Um… Hi

Hi.  I am a twenty-something-year-old called Sam- which you didn’t know.  I am pretty tall, have brown hair and ressemble an American musician you probably don’t know.  Here’s what you do need to know:

I am new to the world of blogging but have been intrigued and drawn in by the desire to… well, follow dreams.  Specifically write, record, and write about music.

Of course that requires a lot of work, and dedication, which is where the blog comes in.  In the coming weeks, and months I will be looking at new music, and generally trying to connect people out there to things and bands they perhaps have not or would not usually hear about.  Also I hope to join people together who are like minded in the pursuit of recording music.  And… well… anything else that comes to mind!  Or perhaps just moan about things I don’t like- we shall see!

It is new, in its infancy, and all ready to go.  All that is left is things to write about…

Will anyone read it?  Will anyone respond out there?  Will this blog look slightly less crappy/more professional than it does now?  The answer to these questions and literally 7 more, will be revealed in due time. 

But for now… Hi!  I hope you are well this evening… welcome in x

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