spiteri, Beth Gibbons and- perhaps- Laura Marling. It is with this polysyllabic multi-generational mixture that provides such initial intrigue. It is easy to be moved and reminiscent at the same time, whilst knowing that the song is in safe hands, and any ambivalence you may have had, will soon by dissipated. The female solo market is one of the most burgeoning and perhaps multi-tonal ones in music. There are a lot of varying styles, wardrobes, faces and figures; but essentially there is a sparsity of individuality: any arsonist intent that suggest that artist will set fire to the competition. The industry may be subjective to spartan conditions and fickle attention spans, but to rise above the bustling shoulders of your contemporaries, there needs to be more than ambition to your synopsis. Lisa is unequivocal in her intentions: to grab you and set herself apart from the over-expansive middle of the road traffic. The way Marini elongates and teases flection from her words, is sensual and ethereal. The way the words, “For you/To stand by…”, are drizzled over a simple guitar backing, is rather pleasing. The song was written a few y ears, as Lisa explains, about “being inspired to a higher place”. Whether this apithany occurred after the break up or formation of a relationship, or whether the muse was more spectral, is perhaps open for ambiguity. I suspect, due to the fact that the lyrics pervade quite a lot of discourse, that the reason for change or the foreshadowing ghost in the works, was a former beau. If you take some of the words at face value: “But all of this chaos in my mind”, you may be thinking that there is a lot of self-doubt in our heroine’s mind. It is explained that all of this disorder and temperamental unease, and pure chaos that ensued “controlled all my possibilities”. There has been tumult in our protagonist’s life, where things have been uncertain; lost; ripped apart and discarded, but there is a glimmer of hope. She feels invigorated and soul-replenished as the chorus calls out to that special paragon: “You inspire me”. The chorus has a simple and emphatic rush to it. It is uplifting and radio-friendly, without ever succumbing to de-intellectualisation or predictability. It will cause many a listener- male and female alike- to chant its coda and feel that there is a lot of personal readability in its message. The deployment of classic strings after the chorus, lends an aura of Hispanic glorious quiescent. Your mind is transported telekinetic to a quaint Spanish taverna on a June night, or a Los Cabos moonlit night. With a re-energised vigour to her tone, Marini expounds her mantra: “There’s more to living/Than just compromise”. Just as at the start, there are recollections of emotional entropy. The mood is electric with absolution and exorcising. Just as your soul is willing to lend an outstretched hand, the windswept mood is abated and our mystery saviour is re-introduced, igniting the chorus once more. The subtle clashes and modulation in the music give a real emotion tangibility to proceedings, and the inclusion of strings elevates the atmosphere.


Overall the track is memorable and cohesive. The lyrics track well, and the story is both universal and deeply personal. It is a song that will resonate with many people, and not just those in the female demographic. The chorus is perfectly placed and tight and adds a delicate mood shift after the verses. The vocal performance is solid and fascinating. I have alluded to perhaps some influences in the delivery and tone, but to my mind I cannot think of any other female artists who sounds like Lisa Marini. She has a dusky and smoky sexiness to her delivery, as well grace and power. She elongates and twists words to provide maximum emotional impaction, giving the impression of a woman who knows all too well of the turmoil she has undergone, and appreciative of the renewed lease of life she has been provided. I admire the musical accompaniment, throughout. It is never imposing nor overwrought; it infuses and teases where it needs to, whilst bolstering where required too. The combination is vote-winning and impressive, and there is great originality and ambition to the song. The production is smooth and focused. The sound is not too polished and over-produced, instead it allows all of the key components to shine and delineate with little fuss or strain. In spite of the fact that the song is over 3 minutes long, it does not feel as such. It implores repeated listening, and will resonate and stick in your mind for a long while to come.


Lisa Marini deserves commendation and subscription, usually reserved for the established elite of music. She is able to reconcile rapprochement in many peoples mind, as to the lack of diverse sounds within the solo market. In a landscape that mostly consists of bleeding hearts, over-earnest protestations and plaintive impact, there is a much-needed demand for quality and quantity, amongst the viscus murk of the current scene. There is talent out there, for sure, but for most it will be subjugated for many years, hinging on financial constraints, prevailing market trends, and personal circumstance. I feel that Marini will not be a secret for too much longer. She has a busy tour schedule ahead which sees her touring London. Her E.P. is but a sapling, and from the other tracks I have heard, proves that ‘Wonderful’ is no anomalous triumph. There is a consistency and innate understanding of the needs of the consumer, through the usage of intelligent and emotional lyricism, cultured and expansive sounds, combined with a alluring and captivating vocal talent. Tie this in with the image of a woman, gifted with incredible beauty and sex appeal, and the ensuing combination is almost mythological. Take a listen to the track, as well as the E.P. as a whole, and judge for yourself. I am a keen singer-songwriter myself, and usually enamoured of rock and heavy metal for the most part. The effusiveness displayed from the review is not hyperbole or over-exaggeration. It is great music, that transcends your mood and musical leanings. Have a listen, and rest-assured…


… you will not be disappointed.




Official site:







Upcoming gigs:


April 1 – The Water Rats @ 7.45pm
Lisa Marini with James Bennett

April 4 – Soul South Arch 635 @ 8.30pm
Lisa Marini with James Bennett & Penny Elkins

April 19th – The Regal Room, Hammersmith
Lisa Marini with James Bennett & Penny Elkins

April 21 – Radio Dacorum @ 5.00pm
Tune in for a live radio performance and interview

April 25 – The Elgin
Lisa Marini with James Bennett

May 3rd – The Aleksander @ 8.00pm
Lisa Marini with James Bennett & Penny Elkins

May 19 – Brooklands Radio @ 7.00pm
Tune in for a live radio performance and interview

July 11 – The Pelton Arms, Greenwich @ 8.00pm
Lisa Marini with James Bennett

August 1 – The Shortlands Tavern, Bromley @ 8.00pm
Lisa Marini with James Bennett





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